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Red Screen flicer on tosheba satellite


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:) hi all, could some one help me out i have a problem with my diplay it flickers red and is driving me MAD :) i have a tosheba satellite p20 with a nvidia geforce fx go 5200

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You reported a post to me that doesn't exist, Rene must have nuked it already.

hi, could some one help me out with the problem im haveing my display keeps going red. i have tryed unistalling the display driver in safe mode then instaling them this fixes the problem for a few mints then the display flicers red agen its driving me mad. eny help woulod be great
Before you nuke a double post rene, check the contents to see before you make something go missing.

Anyway, can you read your temperature?

When did this start happening?

It could be overheating or a bad card.

I have never heard of red flickering like this before.

Also one last thing, the report this post to moderator link really should be used for offensive post, ect.

But then we don't really get those here.... :)

(Rene obviously didn't get the report as his PM box is full :) )

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stedainty, never saw & heard of this before, too. But that's just Bill and me. Pls. read FAQ to fully understand how to ask & post a good question. I can't help you driving insane.

PM was full since 2004. And will stay full in the future.

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