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GeForce 6200 Go Turbocache


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Hi, i see that you need to know what you are doing to do some of the stuff you do and i was wondering if you could help me disable turbocache for my card (some registry setting).

My card has 64MB of dedicated ram so i don't have the need for more ram reported to apps, i want to do some troubleshooting too, i have a problem i think it's related to turbocache but i don't really know for sure until i disable it and do some tests, of course i would like to see the performance impact of disabling turbocache (my guess is: none, the caed has enough ram for frame buffer and some textures and system ram is way too slow to be used like dedicated ram)

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I have never heard of such a think before, and I have done numerous searches and still have not found anything anywhere related to the issue. (of disabling it)

Does anybody else here know anything about this?

What exactly is the problem that you are experiencing?

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You'd probably have to flash it to a standard (non-TC) 6200 64Mb with the same core.

Definitely not recommended though, good chance you will stuff something up.

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Well, i have performance problems when running from battery and watching videos (CPU running only at 800MHz and GPU core and mem at minimum speed), i had a GeForce 256 in my P3 500 (Desktop) that ran at the aprox. the same speed this Gf Go runs in battery mode and i didn't have these performance issue, also i see flickering inside ms word, what i mean by this is it only happens inside the word window, not the whole screen, this second problem only happens when i'm using lots of apps (and meme) and it doesn't matter if i'm running from batt or ac.

My guess is this has to be related to TC because it uses system memory like local memory, this problems may not be related to this but if i could troubleshoot this by disabling TC i would be sure.

You'd probably have to flash it to a standard (non-TC) 6200 64Mb with the same core

i don't think it is really necessary it's mostly a driver thing, i've tryed winxp pro x64 (don't use it because i can't find some important drivers) and it recognised the card has having only 64MB (xp didn't have drivers for it) so TC must be enabled by the drivers.

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