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There has been much discussion about people having issues registering. Invision Power Board allows restrictions on input and I assume this was the cause of confusion. The only needed information during the signup process (since IPB 2.1.3) is: Country, Laptop Brand, Laptop Model and Operating System. The rest of the information is currently optional but suggested to be filled in at some point in time.

Note the device id will be put back in place once the main driver database is overhauled.

Secondly, I have removed the date restrictions that was most likely causing the errors for most people.

Sign-Up, Login, and welcome to the forums :)

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Removing the restrictions fixed the registration issue for me. Any idea when the driver database will be overhauled?

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I've been very busy rewriting the code to get the driver database started.

This has proven to be a long arduous process, as some drivers are proving to be very stuborn.

It is nearly done, the awkward drivers are holding me up.

I need to allow for all sorts of drivers for it to work.

But once I get this done Teraphy can weave his magic and finalise it into the website.

We hope to have all sorts of soratbility and also include the very latest drivers as soon as they are released.

Best get this done properly than continually fixing it as it requires 300+ file uploads every time.

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It's taking Pieter along time to read Rene's German notes and pound on his slow laptop. But he'll get it... I hope :)

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