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Go5700 driver, and why I can't install some drivers

Guest Oly

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I am new to this whole driver-updating business, so please bear with my questions.

I'm looking for a driver for my Go5700 (128 RAM), and have tried versions 77.82, 81.40, 81.89, and 82.10. None of them play games (I've only tried Madden 2005 with these new drivers) as well as the old 47.12 I can get from HP's driver downloads website. For the most part, I get choppy video and some odd shadowing of the players. The choppiness seems worst across a horizontal band in the middle of the screen that kind of looks like a mirage. Can someone please suggest the best drivers for my card (I have spent several hours in here before posting, so I'm not just trying to ask you all to do the work for me!).

Also, I have another problem with some of the drivers (I think they are the "official" ones). With drivers that download and whose icon just displays the driver version in black and white, I can install them. But any driver that downloads and displays the Windows "setup" icon (either the dark blue one with arrow-looking things [like 81.87], or the teal one that has a desktop monitor [like 81.85]) will ask me to select the extraction location, extract the files, and then launch the InstallShield wizard and to to an nVidia screen. It then tells me that "the NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit." Does anyone know why this is happening. :)

Thanks for your help!



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