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Intel Chipset drivers


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in the relaese notes it says that it will update the driver, when it need to, but i think intel did came with that version as a standard for the RTM, but i am maybe mistaken. anyone with vista who tried it?

Yes, no errors.

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The same, its extracting the files, but it doesnt install any of them. i wonder why.

If it installed nothing then it probably didn't need to.

From memory most of the updates when I ran it were v9.1.1.1016 (just confirmed it did update to that version)

Only some Intel Chipset components got the update, the Intel® 82801 PCI Bridge is still Win7 7600.16385

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this driver work to Mobile Intel® PM965 Express Chipset ???

intel last driver to my chipset 9.?1.?1.?1019


support? Intel Chipset v9.1.1.1020 to my chipset??

ps- i bad speck english sorry :)

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I just fresh installed Win 7 RTM again and ran 1020 an it updated most drivers to 1016.

Once you have run this and its updated to what ever version it may take months and many versions before any changes are made to you chipset drivers.

If it doesn't update anything you already have the latest drivers installed.

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Guest StreetFighter


you have to install via windows command line.

Go to windows command line, select the installation file and add "-overall -overide"

I tried it myself - i am surprised, how much was updated

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