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GFX card problems with the aspire 1511LMI


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I could realy use some help on this one, ive tried alot of things but nothing seems to help.

I own an Acer aspire 1511LMI, and ive allways had some problems with games. I accasionaly got a blue screen when playing certain games like Driver3, but i just allways asumed it was the GFX drivers that caused it. As my laptop got older, more strange problems occured. Like games suddenly had flickering graphics, or my laptop totaly freezing up on me.

And lately i cant play any game anymore with Powermizer maxed. Whenever i play a game, it just freezes on me after a few seconds. The problem does not consist when i put Powermizer half way, but this greatly discreses preformance and i shouldnt have to. Ive tried installing various drivers from you website, some drivers make my textures disapear, it then looks like im floating in the middle of nowhere. And other drivers make my laptop freeze up. Ive called Acer about this, but they wont help me because my warenty has expired.

Im desperate, and i could realy use some advice and help. I shouldnt have to put my powermizer half way for my games to work, and even then games accasionaly freeze up on me.

Please help me.

Thank you in advance :)

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Sounds to me as if your components suffer of heat and fail. Try cleaning the fans (see FAQ) or let ACER do it (send it in).

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Never dared opening my laptop up because of the warenty, but since the warenty is expired ill open up my laptop and give it a good cleanin :) . Thanks for the advice, ill let you know what happened :)

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Ok that didnt work.

I opened my laptop, and cleaned every inch of it (not that is was that dirty).

Ive tried it on several games again, and in allmost all games my graphics seem to disapear, and then i get the blue windows screen. So the cause was not overheating. Because if it was, the air it would blow out should be alot warmer. And the air it blows out after it crashes, is close to cold air.

Could this be defective hardware? or maybe i should re-install my entire laptop?

Any advice would be greatly apreciated.

Thank yo in advance.

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Sounds like a defective card.

Since you tried opening it up, try manually underclocking it by say 25MHz core and 50 clock and see if that helps. (go further if needed)

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