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mobile v156.57 and official v163.69_WHQL are out


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2 days ago i found & uploaded 3 versions of WHQL'd v156.57 which each natively support 54 mobile NVIDIA GPUs. They each come with 2 INFs.

This driver is dated 2007-08-30, so it's the latest mobile driver available.

Get the XP 32bit driver HERE,

the VISTA 32bit driver HERE and

the VISTA 64bit driver HERE.

We analysed, 7-zipped and uploaded the WHQL version of 163.69 for VISTA officially released a few minutes ago. You can get the updated driver and information for

VISTA 32bit HERE and for


v163.69 WHQL for both XP x86 and XP x64 we expect to be released later this day or tomorrow.

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