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Lost mouse in full screen fs2004


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I have a new Dell Inspiron E1705 with the nVidia 7800 Go card 256MB video ram. I am running Windows XP SP2 and DirectX 9.0c. I recently installed the 84.25 drivers and everything has been working wonderfully. WIth one exception....

When I start Microsoft Flight Sim 2004 in full screen mode the main image appears sourrounded by solid black. There is an image window that show a rotating 3D model of the aircraft. I can use the mouse to click on anything I want. However, if I move the mouse into the moving image space or over the empty space surrounding the menus it simply disappears. I can move it back, but I can't.

Once I run the game everything is fine. If I exit back to the menu I can see the mouse where ever I place it, even over the rotating model and the borders.

In windowed mode I can click and drag the rotating model, but in full screen I cannot do this, wether or not I can see the mouse.

Any help?

I know FS2004 has a problem where the rotating image was only a black box and wouldn't show. I had this problem and the latest drivers did fix that.

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Have you tried Dell latest official driver... that would be either 84.30 or 84.40...

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Have you tried Dell latest official driver... that would be either 84.30 or 84.40...

I just installed the updated 84.30. I had selected the 84.25 as my first upgrade becasue it came reccomended as a good general driver. The 84.30 does not solve the problem either. I looked at the 84.40 but two things dissuade me so far. First, the driver does not yet have the modded INF file. But it's new so I will wait. Second this driver is currently labeled as, "Supports only the 7900 GTX and 7900 GS" so I wonder if this would cover my 7800 Go card.

I guess that mostly I wanted to identyfy if anyone else know sif this is a software problem from Microsoft or a driver problem from nVidia

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Sounds like a problem with the program, my mouse dissapears on the menu while hovering the mouse over the plane, but I navigate the menu in a window then go fullscreen afterwards.

Did the previous driver do this?

Only recomendation is to try a different driver or something, but it sounds like M$'s problem.

There is also a patch for FS2004.

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