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Power Management for Win XP for Laptops


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In this lab you will create a simple application that displays the power source of the computer and battery information. The application then uses this information to adjust its functionality. In Exercise 1 you will write the code to discover information about the current power source. In Exercise 2 you will build a notification event that will be raised when the power source changes. In Exercise 3 you will add a class that adjusts its behavior based on the current power source. Exercise 4 extends the solution further by showing you how to prevent the system from shutting the screen down if the application is using it. All sample code is in C#.

For all the info and download look here


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hello everybody, i have a P4 3ghz and i love in the way that it performs(games, video rendering,etc) but when i'm unplugged certainly i would rather less performance and more extra life battery(less than 2 hours) so...anybody knows if exist a cpu power managment in the same way it works for centrinos but for P4 HT. I'll be looking forward for your help.

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Normal P4 proccessors have no power management features to make them run in lower clockrates. Don't know if there is a trick or something. But you can make your graphics card work slower if you have a nVidia or Ati card through their control panels.

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