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Dual monitor problem - windows switching screen

Guest DesktopMan

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Guest DesktopMan

I have a Dell Inpiron 8600, equipped with a GeForce FX 5650. It's connected to a Dell 2405fpw 24" monitor. If at any time I initilize a fullscreen application on the laptop display, any windows still open is moved over to the other monitor. If a fullscreen app (mainly remote desktop) is open on the external monitor, this window is moved about 50% offscreen.

Type of external screen does not matter. I also seem unable to use opengl/directx apps fullscreen on the external monitor.

I've looked around for possible solutions to these problems, but havn't found any so far. I'd appreciate any help or insight. It might not be driver related at all, but this looked like as good a place as any to ask.

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Go look in the nvidia control panel for the nview desktop manager, it has options for windows on different screens in dual monitor setups.

I have not messed with a lot of the MANY features so I cannot tell you exactly what to use but you should be able to figure it out. (there are helpfiles and nvidia driver forceware and desktop manager long PDF guides on nvidias site, go read those before asking me)

Should be a tab with options for windows opening on one monitor or the other.

To run OpenGL and DX on the secondary monitor, you will need to make it the primary monitor.

This will require an INF tweak to allow you to do this.


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