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Hi everyone

Guest C4rBin3

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Guest C4rBin3

I think the Topic Description pretty much sums it up lol, though I bought a laptop today and was reading through some stuff mainly about the Drivers for the 6800 Go.

I bought this laptop mainly for gaming on-the-go, heres the Specs...

Inspiron 9300 Centrino

17" Widescreen Display

Pheonix BIOS PLUS Version A04

Pentium M Processor@ 1.86GHz

1024MB RAM (Could I put even more RAM in??)

GF 6800go 256MB@ 1440X900 (60Hz)

78.11 Display Driver


WinXP Home SP2 (Pre-installed)

Is 7811 the latest Driver for the GF Go or should I update? and before I go out to buy a ton of games...

Will this run the latest games (F.E.A.R, BF2, CoD2 etc etc) on medium settings with acceptable frame rates without any overclocking?

Any Info on this laptop for gaming is greatly appreciated.

Thank You in Advance! :)


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1st. You can double the RAM, go to http://www.crucial.com/ and check out their memory selector, it will pick the exact RAM, which should be affordably priced. (you'll need 2x1GB sticks)

Now I don't think you really need to double it, depending on the cost and what you use it for, but doubling might not give you a lot more speed in games since you already have a gig.

Your driver should be good enough, its recent and should run anything, if not try the 82.10 driver with the Dell INF (included in the driver, just run the setup exe)

About games, you should be able to easily run FEAR at much higher than medium settings with good frame rates, my old card can run it at about medium with good frame frates, your faster card with DX9.0c and 2x the system ran, and 4 times the gf ram should run the game much better. (I have only played the demo though)

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