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My FS has all of a sudden started crashing when I try to play HL2. I have downgraded the drivers to the 77 series to play Breakthrough as it crashes with every other driver. is it only me or is this a common problem?

what driver would you'll recommend for playing games without the headache to keep reinstalling.

BTW I still cant get Spearhead to play and I must have upgraded/downgraded the driver 10 times at least.

Thanks guys

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Hey AJH,

Nice work so far. Maybe you can add this to a sticky or request that it be added to the modded inf as a tweak for the Acer C200 Tablet PC model: C204TMi. This model has the geforce go 6200 installed but their are two problems when you use the modded inf filed download for this site.

1. Rotation Error Window

This occurs when you use the rotate display button on the side of the LCD screen. Acer LaunchManager program installs drivers for these buttons but the inf file will not let you rotate the display.

The fix is easy. I changed the two "RotateFlag" DWord entries from 4 to 0x10. The 0x10 setting is what is found in the Acer Nvidia NVQA.inf file. After doing this tweak the C200 rotate display hot button works like a charm.

2. Lying the lid flat (tablet mode) turns the display on and off

In the control panel power options, you need to have windows "Do Nothing" when the lid is closed in order to use the C200 in tablet mode or when the screen is lying flat (aka the "lid" is closed). Even though I had this set to "Do Nothing" the display would turn off them back on then off then on etc.... After going through the modded inf, I deleted the entry SHKLM,"System\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers\LidCloseSetPower" (you can just use regedit and delete the local_machine\system\...\LidCloseSetPower folder and it will have the same affect.)

I know these two issues are predominate in the C200 world when you use any Nvidia drivers other than the Nvidia 70 series drivers found on the acer website.

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