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Driver supporting Go 6600 and GL_NVX_instanced_arrays?


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Excuse my ignorance but what is it, so I could possibly add support ?

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To StarFox: Shouldn't you get a Quadro for that kind of stuff I'm assuming?

To Pieter: I think hes doing some OpenGL dev stuff here.

Back to StarFox: If you have tried drivers and they don't work with it you'll need to tell us what it is, but I suspect it works with the 84.25 drivers and other newer ones.

Research on the topic with google came up a little dry but I think I kinda know what you are talking about.

Is working with the textures fun? (Am I correct about you working with textures?)

You know the offical nvidia forums wouldn't be a bad place to ask about this one too, there are dev sections with quadro and OpenGL pros on there.

I should atleast attempt to appear smarter than Pieter here. :) :)

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GL_NVX_instanced_arrays is an extension that exposes the NV4X instancing abilities in OpenGL. for more info, check this page: http://developer.nvidia.com/object/opengl-...s-gdc-2006.html .

I should NOT be using a quadro, mainly because my end users are the gaming segment, with GFs and not Quadros :)

Do you mean an nvidia forum other than the registered developer forum? if so, please give me a link. the only one I can find is the registered dev one.

Oh, and instancing has nothing to do with textures :P :)

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Ah I have heard of it before.

I only know of this nvidia forum: http://forums.nvidia.com/

Now if you get us into the REAL developers site we will answer your question. :) :) (hmm, didn't know I could register as a student...)

I would assume newer drivers support that on some desktop cards correct?

If so with a mod INF from here it should work on a laptop just fine, assuming the card (in this case GF6) supports it.


84.25 with Pieter's mod INF should be a good place to start, I take it the old drivers don't support it?

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Having had a look at the PDF then inside the drivers.

I can see support for GL_NVX_instanced_arrays? in all the 80's series drivers.

I assume the GL_NVX_instanced_array must be available to any GPU that can access the OGL features within the driver.

Starfox we are willing to to test any future games you maybe developing :)

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mobilenvidia: thanks for cheking. which card/driver version did you check? sorry for all these questions, but I'm on GPRS so my bandwidth is *very* limited. GF6 cards can use GL_NVX_instanced_arrays, as it's basically SM3 instancing (whose samples in the NVSDK work perfectly).

as for the game, as soon as it's announced... :) (although a gf2pro won't cut it :) )

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