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Pieter's INF History & Changelog


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2007-08-14: splitted original post in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

2007-08-13: added updates for 2003, 2004, 2005



First version of Pieter's INF


support added for GeForce 448 go.


Added 'Rotate page' and 'nView page' in control panel. Added multiple screen scan (ie Desktop can span 2 screens up or down). Fixed slowdown in IExplorer when scrolling down pages (PushBufferMemorySpace) inherited from original Dell INF. Made 2 INFs one with PushBufferMemorySpace=2 and one with 3. For some reason PBMS = 2 doesn't work well with Gateways and Dells (GF2go).


Added switch to stop telling of resolution change in games etc. If you want it back see here.

I removed the C139 setting from the INFs this will affect Quadro 4 700 GoGL users, I've combined the settings with P138. Any probs give me a yell.


lerox discovered that by setting SoftEDIDs to zero fixed his off centre display on his Toshiba 1410.


Updated all INFs: Fixed bug with GF 448 go and removed some doubled up settings.


Updated all INFs: I removed Virtual Desktop, too many problems especially with Dell i8100, if you want it back see here (18-8-03 update, some i8100s still have virtual desktops even with it turned off ??). Fixed Quadro FX 700 goGL install prob. and remade 45.23 INF much smaller (39K) and


Made INF even smaller. INF was 48K now 24K, and only 1 install for both Win 2K and XP. Easier to troubleshoot from now on all future INFs will be like this. Shouldn't affect any GPU's. No other changes.


I think I have fixed the resolution problems some have experienced, you should now have all sorts of resolutions available like 1280x800, 1600x1024 etc. I can't test the resolutions above 1280x1024 but everything below works. I can now even make up any resolution manually, I tried 1280x600 Super duper wide screen, looks bloody awfull but it works. I might update the other INF's if there's a demand.


Made quite a few tweaks to this INF, in an attempt to get the Dell UXGA 1600x1200 to work. Added a whole heap more screen resolutions, I think I got them all now. Also added Chrontel 7019 flicker filter.Changed Pushbuffermemoryspace to zero.

2003-08-25_vX.XX (All INFs):

Updated all INFs: INFs work with English or International versions, but now only the English files will be installed. Should save in downloading.

2003-08-27_v4.01 (All INFs):

Added support for the GF 410go and the new FX5650go as in theDell i8600


A special INF for Quadro4 700GoGL users, that have the Seiko Epson/Samsung Inverter/LCD panel combo. This should work and you have all the tweaks enabled. I'm not too sure how other Seiko/samsung combo's will get on, so give it a try. This is a special INF for 42.57, I completely rewrote it, hence the full version number update. I probably won't use it as my main INF as it's too hard to keep modifying.


Lots of wee changes


Found some more tweaks (thx Teraphy) and added them.


Made mostly cosmetic changes, and added one more tweak for NV31/34


Added more tweaks mostly for NV31/34 and more cosmetic changes.


Changed install name under Add/Remove programs to help in uninstalation of driver, previously it would add another driver if there was already a detonator installed.

2003-09-22_v6.5 (All INFs):

Updated all INFs: Added some more tweaks from other Detonators. Made to fix i5150 crash problem, works for some but not all.


Remade INFs again, I'm happy with them now, each section is easy to read and then modify, I've added all known settings, if you know of more let me know.


made some small changes and alphabetised the settings.


Tried to enable the Quality slider for Quadro4 700gogl GPU's but failed.


Enabled Keystone, added some more teaks, and fixed uninstallation, also added support for upcoming Geforce FX go5250, and lastly fixed the problem that Toshibas had with 1400x1050 screens (thanks Stefan for testing)

2003-09-29_v7.4 (All INFs):

Updated all INFs to 7.4


added some more tweaks I found.


for 64 bit Windows only, untested.


Made some adjustments to the TV-out settings, should be the same for all GPUs


For the first time, I've had to go back in versions, my latest tweaks caused havoc on Toshibas, sorry (they worked on mine). Never mind.


seperate sections for each GPU group.

No added tweaks.


For Dell owners with GF4 4200go and FX5200go, when in the Display Control Panel, the AGP page will report 1x, but Sisoft Sandra reports 4x. I would be inclined to believe that Sandra is right and Display panel is wrong as the performance is that of AGP 4x.


Added seperate section for NV18 (448go and 488go) and some more wee enhancements. Added Support for the FXgo5100 and FXgo5200 32/64M.


A Quadro 4 700gogl user commented that my beta INF without any tweaks fixes his DX9 problem, so I have removed all non essential tweaks from INF to ensure they work with 52.xx.

2003-10-26_v9.51 (standard INF):

Sorry guys, I made a small typing error, which resulted in 'Wrong Paramter' error, it has been fixed, it didn't effect the installation.

2003-10-26_v9.51 (StarStorm Quality INF):

The INF for you Quality geeks.


3 beta INFs for Samsung US UXGA screen owners to try.


INF for Win 2k3 (IA64) 5x.xx driver (exclusive release), now you have a choice.


Added support for the new FXgo5300, as seen in the Medion Titanium MD40100.


Updated these INFs, enabled AGP8x, and Fast-writes for those that have the capability


Added 2 INFs based Mobile detonators, 45.74 looks very interesting as it has a programable settings for Docked/Undocked. Give them a try.


Remmed out the unknown settings from my INFs, everything should still be enabled, but it seems to fix/lessen the crashes experienced by i5150 users.


Toshiba 420go and HP ZD7000 owners, there is now a special section for your machines.

I hope to add more individual laptop models as soon as I get the original INFs. If your laptop doesn't work with my normal INF then place your original INF here.

I'm also working on the uninstallation so it removes all settings, this will be work in progress.


Latest and greatest 52.xx to be released, it apparently fixes the AGP bug and some others as well. You have to try for yourselves. Added support for Toshiba's GF440go, FX5200go, FX5200go 32/64MB and FX5600go.


Added support for the Toshiba GF460go. My INFs are now split in to 2 groups. One is based on Dell settings and the others are based on Toshiba.


Fixed minor bug with Toshiba 460go.


Toshibas with 420go and 440go and 5200go (SUBSYS#00011179) have SoftEDIDs = 0 added hopefully this will make the driver work properly.


fixed up the nvDual part of the INF. Won't affect any GPUs. No other changes to any other GPU's.

2003-11-16_v11.4 (All INFs):

Updated all INFs: Fixed the Toshiba NV17 section where error occured while installing. Added Toshiba 460go with SUBSYS#00011179

2003-11-19_v11.5 (All INFs):

Updated all INFs: I've re-enabled the nView page, this means that the driver might default to 'Clone' Mode, all you need to get it to Standard mode is to press Alt+Ctrl+T.


Updated all INFs: Added support for Toshiba GFgo5200 SUBSYS#00101179. Finally fixed the Dualview problem, now you have it in 52.7x+

2003-11-21_v11.61 (All INFs):

Updated all INFs: Fixed the Toshiba GFgo5600 install, no other changes.


53.03 had nView disabled, I've enabled it, and fixed Toshiba go5600 install bug.

LOTR TTT Extended DVD arrived today, so no updates for next few days.

2003-11-23_v11.63 (All INFs):

Updated all INFs: Updated all INFs with the Toshiba go5600 fix.


Toshiba owners are having much better result with v11.64, except for 53.03, and added support for Toshiba GFgo5200 SUBSYS#00101179 in all v11.64

2003-12-03_v11.65 beta 3:

Based on a Fujitsu driver for the Quadro 1100. I havn't tested this yet. But it here to try.

2003-12-05_v11.65 beta 4:

Based on a Fujitsu driver for the Quadro 1100. I havn't tested this yet. But it here to try.


no complaints yet, so now official.


I thought I'd better update you 64bit laptop owners to the latest drivers. (untested)


original INF from 53.30 (untested)

Update: fully tested, and NO nView !!

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First update for the year, some small changes, it should now be easier to set 2nd Display to primary. Plus some other cosmetic changes.

2004-01-06 (INF for StarStorm Speed & Quality driver):

Added these 2 StarStorm modded INFs for you speed/Quality freaks.

I havn't tested them, any probs give me a yell.


nVidia's latest official driver with Media Centre additions, not sure what they are, if you know let me know.


I ended up with StarStorm settings in v11.69, an increase in speed occured, but might be at the cost of performance, so their removed. If you like the settings load the v11.69 INF here.

I'm doing this as I prefer to keep the drivers as close as original as possible, except for adding all the known tweaks. I will in the future keep modding StarStorm INFs for Speed/Quality.


Added support for Toshiba SUBSYS_FF001179 with FXgo5200 and 5600 machines.

Hopefully these machines will work properly now.


Another 4x.xx driver, this one is from HP, lots of changes to the INF to get it to work.

Also added another StarStorm X INF.


A special INF for playing with, just trying a very simplified INF with just default settings.

I've only enabled all the Display properties pages. Works just fine for me.


Fixed a wee mistake in the INF (luckily it was only experimental) plus lots of mods to the uninstall section, should remove alot more settings now.



A completely reworked INF, based on desktop INFs, there might be issues to sort out yet as these are new. Feedback in usual place is encouraged.


Added support for the Geforce FX go5700.


Added support for the NV31M, NV31M Pro and the Quadro FX go1000


Added some more tweaks and possible settings to HKR and HKLM

Any body with a superduper external monitor can now have refresh rates up to 240hz.

Also disabled SideBand Addressing (causes instability in some systems), if you can't live without it just place a ; in front of : HKR,, EnableAGPSBA, %REG_DWORD%, 0 reinstall and it's enabled again.


Added some extra nview settings, install this with the 'Setup' program for best results.


Whoops, I accidentally removed support for the 488go, it's been added again.


Only change to this version is I renamed the 5300/5350 to 53x0 as per nVidia (56.54+)

2004-02-27_v20.07 (All INFs):

Updated all v20.xx INFs for all drivers to v20.07, and fixed some minor errors.


changed to 7-Zip compression, so the drivers are smaller to download :)


some more features.


Added a fix for Lid closure/resume problems, ®®® is to thank here for registry tweak.

2004-03-09_v20.15 (All INFs):

Updated all INFs: added fix for lid open/closure, plus fixed some more things and added some more settings I found.

2004-03-10_v20.16 (All INFs):

updated all INFs to include the new web-address (nearly forgot) no other changes.


added a tweak.



2004-03-20_v20.20 (All INFs):

Updated all v20.xx INFs: Removed all the known tweaks (that arn't enabled), INFs are considerably smaller, I'm going to have a link to them for those that like to play with them. Other than that no other changes.

2004-03-21_v20.21 (All INFs):

Updated all v20.20 INFs: Added MapOSD3ToNV=3 for those with lid closure/opening problems. Changed NvCplThermalSettings=2 from 3 as apparently it brings up the Fan Control page.

2004-03-21_v20.22 (All INFs):

Updated all v20.21 INFs: Alright the MapOSD3ToNV=3 doesn't work for my GF2go so I modded the INF to exclude the setting for GF2gos.


A 64bit AMD 64 driver, only change to v20.23 is a modified [nv_ClearRegistrySwitches] section to incorporate the new settings.

2004-03-24_v20.23 (47.12):

This driver has got the 20.xx treatment and works much better now, a driver worthy of calling the best of the 40's, and also the last.

2004-03-24_v20.22 (All INFs):

Updated all INFs: All my INFs are now version 20.22 or higher (except 42.57 for Dell users with UXGA problems)


The driver to replace 56.54. Modded for all. In here are also MSI dlls that I havn't been able to enable yet, but am working on it.


Fixed a wee bug with nView installer and added 56.72 (official driver)


Added 56.65 a Mobile Asus driver, and fixed 56.64 register bug (no need to update if you have 20.22)

2004-04-06_v20.27 (INFs for StarStorm drivers):

Added the 3 StarStorm drivers, eXtra Quality, Benchmark and Xtra speed/quality.

Also changed some of the settings to the StarStorm ones.

2004-04-08_v20.32 (All INFs):

Have combined all changes from 20.22, removed some sections not used by Mobile GPUs and added some new setings to the HKLM tweaks. I mucked up OK, I feel silly, I disabled the Additional info page renabled now, it's of no use but someone will want it.

2004-04-10_v20.33 (60.72):

The 60's are here already, I assume for the new PCI-express, so far I can't get them to work for me, but they do work on other laptops !!


This INF/driver combo works for Toshibas with Black Bar problems.


Added this as it's becoming a popular driver.

2004-04-30_v20.34 (60.60 & 60.72):

Another 60 series driver to try.

2004-05-01_v20.35 (All INFs):

Added resolution 1366x768 for those with wide screen projectors.

2004-05-02_v20.36 (52.16):

Remade this INF to fix some bugs with my Dell version I modded from.


introduce some dualview settings for Win2K users (XP seems to work with out it).


Thanks to the guys over at the Forums (mostly ministeve) I have made this INF. It has 2 options for every GPU one normal and one with "Standby fix", use normal only unless you experience Standby problems then choose "Standby fix".

The "Standby fix" part of the INF uses "MapOSD3ToNV=3" that some laptops require.


I put in a tweak which seems to fix some peoples laptops running hot with certain drivers.

dynEngCtrlEnabled=2 has been added, this seemingly runs the GPU at a cooler tempurature and has the correct GPU/Mem Speeds.


Added support for the Screen Rotation Function on the Task bar.


61.1x are having problems, I've fixed the lack of nView, but Notepad and Outlook express still refuse to work. These drivers are very BETA.


Yeah !!, I have fixed the problems with these two drivers. Everything works again. nVidia have alot to answer for, creating these INFs that don't work properly!! I have wasted many an hour in sorting what caused the problems. (nView #@%)

2004-05-17_v20.54 (ALL INFs):

Updated these INFs with the dual install for Standby fix.

2004-05-18_v20.55 (ALL INFs):

All these INFs will no longer install nView in the background, from now on to enable nView Desktop Manger, right click on nVidia icon on taskbar. Too many problems have forced my hand in this.


go5500 with the same PCI-ID as a go5250?


Added support for the Tablet PC and it's orientation mode, should this work then all future INFs shall have it.


Fixed error in installation of driver for TabletPC's.


Found tweak to re-eanble the the Resolution tab in Display Properties.


I've updated my Tweaks Explained page to explain what some of the settings do, feel free to experiment with them (at your own risk!!), some of these settings will be making their way in to Version 30.xx of my INFs to be released very soon.


2004-06-21_v30.09/v30.10 (61.40):

So many changes, it warrented a big jump in version numbers. v3x.xx INFs now support all Laptop AND Desktop GPU's, I've enabled more tweaks, and added support for NV41, 43 and 44 mobile GPU's (not even released yet!!) Have a look at the Tweaks page for some of the settings now enabled. 30.10 has fixed the TV output problem, it worked upto 5x.xx but nVidia has changed something.


Fixed a small error in the INF that enables TV-out modes now fixed.


added some more GPUs (and Shader 3.0 support?)

2004-06-28_v30.14 (All INFs):

Updated all INFs: added more tweaks I found ( Thanks to Rewt from nvnews.net ). The major change is the OpenGL settings page is back by default, if you liked the way the Performance page looked before click here to disable OpenGL page and re-enable other Performance page.

2004-07-05_v30.15 (61.80):

Neowin's Driver leaked to the public didn't contain any help or install (setup.exe) files where as our Dell driver did, I've combined the drivers (they are the same except for missing files), so now you have the best of both worlds and it's only 8.66MB. Our driver didn't contain some files for Multimonitor Quadro's (Desktop) so I added them.


Disabled SBA for Laptops, it's causing problems for Dell laptops, and the 1% performance gain is not worth the hassle, see tweaks page to enable this setting. Fixed a typo in the INF, doesn't affect anthing.

2004-07-10_v20.40 (47.18 & 47.19):

Compal/Toshiba driver, very new for a 40's driver (dated April 2004), added all the latest tweaks from the v30's.

The INF is for Laptops only !!


Leaked driver, missing install files, added default 32bit colour when first installing driver., also made some other cosmetic only changes, driver hasn't been tested.

2004-07-13_v30.18 (ALL INFs):

Added some more tweaks I found, made all INFs the same, removed the 32bit colour settings, as it doesn't work :P , drivers still default to 16bit after install.

2004-07-14_v30.18 (INF for OMEGA v56.72 Drivers):

Omega's modded driver modded to now support all GPUs with all known tweaks, 2 versions speed and quality :)


made some cosmetic changes (Cheers Teraphy).

2004-07-20_v30.20 (ALL INFs):

Added support for SM3.0 for those with 6800 GPU's yeah! the rest of us neah!

2004-07-21_v30.21 (61.76):

64bit Windows version modded with all Tweaks and all GPU's including mobile.

2004-07-30_v20.41 (47.19):

Fixed up some bits in this INF for those who like the good ol' 40's.

2004-08-02_v30.22 (ALL INFs):

Changed a setting in INF to help with those with problems in Color-Properties being remembered, this should help, but a work in progress, Cheers Kamika007 for help with this. There is a small possibilty this might also fix the people with Black screens at boot up.

2004-08-02_v30.23 (ALL INFs):

Changed a stereopage setting.

2004-08-03_v30.24 (ALL INFs):

v20.24 has some changes to the tweaks, I've gone through every single HKLM tweak to see if they still exist in the driver and removed obsolete ones.


Fixed the TV/CRT-out bugs, as of this version I have to let go of 'DevicesConeected', but because of it, I was able to get some more tweaks enabled, also reintroduced my 'recommended Driver' on the INF page (in yellow).

2004-08-08_v30.25 (ALL INFs):

Have updated all INF 30 drivers to this version, OMEGA drivers should run a lot better now.


Updated these INFs as well (with v30.25 tweaks).


Hopefully enabled the Mulitiple GPU (SLI) pages in the Display properties.


hopefully enabled the stereo feature as well with this version INF.


Fixed a bug with Coolbits (it worked before but looks better now), I had to remove ModeSetBlankDelay to fix my screen from being black after install. If you experience problems with v30.28 inside the INF is the line just remove the ';' infront of it and install again. This line works with 65.62 for me, and have left the setting in. No other changes.


Added support for Geforce FX 6800go and Quadro FX go1400, the first in the world to do so, also added some other desktop GPU support.


fixed a small bug with the Quadro 1400 (not released yet) in v30.30.

2004-09-04_v1.0 (Windows 9X/ME):

My first attempt at Win 9x modding, there are no tweaks, just laptop GPU support.


removed SM3.0 which is now enabled by default in recently released drivers.

2004-09-10_v30.31 (INF for 61.77od_OverDrive drivers):

Modified INF (Overdrive) by Savage-xp now modified for ALL GPUs


Added more Tweaks ( Thanks to Rewt from nvnews.net ), added another 18 settings to the uninstall so it's more thorough.


made some cosmetic changes to INF to make it harder to copy :P

2004-10-14_v30.34a (66.12):

Fixed a bug with the CoInstaller, very sneaky trick played with this driver, but I sorted it.


Found 54.05 over at HP by accident, v30.35 has a small change to help me with future INF modding should another 66.12 come along.

2004-10-17_v30.36 (ALL INFs):

Added a name to the NV43 (GF 6200) and uninstall driver should remove even more settings now.


I have forgotten what I did to get to 30.37, I must be human after all.

2004-10-26_v30.38 (70.41):

First 70 series driver made some cosmetic changes and this INF has a special part only for this driver.


made some cosmetic changes to make it easier to modify future INFs for v30.39.


added support for HDTV overscan.


Made one change to the tweaks

2004-12-02 (4-IN-ONE-SPECIAL-INF):

just playing around today: this is a special tweaked INF, it is a combination of OmegaDrivers, StarStorm, Daishi from Valance Studios (later TweaksRUs.com) and Rewt (Coolbits) from nVnews.net.

I have added my performance tweaks so these are different to the ones I just mentioned, a big thanks to the guys that worked on each of their own versions.

2004-12-03_INF for Daishi's 67.02 Extreme G Performance:

Modded Daishi's INF to also support all Mobile GPUs.


My Performance INFs should now remove all the tweaks when uninstalled, this will become standard in all INFs from now.


Added support for unreleased new Desktop GPUs.

2004-12-29_v30.45 (71.22):

MSI driver with OEM laptop INFs included.

2004-12-29_v30.46 (71.22):

Removed the MSI control panel from the INF from installing.

2004-12-29_v30.47 (71.22):

Added support for the mobile go6200/6250/6600/6200TE/6600TE GPU's.

2004-12-29_v30.47 (71.24):

WHQL driver for GF 6x00 cards and long awaited.

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Added 12 more tweaks, fixed a spelling mistake for the 3D Stereo support, removed the LargeCacheMem setting from all GPUs and only Quadros will use this from now on (Cheers Rewt).


Added a couple more Tweaks, and fixed one other.


Fixed a Stereo setting that has been bugging me for a while and added another tweak, no need to update from 30.50 unless your a stereo driver fan.

2005-01-28_v30.52 (ALL INFs):

Removed system tweaks, will concentrate on nVidia only, added new tweak for standy/resume for newer GPU that support D4 power mode.

2005-01-28_v30.53 (ALL INFs):

Finally got round to adding Desktop Manger (nView can now be enabled via right clicking on nVidia icon in task bar)

2005-02-18_v30.56 (67.71):

Odd driver doesn't like any setting of Coolits higher than 2 or Display Panel won't load, so 2 it is.

2005-02-23_v30.60 (75.90):

Yeah another new series the 75's are here, lots of wee changes to this INF.


Lots of drivers only change removed Largecache setting from Quadro installs.

2005-03-04_v30.62 (ALL INFs):

Remmed out MapOSToNv4 tweak, causing problems with some laptops, it can be enabled by removing the ';' from in front of the tweak in the INF, also updated the uninstall section.

2005-03-05_v30.63 (ALL INFs):

Fixed some errors (whoops) from 30.62, unistall might not work all that well and added PCI-ID#215 ID.

2005-03-06_v30.64 (ALL INFs):

Added support for the go 6800 Ultra.


added 1 more tweak to ensure that the custom resolution page is enabled fully.

2005-03-13_v1.01 (INF for Windows 9X/ME driver 71.84):

Added support for the new go6x00 GPUs

2005-03-14_v30.66 (ALL INFs):

Fixed profile error that occured only for Mobile GPUs.


2005-03-26_v30.68 (76.41):

made small cosmetic only change to INF.


added international support to the INF.

2005-04-08_v30.69 (ALL INFs):

Changed go6250 to go6400 as nVidia has renamed this GPU

2005-04-10_v30.70 (ALL INFs):

Added support for the "NVIDIA GeForce 6200SE TurboCache"


made future INF modding easier by automatic adding of international support if the driver supports it


I'm away on a well deserved break for 2 months, alas I can't keep the place updated with the latest drivers and modded INFs until I get back. Larry (LSudlow) over on the nVision forums will be looking after this, so have a look there for all the latest releases, see you July 12th.

2005-07-11_v30.72 (80.40):

First 80's series driver, added suppoort for all the latest GPU's and updated the uninstaller.

Back from holiday and straight back into modding a day early :)

2005-07-12_v30.73 (80.40):

also added support to fix the noisy fans (on full all the time) on some machines

2005-07-13_v30.74 (ALL INFs):

Added support for some missing GPU's go448, go5700 (#347) and go6250.

2005-07-15_v30.75 (ALL INFs):

Fixed support for Dev ID#0166 and removed the Powermizer settings that somehow ended up in the INFs between v30.65 and 30.69 ( I can't remember or don't know why they ended up in there) , this may fix the problem of booting on battery power and getting a garbled screen.


Fixed the installer looking for 2 files that arn't there. Added a new tweak.

2005-07-30_v40.00 (Longhorn):

My first Longhorn mod, just added GPU support.


Hopefully fixed some 64bit issues in this INF to make it work properly.


Made some cosmetic changes.

2005-08-01_v40.01 (Longhorn):

Hopefully some of the problems (ie black or white or out of sync screen) is fixed.


Added Support for the Geforce 6500.














Added support to enable VMR automaticly (thanks LSudlow)


Added Support for the Geforce go7800


Added some more tweaks to ensure they arn't tuned off by default.


Enabled VMR support on install and keep my old tweaks as well.


Fixed output switching and shifted it to Mobile only (Cheers Larry)


Performance INF, don't use this, very Alpha, lots of bugs.


Performance INF fixed the crashing problems and now beta (and Better)


Quality INF added


Added Quadro tweaks to standard INF.


Added Trilinear Mipmaps and Triple buffer to Quality INF, added Bilinear Mipmaps to Performance INF.


Quality INF added 'wait after BLT' and 'enable all texture surfaces'


Normal INF gets the Quadro tweaks.


Performance and Quality INF gets VSYNC disabled.


Added support for more Mobile GPUs that I found in 78.70


Added full support for TNT, ALI and Crush GPUs


Added support for new Mobile GPU's in 82.10



Added tweak to remember TV settings after reboot


Added back tweak for MxM based laptops to improve speed.


Added some tweaks for go6600/6800 users to try and fix Memory slow downs.


Added tweak for Vista Glass support, allow 2nd display as primary.


Added support for the Smart Dimmer Page.


Disabled the ability to turn the LCD off with Smart Dimmer, as you won't be able to turn it on again.



Added Jeroen's TV-Out Fix for Medion 41300.

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v31.20 Many changes, removed support for TNT cards, fixed some small cosmetic errors, this INF will probably no longer work on drivers before the 70 series

v31.21 fixed doubled section heading, doesn't affect installation

v31.22 fixed a typo in one of the tweaks.

v31.23 Added support for some new GPUs

v31.40 Rewritten INF to tidy it up, fixed not being able to add new custom resolutions.


v31.42 Added fix for nvidia display driver service memory error and shutdown error that some Mobile GPU based machines are experiencing (I've disabled it for Mobile GPUs)

v31.43 Added support for 2560x1600 resolution

v31.44 Added support for new GPUs from 83.40

v31.45 Added support for 3840x2400 resolution

v31.45a Fixed international support for 83.40

v31.46 Added support for many more resolutions from Dell's 81.97 driver


v31.48 Added support for a heap of 7x00 GPUs both Go and desktop.

v31.49 Cosmetic change and updated some 64bit drivers to this version as well.


v31.51 Added and fixed support for Quadro 110M and 120M, no longer share PCI-ID, also added AC check.

v31.52 Updated the remove registry part of the INF, also option to change to new CP added

v31.52a removed ability to goto new control panel as it causes some problems with old control panel.

v31.53 Fixed a file install bug, thanks to JRd1st for pointing this out.

v31.54 Added tweak to hopefully fix problem with lappies not changing powermizer settings when going to AC or battery.

v31.55 Fixed small error with go7300/7400 having Quadro settings

v31.56 Added support for the go7200, Quadro NVS300M and Quadro FX 500M

v31.57 Added support for the go7600 GT, go6100, go6150, fixed support for the Quadro FX 500M added some other GPUs as well.

v31.58 Added some Mobile SLI tweaks

v31.59 Added a HDTV tweak


v31.61 Added a tweak for Powersource detection.

v31.62 Fixed a tweak problem with FW 84.26

v31.63 Added support for 6800GS and 7800GS

v31.64 Fixed International support in 84.43



v31.67 Remade the 64bit INF from scratch, 64bit mobile support from 77.13 and the rest from 64bit 84.26

v31.68 Added support for the Geforce 7600 GS, 7800 GS, 7900 GS, 7300 GT, 6800 XE 6800 XT and 6200 A-LE, Quadro 5500, 3500, 1500 4500 X2, 350, 560 and 550

v31.69 Added support for the Quad SLI 7900 GX2

v31.70 Added Support for the Geforce 7800SE/XT/LE/LT/ZT, NVA Geforce 3 integrated (XBOX), Geforce 4 Ti, Quadro NVS 8xAGP






v31.76 Added some more HKLM tweaks






v31.82 Added support for the new NForce integrated GPUs

v31.83 Added support for the go7400 GS

v31.84 Added HKLM Tweak


v31.86 Added 7100 GS and 7950 GT

v31.87 Remmed out tweak from v31.84

v31.88 Fixed typo for affecting NVS300M and go7900 SE

v31.89 fixed Mac GPU description error






v31.95 Added unnamed 8800 GPUs


v31.97 Fixed BSOD with FW 100.30 install

v31.98 Added support for the Quadro FX3500M

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changed versioning scheme

2007-01-??_v3.200 (was 32.00):


2007-0?-??_v3.213 (XP):

2007-0?-??_v3.214 (VISTA):

2007-07-??_v3.215 (XP & VISTA):

2007-08-21_v3.217 (XP & VISTA):

2007-09-07_v3.218 (XP & VISTA):

2007-09-21_v3.221 (XP & VISTA):

2007-10-02_v3.222 (XP & VISTA):

2007-10-04_v3.223 (XP & VISTA):

2007-10-08_v3.224 (XP & VISTA):

2007-10-0?_v3.225 (XP & VISTA):

2007-10-0?_v3.226 (XP & VISTA):

2007-10-0?_v3.227 (XP & VISTA):

2007-10-0?_v3.228 (XP & VISTA):

2007-10-20_v3.229 (XP & VISTA): DisableHDTVRes 0, RMPowerSupplyCapacity 3

2007-10-22_v3.232 (XP & VISTA):

2007-11-xx_v3.234 (XP & VISTA): added 9x00M GPUs

2007-11-14_v3.235 (VISTA): Fixed a Vista install bug introduced in v3.234

2007-11-19_v3.236: more info HERE

2007-12-07_v3.237: Fixed the Vista file not found problem due to driver not havning the Uninstaller. Also added support for 2 new DLLs nvcuda and nvcuda32.


shinji257 has found the cure for the 160's control panel crash.

I've just applied the fix to 169.17 and 169.21 and will be in future INFs as of this one.

Setting the NoPages to 0x40000000 seems to fix the issue.

In the olden days it had to be set to zero to enable all pages.

If your control panel is crashing this registry patch will take it. It changes the NoPages setting to 40000000 hex. This should work on any future versions as well. I found this on the DNA-Force 169.04 driver derivatives where the control panel worked but the LaptopVideo2Go version did not for the same driver version. I also tested this on the NBF MobileForce version where they have the same crash problem (their inf files are derived from LaptopVideo2Go modified inf files). They all appear to work fine afterwards. Should not affect any graphics tweaks you may have.

Save to your desktop and apply the patch to make the correction. Only do this if you are experiencing the crash. If someone that does not experience the crash could see if the actual display looks any different between the two post some screenshots please? Maybe this might be incorporated into future inf files.

NOTE: Only tested on XP SP2 32-bit. Not tested on Vista 32-bit/64-bit or on XP SP2 64-bit. I've attached screenshots of the crash in question so you can see what I was talking about specifically.

2007-12-29_v3.239 (XP & VISTA): added support for the 8800M GTX

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2008-01-09_v3.240: added support for G92-750, Quadro FX 3600M and G92-985

2008-01-18_v3.241: added support for the G94 based 9600 GT GPU

2008-01-29_v3.242: added support for the 8800GS GPU

2008-02-13_v3.243: added support for these new GPUs (mostly embedded): GeForce 9200, GeForce 8200 (DEV_0849), nForce 730a, nForce 8200 (DEV_084B), nForce 780a SLI, nForce 750a SLI and G92-240

2008-02-15_v3.244: added support for: G94.DEV_0628, G96.DEV_0649, G98.DEV_06E9; also removed unneeded WinXP dualview lines not needed in Vista INFs.

2008-02-18_v3.245: added support for G92.DEV_060F (G92-ES), updated G98.DEV_06EB (NB9M-NS) and G98.DEV_06E8 (NB9M-GE), fixed 8800M GTX and GTS WinXP support

2008-02-21_v3.246: added support for these new GPUs: C77.DEV_0844 (GeForce 9200M), C77.DEV_084F (GeForce 8100), G92.DEV_0604 (GeForce 9800 GX2), G92.DEV_0612 (NVIDIA G92-420), G92.DEV_0613 (G92), G98.DEV_06E0 (GeForce 9400) and G98.DEV_06E1 (GeForce 9400 GS)

2008-02-23_v3.247: added support fo these new mobile GPUs: C79.DEV_0860 (MCP79/7A ENG), C79.DEV_0862 (MCP79SLI), C79.DEV_0866 (MCP79MX), C79.DEV_0867 (MCP79MH), C79.DEV_0868 (MCP79MV), C79.DEV_0870 (MCP79U) as well as integrated SLI based: G94.DEV_063A (NB9E-GLM2), G96.DEV_065C (NB9P-GLM2) and G98.DEV_06EB (Quadro NVS 160M)

2008-03-02_v3.248: added support for G92.DEV_0608 (GeForce 9800M GTX), G94.DEV_062A (GeForce 9800M GS), G94.DEV_0628 (GeForce 9800M GTS), G96.DEV_0648 (GeForce 9600M GS), G96.DEV_064A (GeForce 9700M GS), G96.DEV_064B (GeForce 9500M G), G96.DEV_064C (NB9P-NS), G98.DEV_06E8 (GeForce 9300M GS) and G98.DEV_06E9 (GeForce 9400M GS)

2008-03-20_v3.249 (VISTA x86 and x64): changed the desktop (G8x and G9x) parts of the INF to be more like NVIDIA's; lots of changes a heap of new GPU's added: More Integrated GPU's (MPC77/78/79 and MPC7A): 9200 becomes 8300, 8100 Integrated, 9400 GT, 8800 GT, 8800 GS, 9800 GTX, Quadro FX2700

2008-03-21_v3.250 (VISTA x86 and x64): Fixed previous update issue with nV service install (well not installing); these latest 174 drivers work slightly different to their older cousins (caught me off guard). All sorted now and working great on my i9400 with Vista x64. This INF only affects 174.60 and only with Vista.

2008-03-21_v3.251 (VISTA x86 and x64): fixed missing NVSVC naming

2008-03-21_v3.251 (VISTA x86 and x64): added support for 7050/nForce 620i, 8200M, 8100/nForce 720a, 7300 GT, 8800, 8600 GS, 9400 GT, 8800 GT, 8900 GX2, 8800 GS, 8800 GT, 9800 GTX, Quadro FX2700, Quadro FX3700M (yummy), 9600 GT, 9800 GS, 9650M GT, Quadro NVS150M, Quadro FX370M

2008-03-22_v3.252 (XP): included all the changes from the VISTA INF v3.249 and up. Now the XP INF got the treatment as well. I've rewritten the INF from scratch to be able to better add new GPUs. It now also matches Vista for GPU support. So far only 174.60 has this version.

2008-03-22_v3.253 (XP): A heap of changes to support all these new Chipset based GPUs.

2008-03-25_v3.254: minor cosmetic changes

2008-04-21_v3.255: added support for these GPUs: G92.DEV_0610 (GeForce 9600 GSO), G92.DEV_0619 (Quadro FX 4700 X2) and G94.DEV_0623 (GeForce 9600 GS)

2008-04-26_v3.256: Fixed bug with no CP and these latest few drivers with modded INF. nVidia are changing how the drivers work (again) and are now back to what they used to be. Also made changes to Desktop routines to allow for new settings in desktop INFs as of 175.12

2008-04-27_v3.257: Seems like I didn't fix the Control Panel bug for all GPUs. Now it should work as it should for all and sundry. A few other rearrangements made as well. Affects INF for 175.12 and future released drivers.

2008-05-25_v3.258: Added support for some more nondescript desktop GPUs. Only affects 175.75 and future drivers at this point.

2008-06-29_v3.260: Added support for GT200.DEV_05E0 (NVIDIA GT200-400), GT200.DEV_05E1 (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280), GT200.DEV_05E2 (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260) and these future GT200 GPUs: GT200.DEV_05E3, GT200.DEV_05E4, GT200.DEV_05E5, GT200.DEV_05E6, GT200.DEV_05E7, GT200.DEV_05E8, GT200.DEV_05E9, GT200.DEV_05EA, GT200.DEV_05EB, GT200.DEV_05EC, GT200.DEV_05ED, GT200.DEV_05EE, GT200.DEV_05EF, GT200.DEV_05F0, GT200.DEV_05F1, GT200.DEV_05F2, GT200.DEV_05F3, GT200.DEV_05F4, GT200.DEV_05F5, GT200.DEV_05F6, GT200.DEV_05F7, GT200.DEV_05F8, GT200.DEV_05F9, GT200.DEV_05FA, GT200.DEV_05FB, GT200.DEV_05FC, GT200.DEV_05FD (NVIDIA GT200-875-GL), GT200.DEV_05FE (NVIDIA GT200-850-GL), GT200.DEV_05FF

2008-07-15_v3.261: Fixed WinXP x64 NVVSVC not starting for Mobile GPU's, cheers Michael for the heads up. Fixed the _ typo that was still present in some INFs thanks to ®®®. Added some more desktop GPU support: G96.DEV_0643 (GeForce 9500 GT), G96.DEV_0645 (GeForce 9500 GS), G98.DEV_06F8 (Quadro NVS 420), G98.DEV_06F9 (Quadro FX 370 LP), G98.DEV_06FA (Quadro NVS 450), C79.DEV_0860 (GeForce 9300), C79.DEV_0861 (GeForce 9400), C79.DEV_0862 (MCP79SLI), C79.DEV_0863 (GeForce 9400M), C79.DEV_0864 (GeForce 9300), C79.DEV_0865 (GeForce 9300), C79.DEV_0866 (MCP79MX), C79.DEV_0867 (MCP79MH), C79.DEV_0868 (nForce 760i SLI), C79.DEV_086A (GeForce 9400), C79.DEV_086A (MCP7A-SLI), C79.DEV_086B (MCP7A-U), C79.DEV_086C (GeForce 9300 / nForce 730i), C79.DEV_086D (GeForce 9200), C79.DEV_086E (MCP7A-S), C79.DEV_086F (MCP7A-O), C79.DEV_0870 (MCP79U), C79.DEV_0871 (GeForce 9200), C79.DEV_087A (Quadro FX 470), C79.DEV_087B (MCP7A-GL).

And renamed C77.DEV_0844 from "GeForce 9200M" to "GeForce 9100M G".

Edited by ®®®
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I have got toshiba sateliteL 735 and got Nvidia Geforce 315M with windowds 7.Most of our programm

Runs in Win XP.So we downgraded to win XP.But we are not able to find the driver for Nvidia Geforce 315M

Running in Win XP.Especially driver file nvlddmkm.sy.Please provide us the driver file nvlddmkm which is compatible

In XP.

Best Regards,

Sajeesh Kumar.

Team Leader.Ford Service.

Al-tayer Motors.L.L.C





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