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Nvidia 9650M GT DriverProblems (serious)


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Hey guys,

i have an Asus x57 VN with a Nvidia 9650M GT 1024 MB.

My Problem is: I can't use ANY of the new drivers ! The last one working for me is Dox 185.20, any driver newer then this, no matter if it's a modified dox version or a standard release DOESN'T work. If I install any of these ( last one i tried was the 190.15 ) i get artefacts on the windows screen, then the screen flickers and the info that the driver has been restarted comes,because the nvlddmkm thingy has restarted. That happens about 3-4 times, then the nLaptop freezes completly :-/

I have Vista 32Bit, no problems whatsoever with the Laptops games running fine and so on, but i need some new drivers :-/

Anybody got an idea?

Greets, Averius

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Did you try to install SP2 for vista? Did you try nvidia's official driver for notebooks 186.03?

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Yes, I installed SP2 as soon as it came out :) Tried the official driver, too , same problem though :)

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ASUS Z97V barebone with 9650M GT 1024MB has the same problem - couldn't use 186.03 nor 186.11 under Vista 32bit and Win7 32bit. Started artifacting and after 3-4 times the system froze. The solution was to use the stock 176.xx drivers :)

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Exactly the same problem with Asus m50vn.

GeForce 9650M GT (bios 62.94.3C.00.35).

Installation of any last Nvidia drivers (from 185.81 and newer) cause system freezes (stable bug, problem reoccurs every bootup). Tested on Windows Vista x64 sp2 and Windows 7 x64 (build 7137).

Looks like that problem happens only then built-in notebook lcd is active, but if dispay device is switched to external hdmi (e.g.) - no freezes, everything is ok.

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Damn,... was afraid of that.

Anybody contaced Asus about that?

Are there even Laptops with the 9650M GT apart from Asus ones?

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Yes, I have this problem too.

When I install the new driver (186.03 or 185.85) on my Asus m50vn i get artefacts on the windows screen, but in all games they do not exist !! ((((

Now I use the driver 179.28, and until all stable. I have installed Windows Vista 32 SP2.

P.S. I noticed that the artifacts disappear from the screen, if you toggle between Entertaiment, HI-performance ... etc, but after some time there again.

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Guest Hawkster

I have a Asus N80vn with the 9650 GT / 1gb memory also ,I have been using Windows 7 32bit 4-5 months now, Every new driver I installed would make the system crash or Freeze , every time I would have to roll back the driver to the 181.71, Called Prerelease WDDM 1.1 (02/26/2009) which is the one windows update installed. The last time I tried installing a new driver same thing happened, but I had to hold down the power button to shutdown then when computer restarted it stopped at the checking Nvram , I could not get past this. What I did was Hold down power button to shutdown then I removed the battery.

Computer then went past checking Nvram and into windows where I quickly rolled back to driver to the windows update one 181.71. I have not tried any more because this driver runs perfect. The problems may have something to do with having 1gb of video ram.

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Yes maybe.

Is use the dox ond 185.20 or something, which runs pretty fine. Just read in the news, that a new 179.xx from Asus rolled out. Will test this one, as soon as it is avaiable and let you guys know if it works or not.

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ey guys,

the new 179.88 from Asus works just fine.

I checked it in 3DMark 06 ,

with Dox 185.20 -> 4801

with 179.88 ->4737

EDIT: 186.24, the new driver of the 186.xx series, doesn't install on vista 32bit. no matter if i use the original inf ( card not found, although it's in the inf), or the modded inf ( your system has not been modified)

Edited by Averius
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Hey guys, will test 186.30 as soon as it is online here.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Soo, i talked to the Nvidia Support these days and that is their response :

Thanks for all the efforts you took to send us this information we requested.

The issue you are experiencing is not a general behavior of the graphics card or the graphics driver. Hence, in order to troubleshoot the issue I would request you to install the display driver version 186.03 using the driver cleaner software by following instructions described below.

I would request you to try the manual installation of the drivers. Please check the web link below for more information:


Please visit the link below to download the display driver:

For Windows Vista 32 bit: http://www.nvidia.com/object/geforce_notebook_winvista_186.03_whql.html

* Once you download the file, Please perform the below mentioned steps to uninstall the drivers currently installed on your Laptop,

1. Right click on the Computer icon on the desktop or on the start menu.

2. Select properties.

3. In the next window select Device Manager.

4. On the Device Manager Window click on the (+) sign next to Display Adapters.

5. Double click on the Graphics Card Option.

6. On the Graphics Properties Page, select driver and click on Uninstall to uninstall the Graphics Drivers.

After uninstalling the older drivers, please double click on the driver file to install the drivers for your graphics card.

In case if the issue persists then please try the driver version 185.85

Please visit the link below to download the display driver:

For Windows Vista 32 bit: http://www.nvidia.com/object/geforce_notebook_winvista_185.85_whql.html

Please let me know if this has resolved the issue you were facing.

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Thank you for the update.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. In rare cases there could be display driver incompatibility and such display related issues might occur. I am glad to know that system is working so far with an older driver. I request you to work with the known working driver until the next driver release, which will be a stable one. If NVIDIA is able to reproduce the bug, it will be fixed with out next driver. I will be forwarding this card to concerned team.

To be alerted by email when the next display driver is released, please sign up for the NVIDIA Newsletters from the following URL:


Again, our apologies for the issues you are experiencing.

So, we'll see, if they fix anything !

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Guest voodooflux

I have the same issue with the 9650M GT on my Rock Pegasus 520 with Windows 7. The problem first reared its head while running the Windows 7 RC last week, after installing driver version 186.31 via Windows Update. After encountering the issues mentioned above I reverted back to the previous version and everything was fine, until I came to install Windows 7 RTM today and the 186.31 drivers were again installed by Windows Update. Any newer version of the drivers also seems to cause problems.

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