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NVLiTE batch | reduce & compress Windows 2000 and XP nVIDIA drivers


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Haven't received feedback until now for pre 50s driver. :)

So here's my summary:

NV has changed the way of how files are installed with help of the INF beginning with version 53.xx . Pre 53.xx drivers needed manual INF modding to let it not install the localization files. This is the old type of installation, which is not compatible with NVLiTE, as it would mean to realize an automatic INF modding with NVLiTE for these drivers and that would be too complicated.

For pre 53.xx drivers:

The INF contains information in the [sourceDisksFiles] section which files particularly will be be installed (and existent in the driver package), means you need to manually modifiy the INF each time (which you did) and delete the 'localized' files and *.localized sections in the INF. I made a post somewhere in the forum of how to do that, i think.

I will now just add a note in the Limitations section on the homepage of NVliTE. I totally forgot that as we have here @ LV2Go available:

55s, 60s, 65s, 70s and 75s series drivers and people use them and very rarely there are users who voluntary use pre 60s driver (Laptop users with special problems).

Kannst du eine Funktion einbauen den Media-Tray und nwiz zu entfernen ? Braucht sowieso niemand und es erspart das deaktivieren des Autostarts nach der Treiberinstallation....
Nee, that's not possible as the concept of NVLiTE is to not reduce functionality of NV drivers and removing nwiz.exe would result in such. Especially when used on Laptops for setting up TVOut it can be quite useful for people who are not familiar with all the settings in the Control Panel, they use the then instead the nwiz-wizard.

The tray icon is called after the installation by a command from the INF and the appearing can be stopped in the NV Control Panel easily. To get rid of that would also mean automatic INF modding with batch (which is not a good idea and difficult to realize) and to reduce functionality of the driver (people use this function! and don't want castrated drivers).

You could mod the INF for your personal needs to prevent the Tray (same with nwiz.exe), if you haven't already.

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Guest Guest again

Danke für die schnelle Antwort. :)

Naja, ich kenne quite a lot of peope die die pre-50 treiber verwenden, alles <45 ist das beste für GF 4 TI Karten.

Ok, dann werde ich die Inf immer manuell verändern müssen....

Wegen dem nwiz und Mediatool: Ich meine, es als optionale Komponente, quasi "Would you like to remove...?", nicht als ein Zwang.

Und warum schränkt das ncihtvorhandensein von nwiz die Funktion ein ? Ich habe bisher noch nichts bemerkt :)

Der Treiber funktioniert auch so noch perfekt. Ich versuche gerade den NVidia Driver Helper Service, welchen ich sonst auch immer manuell deaktivieren muss rauszukicken...mal sehen...

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alles <45 ist das beste für GF 4 TI Karten.
Speedwise defenitely yes, but look at Control Panel of the newer driver (nicer GUI), game compatibilty and enhancements, bug fixes, bla.
Wegen dem nwiz und Mediatool: Ich meine, es als optionale Komponente, quasi "Would you like to remove...?", nicht als ein Zwang
That would be an option (advanced :) ) for the future, you're right! Though what i said before: it needs manual INF modding for Pre 53.xx
Und warum schränkt das ncihtvorhandensein von nwiz die Funktion ein
nwiz.exe ist halt der Wizard um einige grundsaetzliche Funktionen 'einfach' einzustellen, und manche brauchen/benutzen den. Wenn Du nicht willst, dass der startet, loesch es einfach aus der INF und die Datei ooch, wenn es nicht aus der INF geloescht wird, gibt's sonst wieder ne Fehlermeldung von wegen "Datei nicht Gefunden".

Wie gesagt INF editierung per Batch is schon wieder nen paar Stufen zu hoch fuer mich (auch aus Zeit/Test-gruenden kann ich das nicht einfuehren...)

NVidia Driver Helper Service
Bitte nicht, das fuehrt zu Fehlfunktion des Treibers :) , such mal hier im Forum danach, wir hatten das alles schon mal... (merkt sich dann die User Settings von Farben oder aehnlichem nicht mehr nach nem Neustart, habs nicht mehr ganz genau im Kopf)

Ich versuche die Kompatibilitaet beizubehalten, kastrierte Treiber wuerden nur wieder andere User vor Problemen stellen, die sich nicht so genau damit auskennen, sprich NVLiTE soll und kann ja auch von 'Anfaengern' benutzt werden.

Wenn man den Treiber aufs allernoetigste runterbringen will, koennte mann auch die engl. Help files, die nvshell.dll (!, gesehen bei SONY Treibern) , nwiz.exe, keystone.exe und bestimmt noch 1 oder 2 EXEN rausnehmen.

And btw the CoInstaller is left untouched as it's respnisble for installation and uninstallation of files (i forgot when it was introduced and why NV gave it more importance for the installation, because earlier just the INF was responsible for file copying and adding values to registry)

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Guest The Guest

I finally got it working :)

Also, was ich gemacht habe (und welche Fehler ich gefunden habe)

- erstmal der Durchlauf von nvlite, alles entfernt (Setup, unnessecary und language bis auf deutsch)

- dann in der .inf alle Verweise auf die fehlenden language-files entfernt

- dann alle Verweise auf nvinstnt entfernt

- dann nwiz.ex_ und nvmctray.dll entfernt

- ebenso alle Verweise auf diese in der .inf entfernt.

Alles läuft super.

Aber VORSICHT: Xp hat scheinbar ne Macke: Ich habe die Treiber installiert, und dann mit Drivercleaner wieder gelöscht und weiter Dateien entfernt. Teilweise habe ich aber das Neustarten vergessen. In einem solchen Fall weigert sich Windows jeden Treiber zu installieren, es kommt eine Meldung "Das System kann die angegeben Datei nicht finden". hat ziehmlich lange gedauert, bis ich das rausgefunden hatte, man wird fast wahnsinnig, mal gehts,mal nicht... :) :P :( :(

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Corrected a bug with the driver version recognition (NVLiTE would just quit if the driver folder is located at certain locations on your hard drive). Does it work now?

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Guest Dan Fosse

After searching the internet for days, I came across this site.

I was searching the net for what I had hoped to find NVLITE would do: get rid of useless crap from the Nvidia drivers. Googling "remove nview" found hundreds of ppl with the same wish ...

You see, the entire point of NLITE should be changed to have options to get rid of the F(&^*** Nwiz, Desktop Manager, and Nview "ForceWare". Aptly named, because this software has been "forced" onto us ever since v29.xx or some such, with no option to remove it. (Yes, yes ... I know you can now disable them -- and that only after Nvidia was overwhelmed by complaints. Dell finally resorted to rewriting the INF's to make nView a separate component because of endless problems. However "disabling" and not having them in your registry or using up resources are very different things! And disabling doesn't remove their other bulls*** addition -- the "service" handlers, NVSVC.exe / NVSVC32.exe. The latter may possibly be required for XP. Opinions vary.)

As it stands with NVLITE, cleaning up support for other languages is just a bit of tidying up. Nothing more. If users are so green as to need NVLITE for this, they shouldn't be modifying INFs at all. The same for the argument that some users might be too stupid to adjust their resolutions from the Display Properties menu without nview, therefore we should use it. Nonsense! Any utility that modifies another utility, like NVLITE, is -- again -- for users who have a general clue what the ###### they are doing in the first place.

Release NVLITE with the TESTED option to eliminate the nview, desktop, and nwiz horseshit, and I personally guarantee your hit count to go skyward. All others need to know is that such a utility exists. (It currently does not. Just a few very old, modified INFs from 2002.)

Excuse the strong language and opinions -- none are directed toward you in any way! Ive just been wrestling with nview and its cohorts for a few days now and my frustration with Nvidia is at its peak.

Good luck to you in all your endeavors.


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HKLM,SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run,"nwiz",,"nwiz.exe /install"

Just remove this line to stop nwiz from loading from the INF.

NVLiTE is for tidying up and removing languages that was the whole reason it was made.

To make the installed driver small and still function as normal.

Rene, I'm sure will consider your strong views on this subject :)

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HKLM,SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run,"nwiz",,"nwiz.exe /install"

and delete nwiz.exe :)

You could modify the INF by yourselfe and remove that part before installing a new driver.

nview.dll is nevertheless needed to install the driver, i think


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Our member big gie has also created an utility which rips out localisation files. See HERE.

The script made by "big gie" is able to rip out only the *.DL_ and *.HL_ localisation files (compressed files) while my batch is able to delete both compressed or uncompressed files plus the SETUP.exe files.

where to download this tool?

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We need support for the latest drivers and the new localized control panel language stuff.

:) Get to it rene! lol

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Concerning adding an option to de-compress/compress with 7zip or the like:

When 'releasing' new drivers, we use a selfmade tool to treat & compress NV drivers to the smallest availabel size in the NET, so it will be also very unlikely to give out the code for that and implement it in NVLiTE. Sorry for that.

You mean like this:




It extracts 91.31 just fine, its not a secret and available for free. After that compress with 7zip and you get the exact same file as the one offered here.

Don't see this as disrespectful but I think this secrecy is stupid. We're a community where everyone helps each other out instead of testing who has the biggest d*ck (or in the case the smallest archive).

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Guest Sven Bent

what about the option to remove the new fancy control panel from the driver.

They really use alot of space

btw for the nforce driver i do this

del /q Ethernet\NAM\*.*

del /q IDE\Win2K\raidtool\*.*

del /q IDE\WinXP\raidtool\*.*

del /q AudioUtl\*.*

del /q setup.bmp


It remove the NAM, audio utility raid toll and some misc files.

the driver work perfect after this, its important thou not to remove the directories.

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  • 4 months later...

Not within the next couple of weeks. Probably in the near future yes... Now that NVIDIA finally stopped releasing XP/VISTA hybrid drivers (which for example made recognition of driver version through the INF a PITA for me) it's supposed to be easy to create a modified NVLiTE.cmd compatible with VISTA. No ETA though.

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Guest Garak

Good to hear you are working on it.

Also this nice tool no longer works for windows XP either =/ It detects new drivers (tried version 160.03) as incompatible pre v53.00 drivers. Perhaps make the checks for OS and driver versions simply display warnings so as to make the program more future proof?

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I agree, the driver version check for Pre v53.00 needs to be removed. Also driver version recognition using the INF file was designed to work with XX.XX drivers, not any 1XX.XX version... and now at the rate NVIDIA is raising version numbers we probably reach the 1XXXX.XX in about 2 years. So his needs to be removed, too.

Has anybody tried NVLiTE to run within an VISTA environment?

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The Pre 53.00 driver recognition problem is solved now :)

Vista and Server 2k8 support also added (tested currently).

but no ETA yet :)

But of course more problems arise... like that NVIDIA has inlcuded again localization dependency in their INFs :P Which means if you rip out all but one localization file set (except the one you wish to keep) the installation will be disturbed with lots of error popup windows (file is missing). This means that like with the Pre 53.00 driver generation a manual INF modification is needed :P ... which sucks for the majority of Users.

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