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ARM offers first clockless processor core


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As expected processor licensor ARM Holdings plc and Handshake Solutions NV, a Royal Philips Electronics subsidiary, have developed an asynchronous processor based on the ARM9 core. The ARM996HS is thought to be the first commercial clockless processor and is being described as particular suited to use as an automotive microcontroller. With no fixed clock speed, its circuits stop when they're not busy. But unlike current CPU power saving designs, *any* part of the chip can shut down and different parts can run at different speeds as needed. Imagine the potential battery life when this gets into laptops! Read more.

News from: Techamok

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So if I replace the ARM9 in my DS with that I'll have 5 more hours of battery life on a pause screen? :)

Time to start making bets on when this first makes it into a laptop or PDA type device.

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