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Rock Xtreme SLI notebook review


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There comes a point where one can't really call a laptop a laptop. This is probably it. The Rock Xtreme SLI has a 19" screen, two graphics cards and enough weight to be eligible for entry into Celebrity Fit Club. This is one massive laptop, and it delivers some massive performance too.

NVIDIA's SLI has been a sound commercial success for the graphics firm, with plenty of enthusiasts buying into the dual-graphics ecosystem, even if not buying two graphics cards straight off the bat. The promise of über-high-res gaming with insane detail has proved to be a pretty good selling message. The GeForce 7-series was designed very much with mobile in mind, which is why we saw the 7800 Go come out so soon after the launch of the desktop part.

Well, today, NVIDIA is showing off its collaboration with its system builder partners, who have put this top-end SLI performance in a notebook system. As we intimated above: this is not a laptop. You cannot use this on a train, or a plane, or on your lap. This system requires a desk: in essence, it is a portable desktop. But, it's a portable desktop with a heck of a lot of power. We're here today to find out just how well the system measures up to 'proper' desktop SLI.

The complete specification is as follows:

  • AMD Turion 64 ML-42 processor (2.4GHz, 512k L2 cache);
  • 1GB of DDR400 RAM;
  • 19" "glossy" widescreen at 1680x1050;
  • Two GeForce Go 7800 GTX cards in SLI;
  • 100GB 7200RPM hard drive;
  • 8x DVD writer;
  • Works, Anti-Virus, XP Home, three year warranty;

Price: £2348.33 inc VAT.

Read more.

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No doubt there will be a flood of these Clevo D590K based lappies coming out in the next few weeks.

Wonder what will happen when the go7900 GTX comes out, these SLI'd will be even better.

Ah times are good in the laptop world.

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wow :)

thats one hoss of a laptop!

even though it is huge ... i would definitiley get it without complaint if i had the money :)

i look at the specs and not at the weight

i have strong shoulders :P

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His shoulders are strong because he was our food slave at camp... :)

Oh wait that was another guy.

I could certainly use one of those laptops though, even though I would put a lot more features in it.

When are they gonna have PCI-Express slot adapters that come bundled with high end laptops? (kinda like a dock, but that actually works) Or SATAII ports on the back of the laptop?

Need some serious stuff to use when not on the go.

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Guest nick-d

I am selling one of these laptops, they are rare yes,. It's the only one on ebay if anyone is interested Mint condition. comes with clean windows xp, Auction on ebay starting bid £1500 buy it now £2000. Let me know if anyone is interested . - lanceheralot@hotmail.com

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