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toshiba bios problem

Guest deathfisaro

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Guest deathfisaro

This might be off topic but since there is system bios too,

I guess somebody here might know how to solve this.

I bought Tecra M2 in Korea, moved to the states and then my GPU got damaged and got A/S near Chicago (that's 3.5 hrs drive from here) And then after I got my laptop back, my CPU is locked at 598MHz, where it should be 1.6GHz. So I called toshiba technical support, they said it might be because A/S people installed U.S. 1.40 Bios when I should have kept my Korean 1.30 bios.

It's become REALLY SLOW (1.6GHz to 0.6GHz... I can really FEEL the difference)

there is no Bios for Tecra M2 in korean toshiba site AT ALL (bad bad... they don't have any contact on the web. I have to make an international call but they would probably say bring it over to korean a/s center..)

So I backed up all the data, used the system recovery disc but it didn't restore the bios.

I'm missing a Dynamic CPU option in the bios setup. And my system info says that my laptop is a US model after I got A/S and even I got an extra serial number. (So it's like Korean-US hybrid model now... )

Is there any way to turn on that dynamic cpu option or make my bios back to what it originally came with? I tried US 1.50 bios which of course didn't work, and dynamic cpu programs I tried can't go above 598MHz.

I'm a click away from getting a new computer because I can't get my laptop to function well enough. (How bad? 3 I.E. + iTunes would make my songs skip every second... unable to websurf with music on ;()

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