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Go 6800 Overclocking Question

Guest erik

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Hello -

I have a question about overclocking my Go 6800 in my Inspiron 9300 laptop. I enabled the Coolbits menu and see that the default overclocking option is "No Overclocking". Manual overclocking allows me to change the clock frequencies for 2D and 3D. The core clock frequency on my 9300 is 125mhz for 2D and 290 for 3D. My question is, if I leave the option to "No overclocking", does my card go to 290mhz when in a game such as BF2, or does it stay at 125mhz? Or do I need to enable "manual overclocking" and just leave the mhz settings as they are to get the card into 290mhz mode when playing a game?

Thanks for a fantastic site here. The reason I found out about it was that Battlefield 2 kept giving me warnings about my old drivers, even though they were the most recent ones from Dell's support site. The one's from nvidia's site wouldn't install on the laptop. It's strange to me that the most recent official drivers won't even allow you to play games without warnings! I've installed the 78.11 drivers from here, and am going to try the 81.85 ones tonight. 82.10 had white lines on the screen while playing BF2, so I had to take them off. Thanks again!

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when you play games it uses the 3D frequencies, when you don't it uses 2D frequencies to save power and not heat up.

if you want to overclock, you can try auto detect optimal frequencies for the 3D frequences but ONLY AFTER you either run 3dmark2005 3-4 times or play a game like FEAR for maybe 40 minutes, you want to get your video card warmed up before you start overclocking because if you're at idle temperatures, it can autodetect frequencies too high due to the low idle temperature.

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