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Troubles with & nVidia 5200Go on Toshiba

Guest Alexander

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Guest Alexander

Hi !

I got some serious Problems with my Toshiba M35-S3592 with Windows XP SP2/DirectX 9c/5200FxGo

Initially everything went after 91.29 were installed, everything went good, until all of the sudden after I finished playing Warhammer 4k I got blur screen with bunch of numbers, and system restarted itself.

After that my screen went dark, even on start-up...pitch black. I turned it off, took out the battery and hold Power button for one minute .....restarted the system.

I loged-in to the XP, colors started to change, and sord of glitches appered on the screen.......and after couple of minutes system stoped responding .......just froze.


I restarted in safe mode, deleted 91.29 and intalled old Toshiba original drivers.


Is there a way to fix it ??? I have not modified .ini (or .ifi) file, though I placed it into installation folder.

Installed old Toshiba Drivers, still a lot of problems....glitches on the screen.

Still start-up is the problem, sometimes on startup screen is pitch black ....... it just stays this way, until I turn off the system and hold the power button for minute.

I have already started to back up everything I have.........

This is how my screen looks like


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If you have a decent bandwidth... download Ubuntu 6.06 CD it allows to boot your system with Linux. If you get the same video glitches you can call a hardware failure.

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Guest Guest

yep, I think it is hardware failure (I don't know to smile or to be sad)

I have not intalled Ubuntu, but I have reintalled Xp ( I had to do it anyway, I had two partitions).

During installation ......Instead of letters I am getting some strange charachters, and during Windows Setup (right after you enter you serial number and you get the bar below that tell you how much time left till installation is over) I am getting very strange spots on screen.

Shoot, it was unexpected :)

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It smells like pine tree... (as in the wood used in cheap coffin)

ps: latest versions of Ubuntu can be used from the CD then installed if required. So you check the full system compatibility first... then do the switch.

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