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Backlight doesn't turn on/off after resuming from Standby


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this problem started with me, but only after I went to the 54.01 mobile driver from the windows update site (using the Nvidia .inf). no problem if I go to hibernation rather than standby - monitor comes back fine, but even after applying the reg fix, still no display if I come back from standby.

other than that, I've tried 54.01 / nvidia .inf with everything else and it works great.

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the 54.01 sounds great. Test it thoroughly and start a 54.01 topic where you can write down all issues you saw. So it would help others too.

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First of all thanks to everyone who is contributing to modding inf?s. Medion hasn?t released a driver since they put out Detonator 31.10 so I was really pleased when I found this site.

The only issue I have with the modded drivers is that I too only get a black screen when trying to resume from standby. AFIK I?ve never been able to resume probably with any of the modded drivers. So maybe it?s Medion specific?

I can see that a lot has happened recently concerning this issue but I tried the latest inf (20.19) and it still doesn?t work for me.

If it?s any help I can provide the latest official Medion inf even tough it?s pretty old.

Any help would be appreciated.

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an alternative for standby is hibernate (Tiefschlaf). Wirkt Wunder. As long we don't have a REAL fix (or NV is releasing a fix) we can't help. Just use hibernation or avoid the newer 55.xx

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Guest johnny rocket

Hey guys. Thanks for all your hard work on the modded infs. It's a great help to be able to update laptop drivers since Dell's releases are few and far between.

I'm having the same problem as Doc--my screen does not turn back on after standby (but will after hibernation). I have an Inspiron 8200, winXP, and Quadro 700gogl (which seems to have more problems with the backlight turning back on than others).

FWIW, 42.57 drivers work fine, but 53.03 and 56.64 do not. I now see that there's a newer .inf so I'll give that a try. I'm not sure if there is anything else that we could try to fix this issue, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

On a good note, the 56.64 drivers raised my 3dmark 2003 score by 100 points (to 1050ish). :)

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Guest Moonangie

When I used 56.64 with the original (un-modded) INF, I experienced the "laptop won't return from standby" problem.

So I tried using 56.64 with Pieter's 20.19 INF mod. This fixed the "won't resume from standby" problem, but now when the laptop enters standby, the screen will not shut off. It slowly bleeds to a hazy white color and just remains there.

I really want to use 56.64 (so I can play BF:Vietnam) but I also really need my laptop to function normally (i.e., normal standby mode and resume).

Is there another registry fix that I can apply to make things chill again?

system specs:

Dell i8500 running P4 2.4 Ghz, NVIDIA GeForce4 4200 Go.

I am using driver 56.64 with Pieter's 20.19 INF.

Thanks for any help here you bright guys :)

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The attached registry change is intended to fix laptop backlight problems when running WIndows XP Service Pack 1. Use at your own risk.


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Guest Jason

Platform: Dell Inspiron 8200 w/ UXGA, GeForce4Go, WinXP, SP1

I upgraded to the nVidia 56.xx drivers from 53.xx and then when I would undock or come back from suspend, my video got scrambled. I made matters worse trying to uninstall the new driver. It gave me:

Error loading C:\WINDOWS\System32\nvinstnt.dll

The specified module could not be found.

Now I can't run XP in normal mode and have to boot VGA mode. Any attempts to go to any higher res will scramble video, ignoring the 15-second return and forcing a hard reboot to regain control. In works fine on a regular monitor in the dock but is now useless as a mobile laptop thanks to the new nVidia driver.

I see others are also having similar problems. Is there any word on a driver replacement or uninstall fix yet?

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ZERO problems with 56.72 + 20.26 INF (see laptop specs in sig, but testing with a 128MB Quadro FX Go700 & XP_Pro + SP2_RC1_2096).

Thanks, Pieter, ®®® & teraphy!

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56.75? Just searched for it in the driver download section, can't find it...

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Oh ok...LOL...where do I get inf # 30.32? Am slow this week... :)

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Hey guys,

Wanted to report my history with this problem. I have it. always have, since i deviated from Dell OEM drivers (or soon after). If the computer goes into standby, I can try and wake it up, sounds like everything is coming back (hard drive noise, etc), but the LCD panel does not come back on. have to hard boot it.

In addition to this (i only mention it here, becouse someone mentioned a similar issue, when going to standby), i have the problem that when i boot down the computer, it goes to the blue "saving your settings/logging you off screen". A few seconds after going to that blue screen, instead of just shutting of, it does that freeze, and fade to white/grey screen (perhaps this is the "backlight does not turn off issue"). A few seconds later, all power is cut of to the LCD panel, and everything is off. I have had this issue as long as i can remember (definatly since all the FW 5x.xx+ i have tried). I still have it (using 61.12 and mod .inf 20.55, and even through the 56.72 and 56.83 drivers). not a big deal, since the performance gains i get with these drivers far outwighs the few features i never use (nview/standby, etc).



if this fade to grey on bootdown is damaging to my LCD panel, please let me know.


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This is also needed for Toshiba M200 and Tecra M1 as seen HERE.

The small EXE you can download on Toshiba's site will apply the same registry entry i found back in March @ DELL's FTP namely LidCloseSetPower under HKLM\SYSTEM\CCS\GraphicsDriver.

It's now already included in all INFs from Pieter. Also it seems that this entry is still needed in XP SP2 as the support bulletin is dated 11.08.2004 and SP2 was published on 08th Sept., if i remember right.

Btw the solution to the initial system standby problem is to set in the INF the value MapOSD3toNV from 2 to 3 or otherwise around (depends on the driver version).

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