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I'm lost I need help please !


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I've a Dell inspiron 8200 with SXGA+ 15" LCD screen on a quadro4 700Go GL and I need a driver for my video card who can reach my maximum resolution of 1400*1050 without upper resolutions.

Thanks to solve my problem.

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Check out Bill's thread - here

He also runs a Dell 8200 with same GPU so should be able to help with any queries. He has also linked tried and tested drivers so check those out.

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Don't point ppl to spam my thread lol.

Anyway as to your question, what exactly is your problem?

Will it not display your screen correctly? Does it not have 1400x1050 but it has 1600x1200?

What driver are you using and what driver(s) has/have worked for you?

I am currently on the 82.10 driver with a custom Dell INF actually.


Using the 82.10 driver with his latest mod INF is great, with Dell settings it might fix your problem, otherwise you will probably need an EDID screen fix.

Which brings us to this:


Teraphy has included the fix, so I would actually recomend you go to that page, select the 1400x1050 Dell display fix, then select the 81.98 driver and have it spit an INF out for you.

This INF will have the fix included, just use it instead of Pieter's regular moddified INF.

Edit: I just decided my recommendation thread is perfect for support, I'm going for the longest forum thread now. :)

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I was trying to imply he should just download your reccommended drivers/inf :) Obviously that bit didn't click...

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Nope, not with that screen problem he most likely needs a special INF tweak or EDID fix for it to work right.

You do know what an EDID is right? You weren't here back in the day but go research all the Dell/Toshiba screen issues.

You should be up to par on this stuff matt. :)

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Nope... I'm only new to all this :) I think i'm ok on current stuff but anything old is beyond me...

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I've 2 problems.

first. with some drivers, my screen is not well reconized it have a max res of 1400*1050 and it is reconized as a 1600*1200 then screen borders are out of screen.

second problem. With other drivers, my screen is well reconized but i've a problem with the backlight on resume.

My screen works perfectly but i've no backlight.

I've tried a lot of drivers with and without mod .inf currently i'm using forceware mobile v56.77 with this my screen is in 1400*1050 but i've the backlight problem.

Do you know simple solution because i'm lost in english forums with all the diferent drivers...

Before, i'm using a drivers who's working perfectly but i've lost this driver on a disk format and i can't renember the driver version.

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Pieter includes a fix for this in his inf. Search for "ModesetBlankDelay" and remove the semicolon from the front of the line to enable it. Reinstall and you should be fine.

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