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Screen blanks for 1sec when booting in/login into Windows XP

Guest JLamy

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Everytime I log into my Windows XP user account, the screen blanks for 1 or 2 seconds then . I'm using the 81.95 drivers, with the modded inf file installed via the setup.exe onto a clean install of Windows XP Pro SP2. Altho the drivers do work, I just wondering what is causing this screen blanking. On my laptop (Samsung NX10) there is a VGA socket as well.

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Disable your Overclocking page, that should fix it. :)


Thanks very very very Bill, that has fixed it - it was really annoying me even though its a little niggle. Although I don't actually have an overclocking tab or sub page before running the reg entry to disabling OC page, unless I have missed it somewhere. I've got the GeForce4 440 Go 64MB chip. Also, my PowerMizer section doesn't seem to be working - I can see everything apart from the sliding bars - no sliding bars to adjust any setting, but can see the labels for them, plus the battery charge reading. Is this because this chip doesn't support the power saving features?

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Powermizer definitely works on that card, I have seen the bars on it with my own eyes.

If you want the bars, I think you'll need to uninstall the drivers and install say the 67.50 or a driver version around the 66 or 67 versions (less than 70s)

Around the 7x.xx series the powermizer bars dissapeared.

The behavior of this normal.

We suspect they might work a bit better, or atleast you can turn it on/off when the new control panel officially hits, but as or right now all of us GeForce/Quadro4 and lower users have no powermizer bars that I know of.

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