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Guest Worldsprayer

I have a sager np9880 (clevo d900 i believe) where while playing elder scrolls oblivion, the card overheats...pretty bad. I'm pushing temps of 90 degrees celcius. im forced at the moment to continuously alt-tab in and out to keep temps low. Anyhow, does anyone know how to increase the voltage to the fan in charge of cooling the graphics card? This is my last ditch effort before I go out and get me an electro-thermal chip to stick on the card and cool it down directly. Anyhelp would be appreciated.

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Well i got hold of GetThermal, which is a clevo specific temperature moderating software. It's the only thing ive found which will detect and monitor the thermal sensors in the computer. my laptop's gfx card operates at a standard 55 degree celcius, sitting temperature, with every fan running full. When I get into gaming mode in oblivion, if I continue long enough, the temperature hits around 95 degrees celcius before the card crashes. I think I almost broke 100 today.

There are a number of options here:

1) replace thermal paste on gfx card (done)-had no noticable effect

2) use laptop cooler (Done) - none designed to operate with the downward facing intake fans.

3) takeoff gfx card cover to allow free air flow (done) - helps cool faster when in cool down mode, but doesnt help with heat builduip during workout.

4) increase fan voltage-waiting for permission/instructions from sager

5) (and my favorite) place a petier electro-thermal chip in between the gfx card and heatsink to allow direct, active cooling to the card. This would undoubtably violate warrenty and im not keen on doing this if i dont have too, though it would most assuredly work. The one im looking at can effect a temp change of 64 degrees celcius

6) replace gfx card and or motherboard. not looking forward to sending this beast in again, now that its set up for my 3d editing and music design.

So...thats the current situation. if anyone else has an idea, please throw it out.

What im really curious about is what temperatures other people tend to see their cards run at. im trying to find out just how abnormally my card is operating. is it just a bit, an being seriously pushed by a game, or do i truly have a defective card? trying to find out.

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good question..i have a clevo D900T motherboard (alienware area51m-7700 but mb and cpu replaced by widowpc)..i think i had a overheat issue a few weeks back with the vid card too...

my system went blue screen and then white lines went across the screen,etc..i havent had ithappen again since but it did happen 3 times that night...

i bought a targus laptop coller (even though the air vent for the vid card is on the side and doesnt get blown with air but so far so good...)

i want to try a temp app like you mentioned and see how hot it gets cause everybody that has this notebook knows ots heavy,hot,expensive..

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I know Oblivian is demanding a lot of Gfx-Power, but u might want to underclock ur Gfx card. A few Mhz down on core and/or ram might do the trick!?

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