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NVLiTE batch | reduce & compress Windows 2000 and XP nVIDIA drivers


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The 2.182 and any earlier version is not publically available. The NVLiTE page just shows kind a progress log for anypone who is interested :)

I'm quoting myself to answer your your question:

FINAL yet to be released this month... or year.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hello everybody,

While I was in switzerland, I was working on a project called NvLoader, wich did actually the same thing than NVLiTE, with some other things more (Like file patching etc...). When I realised that there was already an other program like mine, I realised too that it would make a very powerful program if I'd make a fusion between NvLoader and NVLiTE. I sended a message to ®®® to ask if I could continue developping NVLiTE, but haven't got any answer yet.

But yeah, I just finished NVLiTE 2.147. I started from NVLiTE 2.142, because it was the last public release I could find.

Here are the main things that are new :

-NVLiTE is compatible with all drivers now
-Added log creation (NVLiTE Log)
-Fixed bugs
-Fixed graphical bugs
-Better Vista compatibility
-Added many other computer specs
-And more...

And here is the complete changelog :

NVLiTE Changelog by Hoffa

NVLiTE v2.143
-Added some easy-to-use variables
-Added current user to specs
-Added computer name to specs
-Added CPU architecture to specs
-Added CPU description to specs
-Added CPU revision number to specs
-All CPU stuff put in one category

NVLiTE v2.144
-Added @echo off>nul.NVLiTE for better compatibility
-Fixed current dir graphic stuff
-Fixed header graphic bug
-Fixed graphical bug while %V_BATTERY%=3 digits
-Fixed Á bug

NVLiTE v2.145
-Fixed completely battery value thing
-Using NVLiTE Log v0.1

NVLiTE v2.146
-Using NVLiTE Log v0.1.1

NVLiTE v2.147
-Removed pre version check, compatible with all drivers now

And here is the NVLiTE Log Changelog (Log creation engine) :

NVLiTE Log Changelog by Hoffa

NVLiTE Log v0.1
-First release

NVLiTE Log v0.1.1
-Fixed multiple writing bug in HEAD loop
-Added other computer specs
-Added driver specs

NVLiTE Log v0.2
-Enhaced overall log creation
-Moved main log creation position
-Added %TIME% variables into %NVL_LOG%
-Removed CPU specs because variables declared after

NVLiTE Log v0.2.1
-Enhanced overall log creation

Now that every driver is compatible, I still need to fix other stuff.


Removed NVLiTE file, wait until the next stable update is complete.

Edited by Hoffa
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I#m working on a desktop PC (with no battery :) ), so the version you attached in the previous post immediately quits right after the battery status readout.

Added many other computer specs
I guess anyways all unnecessary PC information readout (that you added and the battery part i added 2 years ago) could be deleted as NVLiTE would bloat unnecessary in the near future.
-Removed pre version check, compatible with all drivers now
This check is pretty vital... and the reason for the whole delay of development. The old check for pre 53.00 series is easy (as only a few people use those drivers nowadays anyways)... but for drivers starting with the 90s or 95 series it's a problem again: as INF modification is needed.

If you remove the language files (or any other files which has reference in the INF) from the driver directory you need to manually edit the INF and remove the language files reference lines here as well... else the driver will not install and dozens of annoying error windows will pop-up.

I have to send you my latest version, which is pretty eveolved, but like explained before there's a problem of does the existance of NVLiTE is neccessary nowadays as the whole purpose of conveniently removing not needed files does simply not work anymore!

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Yeah, for the language files, just checked some driver files, and it's true, there's a big problem.

But I think patching iNF files is possible with a simple Batch file, I have already done it with some other BAT files i've done.

I used taht BAT patching method while I worked on some BAT viruses for a website.

I still need to find those files, i think it used some find and other parallel commands, not shure.

Or I could code that iNF patcher in C/C++ and bind those files, but it would take a damn long time...

I still need to learn things about nVidia drivers and it's files, havn't worked on those for a very long time.

Oh yeah, just for information, I actually noticed that a simple row passing could generate a whole bug in Batch files, in the type of " is not recognised as a internal or external ...", that's what happened while updating NVLiTE. Just be careful for those empty lines, never know. :P

PS: Nice avatar, huh ? :)


Ok, found a way to patch iNF files. I'm writing the code right now, will send it to you when finished. :)

Ok, done and sended. For now, i'm going to bed, hard day tomorrow. :P

Edited by Hoffa
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Guest johnjinsf

Thank you to everyone involved with the nVLite project.

I came across this thread in my search for a way to remove all the foreign language support from nVidia.

I have a Sony VAIO, Model VGN-SZ330P and I downloaded the "Sony'ised" version of the latest

LaptopVideo2Go nVidia 32-Bit XP Driver, Version 174.74 from http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=195238

This version has some changes to the nv4_disp.inf file to allow for the Sony VAIO Brightness Controls.

Universal Extractor extracted 309 files from the 174.4 driver file.

After running the nVlite Batch version 2.141 against the 309 files, I was left with just 183 files, a major reduction.

After removing the previous nVidia drivers, and using Driver Sweeper to clean up any remaining leftover files,

the nVlite modified 174.4 files installed without any errors and so far everything is humming along.

Thanks again for this great nVidia add-on.

John J

San Francisco

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Guest Inferi0r

I have tried many versions of NVLite but no one worked with my drivers version. I use ForceWare v93.71 International WHQL. Always I got the error: 'Detected a pre 53.00 NVIDEA Driver generation, which are not supported'. But the compatibility check said right that i've 93.71. Can anyone fix this?

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Guest Numbereleventeen
I have to send you my latest version, which is pretty eveolved, but like explained before there's a problem of does the existance of NVLiTE is neccessary nowadays as the whole purpose of conveniently removing not needed files does simply not work anymore!

I'd say yes it's still a great program to have. And even the older version does still work with the latest drivers and reduces the size pretty well, just missing some files lately. Always nice to save disk space.

Please release the new (beta) version, even if it's buggy it would be nice to have to test.

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Hah! I did this by hand the last few times. Its nice to see people actually have developed a tool to automate this process.

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Sorry to open this topic again but just a tip for anyone having trouble with the password--it is indeed LaptopVideo2Go.com/NVLiTE however you need to put it in several times before it works.

I had trouble getting it to work with Izark zip extractor so I had to reinstall Winrar extractor instead. Hope this helps somebody.

My new display looks amazing with the new drivers. I'm really excited! Thanks for the help.

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