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Vista with control panel


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VISTA has no control panel with the LDDM drivers.

So I tried to install the normal XP drivers and found these worked with Vista and gave a Control panel just like in XP, but then there was no glass effect.

From here I worked on an INF that would work with Vista and XP, after some testing and tweaking I think I have it sorted.

Basically you need to find a XP driver you like, then grab the Vista driver of choice.

Now here is what you do:

1) Download and Extract the Forceware drivers somewhere.

2) Download and Extract the LDDM drivers into same directory where you put the Forceware drivers from step 1

3) Delete these 2 INFs from the directory above with both drivers combined, nv_DM.inf and nv_LH.inf

4) Now download and put the special Vista/XP INF in the directory with both drivers, which you can find here Vista/XP 32bit INF - Vista/XP 64bit INF

5) Depending on the original Forceware driver you used you may also have to delete another INF.

The Vista/XP INF is called nv4_disp.inf (nVidia default) if the driver has an OEM INF you may need to remove this INF also to just leave nv4_disp.inf.

6) Now you can install the driver, this will need to be done via control panel update driver method in the system properties, under display.

Once installed reboot and you'll have a fully working driver with a control panel.

NOW, I'm unable to test this myself, but if someone could test this for me, there is a small chance that the Aero glass effect might work also.

Probably not likely as I had to enable the XP display driver nv4_disp.dll, not the Vista one nvd3dum.sys

But one never know as nvlddmkm.sys Vista's only other system file does get installed.

A useful side affect for me is that this Vista/XP INF also works with Windows XP.


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Great detective work, Pieter! :)

To add a bit to the knowledge base:

nvd3dum.sys == Nvidia D3D User Mode

nvd3dumx.dll == Nvidia D3D 64bit extensions ?

nvd3dkm.sys == Nvidia D3D Kernel Mode

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Nor can I, it probably won't do diddly squat in XP, but this does allow for a control panel in Vista.

I'd doubt that Aero effects will ever work in XP.

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