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New GPU's to look forward to.


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NVIDIA_G70.DEV_0098.1  = "NVIDIA GeForce Go 7800 "
a slower version of the go7800 GTX
NVIDIA_G72.DEV_01D7.1  = "NVIDIA GeForce Go7300 "

NVIDIA_G72.DEV_01D8.1  = "NVIDIA GeForce Go7400 "

Lower speced versions of the 7800, for the mass market, cheaper to produce and will make it into lower end Laptops.

Should also yield a higher battery life.

NVIDIA_G70.DEV_009C.1  = "NVIDIA Quadro FX 350M "
This will probably have slightly slower mem/core speeds than the go7800 (not GTX)

This will replace the Quadro FX go1400

The above are the new GPU's that are supported in the 82.10 INF and shouldn't be far away.

Now for some other Mobile GPU's not in any INFs but in the driver all the same:

Quadro NVS 110M

Quadro NVS 120M

Not sure how these 2 Quadro's fit into the Mobile picture.

Some GPU's that might make it to fuition but are unamed :





NVIDIA_NV44.DEV_0228.1 = "NVIDIA NV44M  "

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New machines should be coming out very soon I would guess.

Will keep the door closed on ATI if they can get the out before their new 1x00 range.

Probably be the same difference as the dell i9300 and XPS2 with the go6800 and go6800 Ultra)

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How can I find out if my GPU is changeable...I would love upgrade if not the GPU then atleast the VRAM. I think 6600 is good enough for now but heating :angryfire: is the problem & a 256MB VRAM would be more like it. :) Am I going oftopic :) SORRY!!

But I hope I find a way to be able to upgrade.

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