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Signal X820U Duo 512MB Series


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Marcoland has found more goodies for us to drool over:

This time a 512MB go7800 Duo 17" WUXGA Notebook.

Here is a pretty piccy of it with nVidia logos:


Some specs (In spanish):

AHTEC Signal X820 Series

Tipo procesador Mobile - Plataforma NAPA

Chipset Intel® 945PM + ICH7

Procesador Intel® Pentium® - M hasta 2.26GHz Yonah. Procesadores mono y duo core

Bus 667 MHz FSB

Memoria (MB) DDR II 533 / 667Mhz (2 zócalos) hasta 4GB

Floppy 1.44 MByte externo USB opcional

CD drive DVD+-R / RW Dual ó Dual doble capa normal y con tecnologia Lightscribe

Disco Duro (GB) SATA hasta 120GB 5400/7200 rpm

PC Card slots 1 slots tipo Xpress Card

Lector tarjetas Lector de tarjetas 4 en 1 incorporado

Wireless Intel Pro Wireless 3945ABG integrado

Puertos 4 x USB 2.0

1 x IEEE 1394 Firewire (400Mps) de 4 pins

1 x entrada de Video

1 x salida TV tipo S-Video

1 x salida CRT a monitor externo

1 x Jack para auriculares y salida digital S/PDIF

1 x Jack para micrófono entrada

1 x Jack RJ-11 para modem

1 x Jack RJ-45 para red 10/100/1000Mbps

1 x Salida DVI (video digital)

1 x Kensington Lock

Pantalla / Resolución 17" TFT WXGA (1440x900) y WUXGA (1920x1200)

Video RAM (MByte) 256MB / 512MB 16x PCI Express nVidia GeForce Go 7 PCI-e

Audio Azalia AC´97 Codec vers. 2.3 5.1ch

2 altavoces estereo

Modem 56K V.90 modem integrado

TV tunner Integrada opcional Dual : Analógica + DTD digital terrestre

Bluetooth Integrado

LAN 10 / 100 / 1000 Mbps integrada

Webcam 1.3Mpixeles Mbps integrada

Bateria Ion-Litio de 8 celdas

Peso (kg) 3,95Kgr. bateria incluida

Dimensiones en mm 393 x 294 x 37.5 mm.

Software Opcional Microsoft® Windows® XP Home/Profesional Edition

Accesorios incluidos Adaptador de corriente, manual y Drivers, bolsa de transporte

For more details of this and some other cominations of this note book have a look here

My 2c worth:


17" WUXGA screen

512MB Go7800

Full sized Keyboard with numeric pad.

3.95kg (8.7lb)


Intel need to make a 64bit Pentium-M, AMD are streets ahead.

Intel need to make SLI capable laptop chipsets, nVidia are streets ahead.

This setup would suite someone that doesn't need 64bit now or in the future, the AMD CPU, nVidia Chipset based models would be a much better choice for future proofing than this.

I can't see a reason to buy this, if the AMD/NV setup was priced similarly.

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Interesting; however, it does not state the memory is GDDR3 like the Go 7800GTX.. which means it is just regular DDR like the Go 7600 and Go 7800.

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and we can't known if it is upgradeble to a 7800GTX due to the lack of information.

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