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CPU frequency doesn't impact the speed of Bus and GPU?


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On my laptop, I ran a game and measure the workload.

I scaled the CPU frequency, but i found the time of non-CPU tasks (including Bus, GPU) keeps constant regardless of the scaling of CPU frequency. My guess is that the speed of Bus and the speed of GPU don't change for the same task even I change the CPU frequency. Thus, the time of non-CPU tasks are same.

Can someone confirm with me?


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if you're talking about a processor "clocking down" to conserve energy and heat, then all it does is change the multiplier. bus speed remains the same unless you overclock or underclock manually. Intel locked their multipliers a while back because shady vendors were changing them and selling them to unsuspecting customers. for example they sold an originally 500MHz pentium running at maybe 340MHz. The intel extreme edition processors are pretty much the only ones that allow the user to modify the multiplier, but now its so easy to change it there's really no point to have it locked anymore.

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