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GeForce 6600 go freezing

Guest Bigras

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Now I'm not sure if this is the best place since this problem only happens with games but it happens with so many of them it's not even funny. I hope some of you have answers...

I have M40 Toshiba with 1gb Ram and the Geforce 6600go, which really works great in general. The thing is since day one I have not been able to play several games, and truth is they all act the same way which make me think it might be a hardware problem (some sort of feature used by those games that could be failing). Here it is:

I play the game and at any point, begining or end the video freezes and the sound keeps on going... for 10-15 secs then stops... and then a random pause ... and everything goes again ... sometimes for 1 sec to 30minutes... the thing is it seems to be happening especialy in the menus for some reasons, The games where it would happened would be all EAsports games (MLB2005, NHL2005, FIFA2005) (although EAgames I tried are working), lately lucas art Knight of the old republic 2 sith lords, even the old FinalFantasy7 is doing it... not that I need much to run that game but again mostly in menus ,,, all other games -> Couter-Strike/Half-life2, Doom3, even BF2 are all running smoothly at high details... I even never got an error msg until KOTOR (lucas art) gave me a BSOD with the 0xEA (thread stuck in loop) which makes a lot of sense but doesn't tell me how to fix it...

Now I have been trying all config for this ... all updates are on, bios, drivers, I tried some drivers here as well nothing changes ,,, I even tried pretty much all versions of windows (I am a Tech at Dell and have a MSDN subcription) ...

I now run XP pro sp2, and had some result lowering the video hardware acceleration a notch but not for long (and I thought I fix the problem... ), although I don't think I should lower it... my knowledge of video card is limited so I hope I could get some pointer from you guys.

now my system is still under waranty and quite recent (6months) and I can have something changed but it seems like I would need to find what it is (techs at Toshiba have no testing tools and as long as you pass basic RBG tests it seems ok for them) to change the right part...

Do you guys know what those programs/games have in common ... the way they run ...?

Can you point me to some xtra troubble shooting?

Thank you


Also ... anyone could point out to me a real good stress test for video card ... besides the games I cannot reproduce it and would like to do so with a benchmark or stress test utility....

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I have an M40 aswell (2.0ghz/6600 128mb/1gb ddr2) and I don't have this problem. I'd suspect hardware too. Toshiba support may be able to help, I hear they strive to be the best in the world at support.

My only guess would be a heat issue. Where are you using it? The graphics card (and CPU) draw air from underneath the laptop, so if it's not raised slightly (as it is when placed on a flat/hard surface), airflow might be restricted. That said, I've never had crashes while play games with the laptop in my lap which covers the inlets, though it does get warmer than usual.

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That said, I've never had crashes while play games with the laptop in my lap which covers the inlets, though it does get warmer than usual

Good to hear yours is going well... but have you played one of the games I listed?? just to make sure.... also the heat may have something to do with it but it cannot be only that .. FF7 does not rush my card nor my cpu and le laptop doesn't get hot but still crashes...

For the toshiba support ... they were good at replacing the obvious (had 2 lcds replaced and a modem + HDD) but for the troubbleshooting ... +- ... but I cannot be upset at them I know how it is that's exactly what I do... but this is too specific for them ... I just don't want to replace the Mobo and find out it is more a power issue...

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Guest DonPablo50

I have the same problem when I use the 82.10 drivers, but when I roll back to the drivers that came with my Toshiba Tecra M4 I dont have the problem....I noticed this when playing Tiger Woods 2006 from EA sports. I also got some artifacts on the newer drivers. I'm going to try another driver, maybe the 77.xx series and try it out.

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