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OCing an Inspiron 9300 w/ 6800 Go


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Ok, I've tried almost everything to try and OC my vid card. I have coolbits installed with 91.28 Driver and basic INF. Core clock frequency is locked at 290 MHz and Memory clock frequency is locked at 590 MHz (1080 MHz effective). Whenever I try and change the settings, I reboot the system and it reverts to the original factory settings. I have the "Apply these settings at startup" checked, and nothing works. I've also used RivaTuner, but it doesn't work either.

I have read that some Vid card bios' are locked for OCing. Is this the case for this particular model? Has anyone else had this issue with the Inspiron 9300?

If I do need to flash the bios, how do I go about doing that?

Thanks for the help!

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Ok, I managed to solve the problem. I apparently had to uninstall the existing nVidia driver (must have caused some sort of conflict with all the versions that I was testing) and then re-install 91.28. System overclocks fine now. I have the settings up to 375 MHz on the core and 750 MHz on the memory.

Stupid Dell pieces of garbage.

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Go the smart way and overclock when needed by creating a custom profile on RiveTuner.

One click full speed.

One click low speed.

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