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Best Driver for FIFA 06


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i had fifa 06 for about 2 months and i was going with some 80.** driver but then i got Oblivion and i had to update to the newest.

now fifa runs like crap, first it was that the game was playing slow after 10 min, then after i played with the drivers a little bit, the faces got blurry.

i thought reinstalling it will help

well, i was wrong

the problem is i dont remember the driver i had before,plus im the habbit of deleting old stuff,so its gone, i have no clue what it was

P.S. sorry for the bed-time story but i really get pissed off and about to hit something very dear to me(my PC)

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First of all keep old drivers IT MATTERS. Keep track of what you used in a file and the reason you changed. A simple file would do the trick. And please don't upgrade a driver just for the fun/pride of having the latest driver on your rig. Even if Dell doesn't upgrade the drivers often it's a good thing to keep their install files. If a previous driver from Dell worked... you'll find it.

The last time I updated my video driver was also for Oblivion. I went from Dell 77.53 IIRC to 84.25. And I intend to keep the 84.25 'til next REAL upgrade need. For me and my Geforce 6800 Go the 84.25 with VMR off is a keeper.

Keep in mind that 3DMark Whatever is equivalent of the kindergarden peeing contest. Being the one that pees the farther is not that important... what matters is to avoid PEEING ON YOUR SHOES. :)

Is your game up to date? (patchwise)

ps: what is wrong with you... you seem american and play a football (as the rest of the planet calls it) video game. When you should be playing Madden 06. (not sure it's the correct name since I hate EA games most of the time)

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