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Toshiba Sattelite boot problem


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Toshiba is wierd!

when i plug my sattelite a15 up the ac adaptor light turns green as normal

but when i hit the power button it starts flashing orange

i dont know the sieres of flashes its in, but i believe it is the power something chip that is messed up

and there was coke spilt on it =P

anyway, is there any bit of soldering i can do to replace that chip and make it work again?

or any other inexpensive method that works just as well =)

any news is good news so go ahead and give me suggestions

I am owen from alabama by the way

and i'm here becuase of birthday bill and camp ascca where he found me and we schemed a nice plan to nuke ATI with our high powered rockets =)

glad to meet you all

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Have fun Soldering. :)

I would suggest a MOBO replacement though.

Lets see if you Toshiba guys know how to get one of those.

Owen have you been to HSV to see my rockets at the center? :)

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Try removing all of the HDs (even the second one), the DVD-Burner (if easily possible) and battery. Remove AC, let it sit for 5 minutes without any power.

Plug in AC cord and hope for the best. It should show a "OS not found" message

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