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i do not know exactly how much you are paying now for your forum's webspace, bandwidth, ect.

and i think what bill told me was you have your own server or something

but have you seen this package yet?


its $4.99 per month, very reliable, and you get 2 free domain names, 10 gigs of webspace and 500 gigs of transfer volume per month

i've used this package for quite some time now, and even though i dont need quite so much space it has never failed me =)

1and1 is very supportive and has a 24/7 dedicated help line with actual human operators

:) i was rather impressed :)

so it may sound like i'm advertising, and i probably am, but heres a cheaper way to host your site if you wanna check it out

just post any thoughts in this thread if you want to

this is off topic after all =)

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No worries about pushing a site you believe in :) especially if it could helps us out.

I had looked at 1&1 but they don't offer dedicated IP's, I asked but it took them 10days to get back to me :)

But all the same they have very good plans for those that don't need dedicated IP's

We currently run on a sponsored host that is going really well now (we broke the back of the last one)

Thanks for that anyway, we are always on the hunt for better deals to give you guys the best service.

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Even me and Pieter do not know exactly what kind of server this is on (speed and bandwitdh wise) but it is enough (for right now) and if I told you the deal we are getting you would probably fall out of your seat maybe.

I do not know everything though as far as what Pieter is actually paying, and I have been sworn to secrecy too I believe.

Anyway when you get a good job with a big company and have free dual CPU servers with extremely large amounts of bandwidth to hand out to us we will take it.

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Didn't know 1&1 didn't have dedicated IP Address space. I thought the cheap plans were more just a virtual server which is shared with a ton of other customers on the same machine rather than a dedicated server.

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