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81.95 didnt work

Guest benbsfd

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Guest benbsfd

Hey was wondering if anyone is using a driver newer then 61.77 with any toshiba satellite 5105 series with 440 go ? 61.77 was the last I've been able to get working . thank you in advance

p.s. I mmrpog with EQ so really would like to find somthing beter driver wise

edit: ok now have 67.90 working but its still a 2004 release anyone know of somthing newer that will work?

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What is wrong with the newer drivers?

I would think drivers like 81.95, or 82.10, or even the 77.xx series (like the official lucky 77.77) would work well.

Try uninstalling your drivers first before you upgrade, not doing that sometimes can cause major problems. (atleast when installing older drivers on newer ones)

Also, you are installing the drivers using the device manager and a modded INF right?

If you are getting the black bar issue, please get an INF from here instead:


Select the driver version, then the Toshiba screen fix (your LCD screen resolution) and hit submit, that INF it spits out will have the fix included.

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Hey I have a Toshiba 2410 Satellite, and i can't get anything newer then the 78.01 drivers to work on my computer. If i install anything higher i get a blue screen error. Where it says that windows cannot start up because the driver you have installed is unsafe. So then i have to go back and restart from last known good configuration. I've installed it in safemode, installed it from my oldest video card driver. But i keep getting that blue screen error, any suggestions.?

oh yeah sorry, i have a geforce 4 420 go 16mb card

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Try uninstalling the drivers then go run a driver cleaner like maybe detonater RIP or detonator XP or something.

Then reboot and do a fresh install of the driver.

If you get a black bar you'll have to wait till Teraphy updates his page to use the 81.98 driver, so you should try another 81.xx or 82 driver.

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