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Errors in52.16 INF,differences compared/w 36.39 ORiG TOSHiBA


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hi Pieter,

Basically the 11.4/52.16 driver combination works so far on MY Laptop. But there are some things that made me suspicious. For example i have subsys00011179 (dev_0177.2, nv4_nv17_TS), but when installing the driver, only normal "GeForce4 460 Go" instead of "GeForce4 460 Go Toshiba" works.

When installing "GeForce4 460 Go Toshiba" i have no NV Control Panel, only the small symbol in the tray which doesnt work correctly. When I choose "Geforce4 460 Go" (dev_0177.1) EVERYTHING WORKS fine except Overclocking Tab. This is no problem for me, but i decided to have an intensive look on your 11.4 inf and have some questions/suggestions. I compared it thouroughly with my ORIG Toshiba 36.39 inf.


it was a good decision that now we only have ONE inf left. It was too confusing with soo many differrent versions.


Is it intention, that you have not specified any [sourceDisksFiles], so that no more installation error can occur (missing file and so on..)?


These are the missing entries in 11.4/52.16 (this means these entries appear in my 36.39 inf and not in your 52.16 INF) under


nv.nViewHelp =18

nv.nViewHelp.Localized =18

nv.nViewPanel =11



CopyFiles=nv.nViewHelp, nv.nViewHelp.Localized, nv.nViewPanel.Localized, nv.nViewPanel



You should add this section to [nv4_NV17.SoftwareSettings], [nv4_NV17_TS.SoftwareSettings] and [nv4_NV17_TS2.SoftwareSettings] with "AddReg = OverlayLimit_AddReg" or generally to all TOSHiBA Laptops that have a native resolution of 1600x1200, right?

copy and paste the next section:


HKR,, "OverlayLimit.XResolution",%REG_DWORD%,1600

HKR,, "OverlayLimit.YResolution",%REG_DWORD%,1200

HKR,, "OverlayLimit.VRefresh",%REG_DWORD%,0


Misc. stuff, that i become aware of:


there is a huge amount of double entries, should be cleared out.

And what does it mean that sometimes the ->"<- sign is in front and sometimes after software (look at the first 10 entries under this Section , for example HKCU,"SoftwareNV........." and HKCU,Software"NV.......").

Does that mean, that only the entries between the two ->"<- (sorry dont know the word for it) are deleted during install?

What Does "HKU,.Default......." mean. I mean what does the point after the comma mean. Is that intention??

*UPDATE* it was so late at night, i saw things double and triple :?, my fault

([nv_ControlPanelSettings] the last 2 entries are doubled [NvCplDisable....))


what does the "nopages" entry mean?

in your 52.16 inf it has the value 0, my 36.39 inf has dword 10120 (dec. 65824)


One thing that may help W2K users:

in my 36.39 inf are two values (one for W2K and one for XP) for "HKR,, NvCPLConfiguration":

a) W2K %REG_DWORD% value 0

:) XP %REG_DWORD% value 1073741824

You can find this entry under [nv_tweaks] in your 52.16 INF.

Maybe someone can test this value. I think users that have W2K should apply this setting.

This should be enough for tonight, if i have some spare time i post some more.

Btw what program do you use for editing the infs and how do you compare the different INFs?


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Don'tknow you are a busy person.

So many questions.

Here we go.

1) I've updated all my INFs so to avoid confusion espeically now with my Toshiba INFs.

2)The sourcedisk files arn't needed it just says what files are with the dirver and on which floppy thay would have been, who still uses floppy disks ??

3) I mod my INFs direct from the original INFs if certain sections are missing from the original then I don't add then from an older INF.

As chances are it won't support it.

It's no use limiting resolution to 1600xq1200 for for those with 1900x1200 displays.

4) The Clearregistry stuff I just add to this from various INFs, there should be no double up as my Text editor takes care of this as it copies and pastes.

There will be similar looking settings but slightly different as certain INFs stick settings in certain places.

It doesn't really matter it only clears the registry, the more settings the better.

Some settings are doubled up as my text editor looks at the extra spaces at the end as well.

I'll tidy this up later, I've only started this sections in the last few days.

The last two settings in [Controlpanelsettings] are different as far as I can see.

No pages = 0 turns on all the Pages in Control panel ie Overclocking bla bla, any number following turns on/off various pages.

5) with NVCPLConfiguration, this like NoPages turn off various things, with it set to 0 everything is enabled.

these settings have been tested by me, if I had 1 peso for every time I rebooted my machine to test a settings I would be almost rich.

I hope this answers your questions.


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  • 2 weeks later...

hi Pieter,

checked your 52.16 v11.64 inf. Found some errors:

;[ Tweaks ]

HKLM,"SoftwareNVIDIA CorporationGlobalNVTweak", NvCplEnableNvCplEnableHardwarePage, %REG_DWORD%, 1

HKLM,"SoftwareNVIDIA CorporationGlobalNVTweak", NvCplEnableNvCplEnableRotatePage, %REG_DWORD%, 1

HKLM,"SoftwareNVIDIA CorporationGlobalNVTweak", NvCplEnableNvCplEnableShowTemp[highlight=red:16930603a1]u[/highlight:16930603a1]ratureSettings,%REG_DWORD%,1

is double:

HKLM,"SoftwareNVIDIA CorporationGlobalNVTweak", NvCplE(nable)ShowTempuratureSettings, %REG_DWORD%, 1

english is not my native lang., but in german it's Temperatur, so in english: temp[highlight=red:16930603a1]e[/highlight:16930603a1]rature

btw. nice colors and formats to play with.........

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I had a look inside NVCPL.DLL and the actual spelling in this file is :


You were partly right (good spotting), but nVidia spelled it even worse.

I have no idea wether this works or not, the GF2go has no thermal setttings as far as I know.

I copy and paste settings from other INFs, there must have been a bogus INF somewhere.

I'll update my INfs the next time with the doubled up bits removed.

Well done, I don't get as much time as I'd like to get jiggy with the INFs.


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nice spelling...

The guys at Nvidia seem not have the "DUDEN".

"get jiggy with it", thats a song from Phish...

Have fun rrr

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I'll comment on your questions as well dontknow. If I repeat Pieter, than all the better :) I assume most of these are directed to Pieter but I'll chime in for others :)

[2] [sourceDiskFiles] technically should be there for a PROPER inf file, though yes it is basically removed for no other reason than to remove it.

[3] As Pieter says, we tend not to look back if NVIDIA removes/adds a section but just look at what we add/remove each time.

[4] The ->"<- (quotes) around the entry covers the fact it has spaces in it. It doesn't matter where the quotes are placed as long as it covers the space.

[4-2] Yes, the . in .Default is part of the registry and is intentional.

[4-3] NoPages as Pieter says, adds/removes certain GeForce tabs/pages in the control area.

[5] For editing I use TextPad (textpad.com) and use a program to generate my INFs. I used to hand edit like Pieter but things got out of control with multiple systems.

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With 11.65, I've started on cleaning up the [nv_ClearRegistrySwitches] section.

The doubleups should be gone, there is one annoying feature about Textpad, when sorting it also includes any spaces at the end of lines, hence those double ups where the only difference is the space at the end.

Any idea of how to sort while ignoring spaces ?

If there is no fix, the masses might have to live with doubled up settings as it takes ages to remove those spaces.

Another thing that has been bugging me for ages is some lines under the heading


Some have the following :

HKLM,"SoftwareNVIDIA CorporationGlobalNVTweak"

and some have:

HKLM,Software"NVIDIA Corporation"GlobalNVTweak

Notice the different places the " are, why is this ?


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Some have the following :  

HKLM,"SoftwareNVIDIA CorporationGlobalNVTweak"  

and some have:  

HKLM,Software"NVIDIA Corporation"GlobalNVTweak  

Notice the different places the " are, why is this ?  

hi pieter,

that's exactly what i mean in my question no. 4.)? I cant' tell, what it means. Maybe it's just "cosmetical"


QUOTES, aha.... thanx


"Any idea of how to sort while ignoring spaces ?"

when i compare infs sometimes i use "windiff" from MS and there's an option called "Ignore blanks". That helps. When using UltraEdit i did not found such option.

Some handy trick for you maybe:

put a link from windiff in your "SendTo" folder. Mark 2 infs that youu want to compare in differences. then rightclick and "SendToWindiff". It's fast.

Windiff is included in MS SupportTools for XP (and was also available in WIN98). No installation is needed. Just start windiff (the gutils.dll must be in the same folder as windiff).

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Thanks Don'tknow,

I actually use Ztree (formerly Xtree) to compare INFs, I have used this program for the last 15 years now.

Not the flashiest program, but it works for me.

Altough I use Textpad (like Teraphy) to mod my INFs.

I'm giving the Toshiba testing a rest and might have a play with those registry settings and see what they do.


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I was never good with regular expressions, that would work. I think somewhere down the line of


Find What: [ t] $

Replace What: {leave blank}

Make sure "Regular Expression" is checked

Replace all

Or, better yet

configure -> preferences -> document classes -> default -> 4th check box down "strip trailing spaces from lines when saving"

You can create a document class for INFs -- easiest way is

configure -> new document class



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