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Geforce 6200 probs in vista 5308/5342


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This is on a desktop PC not a laptop, but I am unable to find a solution elsewhere.

Frustrated by the performance of my gf5200 after installing vista5342 I went out and got a gf6200 for a bargain price, removed the old card from the device manager switched off then put in my new card. Surprised that vista recognised it and installed it, reset then rebooted as normal, logged on, desktop appears for a few seconds then screen goes black and resets itself. It does this all the time. So, decided to try it on my other machine which has build 5308, it does exactly the same. I dont understand this as the card is listed as a supported card, any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

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Vista is currently pretty bad on support right now, I hear when it comes out final it might have glass effects on integrated cards and the like, and lower requirements than it currently does. (although it SHOULD run on a 6200 just fine)

Anyway there are still numerous bugs with vista in this regard so don't worry too much about it.

Before you toss the new card does that card work in XP though?

When VISTA goes gold the card should be fully compatible with all of the graphics effects, although it might run kinda slow.

I'll step over and let the others offer suggestions, I have not tried the very latest version of vista, nor have I ever seen the glass efects working at all in it.

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LOL experiencing lag and stuttering after the system boots up. THAT IS A NEW LOW. :)

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Guest Guest

My thanks for taking the time to reply. I currently only have the two machines which have been taken up with

both builds to test. I guess I will need to wait till better drivers are available!

My regards.

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Ok, found a solution, switched to classic theme and it now works no problem, must be something to do with the

vista aero theme, this is using the latest nvidia beta drivers ( .45) I shall post any other findings. :)

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