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ITC METABOX 740u (Clevo D900T) Notebook Review


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DigitalReviews.net have reviewed the Clevo D900T based ITC 740u laptop.

Here is a wee snippet:

Unpacking the Powerhouse

It was the night before Christmas with not a dead pixel in sight?

That turned out to be the perfect scenario when we unpacked the new laptop.

The ITC METABOX 740u was very well-prepared for shipment as you can tell from the photos.

Lots of protective plastic everywhere and it was evident that ITC takes great care in assembling and shipping.

The hernia-causing heavyweight certainly looks the part: the METABOX means business!

Ports, bays and buttons bristled everywhere.

Normally, ITC ships their laptops with Windows installed and fully tested.

We installed our own OS and did our own formatting. This process requires an external floppy drive for loading the RAID drivers.

The machine comes with the usual software CDs to install the various drivers and application programs.

When we plugged in the power my workstation PC instantly died!

Not from shame, although it could have, but it was on the same power circuit and the power draw of the METABOX was just too much?

We clocked the power consumption later at well over 200W when playing certain games!!

For a full review look here


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Oh yes its a great Notebook..A little hot but very Powerfull.. I have this Notebook from Alienware but only with the 6800Go.. I would buy it every time again.. Its fast and powerfull!! :) :)

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