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TOSHIBA Backup Utility is an application program for backing up data.

You can use TOSHIBA Backup Utility to easily back up the data and settings you have created on your PC.

With this utility, you can back up not only the files and folders you have created on your PC but also the entire partition(s) including your PC operating environment and its settings and dictionaries.

Please read this online manual thoroughly before using the utility.

TOSHIBA Backup Utility can run in the following environment:

OS : Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

Microsoft Windows XP Professional

File system : NTFS, FAT32*1, FAT*1

*1 Only for data backup

Note that it does _not_ work with XP Home, but it does work apparently on any TOSHiBA laptop, so it's _not_ restricted to the originally intended model Portege M400-S4032.

I tested it with XP Pro and a 5205-S70x and it installs fine:

1. C:\WINDOWS\system32: TODDSrv.exe (Toshiba Backup service)

2. C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers: tdcmdpst.sys

All other files (~3MB) go examplary into the install dir %ProgramFiles%\Toshiba\TOSHIBA Backup Utility Nothing is cluttered or messed up with your XP installation.

Anyone who is in need for a small & simple file backup tool for his Laptop data can download v2.0.1.95 released 06-Jun-2006 HERE The download contains a quite extensive Help file, which is good.

For all other backup plus syncronization needs i recommend a tool called Backer which is not freeware.

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