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help to remove partition


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hi all,

just got the sony laptop and my 80gig hd is partition, which is no good for me. but i can't find how to remove it. any help would be great

it's a sony vgn-a617b

thanks for your time

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You need Partition Magic v8 or similar app for partitioning

Or if you have a bootable DOS disk, you need FDISK to remove partitions

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thanks for the fast reply. when i spoke to the people i got it from he said make a recover cd, then when i start that i can remove it. but all i got was how much i want on each partition. to me this seems strange that it just gives you a Partition. checked sony and what they say about wait for the recover to start then hold ctrl and press c, does nothing. so partition magic can be used on my laptop?. and will it remove the partition and the icon in my computer, so it just shows up as c: drive


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The partition may contain data needed for the Restore CD, so once the partition is gone the Restore CD might not function as expected.

I would only remove if you have a full version of XP.

Yould could try making the partition smaller if it's too big. (need partition magic)

But working with partitions can be very risky all data could be very easily lost.

Use at own risk.

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Yeah I lose about 3Gb to a recovery partition. Be aware of what is on the partition before you go blasting it away. If it is for recovery - make sure you have burnt recovery discs before you do anything, most vendors include software to burn these discs and typically they don't require the recovery partition to work - but check this with Sony before you do anything.

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i decided to keep the partiton. i didn't know that i could run music videos and mps etc.. from the d: drive without an os on it. sorry never had a partiton hd before. so going to run games from the c: drive and keep everything else on d:. thanks for all the replys learnt alot.

thankyou all :)

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