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WoW Latency Issues


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Hi, Not too sure if this is relevant here, but I've been having latency issues whilst playing WoW - typically in instances, and Blizzard have been no help, so here goes.

My latency when entering an instance, mainly BWL (Blackwing Lair) shoots up into the 1000's and after a couple of minutes I get disconnected (from game only), now my partner shares the same connection as me and has no issues at all, so the problem is local to my Laptop.

I use a wireless connection, I have tried a different adaptor to see if that was the issue, and I also tried a direct LAN connection, and my problem remains. I really confused as to where the issue lies, but I'm wondering if the Video card could manafest this type of issue, or whether the problem lies with Blizzard ?

Any advice or thought's on this would be greatly appreciated.

My Specs :

Dell XPS M170

Nvidia go 7800 GTX

2gb Ram, 2,133mhz

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What wifi card do you have?

My brother has the same laptop and the same game and doesn't get issues like that.

Do you have the latest drivers from Dell for everthing on that?

My brother is still currently using the drivers which came with his (still recent) and he has not had any issues on his laptop with WOW, he runs everything turned up as high as possible at WUXGA and it still probably screen tears and no lag online.

Any drop outs he gets are because of our net connection which I experience as well.

Have you tried reseting the game's settings and/or re-installing the game?

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I'm using a Intel PROSet / Wireless 2200, but I have used a different Wireless card, and Lan and the issue still remains. All drivers are from the Dell website and are the latest versions. Its not my network as its a shared connection and others have no issues, I can even jump onto another PC and it works fine. Problem is just with my XPS.

Now I have also found a work around, if I set my video options (in game settings) to window mode, the problem goes away, very strange indeed - But I would prefer to run the game Full Screen.

As for the game itself, I have re-installed, removed all modded UI's etc - but still no resolve.

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