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Don't have bluetooth here. But will defenitely add this for others. Thanks for the reminder and for the link :(

Is it a MUST Have or alternative Software as i know there is also a BT file transfer wizard in XP SP2 :)

PowerSaver7: i can confirm this bug. I tried it out and it just stays at half brightness instead of full :) However i never realized that as for MP3 profile i used the lowest setting :P


- Cooling Method: Battery instaed of Performance, maybe even the Toshiba FAN ON/OFF tool from this Linux UK Toshiba Website (forgot the link)

- Turn off HD after X minutes? (if you download things this doesn't make sense :( )

- Do you 2 HDs installed? Then you could use IntelAppAccell. and turn on seperately for each HD maximum PowerSaving which should reduce a bit heat and therefore affects the FAN. The PowerSaver only generally can turn off after x minutes for all HDs (like Windows can also do in the Energy ControlPanel)

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Well, I think its must have. I dont know why but I remember switching back to Toshiba Bluetooth Stack right after i tried SP2 Bluetooth Stack!

Glad to hear that power saver bug is not my machine specific problem :)

Turning the fan off is a bit risky isnt it? And I dont have any second HD installed.

Bytheway, have you tried the cpadclock? Oh and i just finished modified wallpaper application, what it does is making the wallpaper of your cpad wallpaper.bmp file in its folder, turn the backlight on and exit, so after putting your wallpaper there only adding application to startup will do the trick. It also closes itself after creating image on cpad so it doesnt use any system resource i guess. Easy.


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have you tried the cpadclock?
Currently i use the older Synaptics driver, and when i start your cPadClock.exe nothing happens. I will defenetilty try out the tools again, when i updated the driver. I'm not sure if i want to have the cPad not fully functionally...

Note: What i read, is that the backlight of cPAd lasts only for about 1.000-3.000 hours or so, so be careful with leaving it on the whole time :)

//edit: It shows an error when i start cPadImage.exe:

"cannot aquire cPad display"

//edit2 corrected lifetime of cpad baklight from 10.000 to 1.000-3.000

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Yeah that was a hard question to ask but i dont really remember myself using cpad applications really. Calculator? Using windows calculator. Drawing? Just a toy, gets boring in time and just a showoff for me :P Converter? There are better stuff for it on pc. Clock? Thats what i really need :)

Anyway i have many ideas in mind, just that i wish i knew more about C++ ... Here is the list of what I would like to do;

A toolpad! İnstead of just showing clock, there will be info about battery life and percentage, current weather maybe, a small winamp playlist that you can scroll and stuff ... There are countless info that could be shown in cpad and that would be awesome!

I remember I saw a project which someone was directing his webcam to cpad :(

I really like the cpad idea but from the current applications, i can say its being wasted =(

Oh and for lighttime, i ll keep that in mind. :)

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You can add more shortcuts to any application like start WinAMP or open you mailapp or open your browser, Anything :P ANd it's the fastest way, too. Faster than moving the mouse to any icon or using the StartMEnu. At least for me :) Even the calendar *can* be useful, but isn't really :( , you can add an item and it will be shown as an additional DOT at this day.

A toolpad! İnstead of just showing clock, there will be info about battery life and percentage, current weather maybe, a small winamp playlist that you can scroll and stuff ... There are countless info that could be shown in cpad and that would be awesome!

Awesome :) ! take your time . I think *all* owners of 5200 series would aprreciate such a cPad tool. :(

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sn0wl :P , i just installed 7.12.7 and succesfully used cPadClock and cPadImage and i can only say, you're a genious :P :(

You promised to include more feature, did you :( ? i'm looking positively to the future. :)

I like the bulb icon :) which is like a light switch :P

I would have soooo many suggestions i think, what could be included to cPadClock, but i don't know where to begin. Thanks again for this most usefull tool.

My first 'wish' would be: Can an (animated?) background image be shown and the clock be a bit smaller at the bottom (top) right (left) edge. Or maybe kind of a menu where the User can select where the clock should be (and also a selectable seconds counter is important for me :thumbsup: ) and what (animated) image to be shown?

And can you pls. open a thread in the support section called "cPad enhancer" or something and i'll move it in the Utilities section, for future replies, thank you's and credits for you :)

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OK, added the topic as you said, and thanks :)

I see you changed the topic, name of the application was cPax so maybe you should rename it back to cPax? Anyway It doesn't really matter.

Erm, still no bluetooth stack info on this topic ?? :)

Lets see how will this cPax business go :P

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:) soory i thought it was a typo as c and x are side by side on the keyboard; jeah BlueTooth still need to add that....

//added BT :)

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Great info ®®®

. I have recently moved and for the life of me cannot find my XP Pro cd so I am just going to redo my 5200 with XP Home. Have you noticed any performance differences between the 2 OS on the Dynabooks? If so I will wait till I find my Pro cd.


Thank you.

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HOME has missing:

- wmic.exe (?), part of WBEM

- taskkill.exe

Folder Redirection

Group Policy settings

Local Policy settings

System Policy settings (Poledit.exe)

Roaming User Profiles

Offline Files and Folders

Software Installation and Maintenance

Remote Installation Services (RIS)

Encrypting File System (EFS)

Computer domain account support

Access Control List (ACL) Editor

Administrative shares (available only when joined to a domain)

Log on using dial-up connection option in Log On to Windows dialog box

Security-related Group Policy settings

connection limits and simplification. While Windows XP Professional allows up to 10 simultaneous file-sharing connections, Windows XP Home Edition allows up to five connections only.

Some advanced network components designed for corporate networks ? the user interface for the IPSec manual configuration, for example ? are not included in Windows XP Home Edition. Also, Client Service for NetWare is not included.

Automated System Recovery (ASR)

Dynamic disks are not supported

does not support EFS

allows only limited control over Access Control Lists (ACLS) to allow simple file sharing. Simplified file sharing in Windows XP allows for three states: Me Only, Local Users, and The World, either the user's network or the Internet, by using the Guest account.

Remote Desktop Service

Multiprocessor support

Multilanguage user interface

Start menu option to show administrative tools

Internet Information Services (IIS)

Windows XP HOME does not support Personal Web Server (PWS). IIS is included with Windows XP Professional to allow users to manage simple Web servers.

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Be sure to install Synaptics driver v7.12.7 and the run cPax, you'll love it. At least i do. :)

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Thanks for the tips. Would you by chance know of a utility in order to monitor CPU temperature for our Dynabooks or mobile processor?


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Yeah speedfan worked great.

I finally found my XP Pro cd, any other tips or suggestions performing a fresh install on my 5200 other than this post?

Apply SP2 right after the install? etc...


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right after the install
Right before! Integrate SP2 into your XP CD using the "KBxxxxxx-ENG.exe -integrate" command.

Then fresh install :)

Besides that i would recommend my tool MRBOSS, which should have integrated a selected and tested amount of settings which have impact on boottime and overall system performance, but unfortunately it's far away from beeing finished :) .

Here's a loose list (what is also planned to integrate there):

- Disable and delete Index Service Catalog (ciadv.msc)

- get rid of MSN Explorer and other unneeded extra software tools you don't need in the Software ControlPanel

- set NTFSDisableLastAccess to 1

- set EnablePrefetcher to 2 (only Boot files) and delete all files in the prefetch folder EXCEPT Lasyout.ini and NTOSBOOT

- run the "Layout.ini-determine-Bootfiles-process" with the ProcessIDleTAsks commmand

- use PerfectDisk (and made the proper settings) or if not available defrag c: -b

- hold your registry clean and small by using IMAGE software (i still and have always recommended PQ DriveImage 5 or 6) and play back your clean image once in a while with the small registry and the software you really use and need

- don't install crap and bloatware

- use ntregopt and crapcleaner

blabala etc etc. which gives like an unbelievable boost in boottime and overall reaction time

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right after the install
Right before! Integrate SP2 into your XP CD using the "KBxxxxxx-ENG.exe -integrate" command.

Then fresh install

Hmm I think thats beyond me. I have never heard of the type of command before, not sure how to accomplish that.


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An example if the SP2 file is put on c:\ and you created a folder named XXXXXXX

C:\WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENG.exe /integrate:C:\XXXXXXXX

WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENG=this is the complete 270 MB SP2 file, put it in C:\

C=drive letter (you can also use D or E)

XXXXXXXXX= from you created folder, where you copy the complete original XP CD

The whole command can be run from the RUN box in the StartMenu after that burn the result, but you need to make it bootable. There are also countless tools in the net like nLite who makes the whole easier.

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Guest davidh44
[*]Yamaha Sound Driver

v6.13.10.2152 released from TOSHiBA, WindowsUpdate & YAMAHA (all different i f i remember right)

v6.13.10.3152 TOSHiBA

v6.13.10.3154 TOSHIBA | download LINK

v6.13.10.3157 YAMAHA | Yamaha Download page for AC-XG Generic Drivers (YMF753, 743, 752), DS-XG Drivers (YMF724, YMF740, YMF744, YMF754) and OPL3-SAx Drivers (YMF701, 711, 715, 718, 719)


a bit difficult to explain:

- some have not all options in the YAMAHA control panel available

- also the driver versions are confusing

I have a different Toshiba model (14xx series), but still thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. :)

My Toshiba laptop also uses the Yamaha AC-XG codec.

215x versions have software synthesizer

315x versions are without software synthesizer

Toshiba AC-XG driver versions don't have treble/bass controls (under volume control -> advanced), and are missing some settings in the control panel config.

If you want the software synthesizer, version (WHQL certified) is a good one to use. If you search for this version # on Google, you should locate the file on a couple Japanese sites (driver package has English language files). I tried once, and it did not work for me.

If you don't want the software synthesizer, version (not WHQL certified) from the Yamaha page is a good choice.

Toshiba TouchPad On/Off Utility FN.F9

v2.03.00 (Original version that came with mine)

v??????? (dontknow what the most current version is)

The newest in the v2 series is v2.05.00. There is also a concurrent v1 series that is much larger in file size.
Intel PRO100/VE driver

v5.41.22 (Original XPSP2 driver)

updated driver HERE

The newest version is now 9.1 and can be obtained from intel.com website. Intel.com provided separate "base" and "proset" driver packages up until 8.4.

Toshiba Display Hotkey Utility FN.F5



v2.6.0.0-00 / link

- currently i don't have that installed as NV driver can do everything

- pingu2k: "Be carefull when you are going to update tiny tools like "Toshiba Display Hotkey Utility FN.F5". There are no enhancements in usage or stability. The mentioned tool won't change between the internal and CRT monitor, but it does to and from the TV screen. ...Strange... Stay with your original version unless you experience probs."

Like with the touchpad on/off utility, there are concurrent and different series of this utility. So as long as you stick with the same series, you'll be fine. The latest v2 is

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:P Will add that later. I need to make a sidenote concerning the INTEL drivers. The version number i posted is the actual driver file version number (INF and SYS & DLL ) which is currently the highest one v8.0.15 which is INTEL internal version numbering scheme of v9.2 released last week or so, but the driver files (only) are from October 2004.

; e100b325.INF
; $Revision: 4 $
; Intel 8255x-based PCI Ethernet Adapters
; PnP install script for Windows XP
;   Version 8.0.15

Signature       = "$Windows NT$"
Class           = Net
ClassGUID       = {4d36e972-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}
Provider        = %V_INTEL%
CatalogFile     = e100b325.cat
DriverVer       = 10/14/2004,

This naming scheme is confusing for me i have to admit.

215x versions have software synthesizer

315x versions are without software synthesizer

:) now it comes to my mind again, that why there was this 2MB .TBL file included in the 21.xx releases. It's a wavetable file :)
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Guest davidh44
I need to make a sidenote concerning the INTEL drivers. The version number i posted is the actual driver file version number (INF and SYS & DLL ) which is currently the highest one v8.0.15 which is INTEL internal version numbering scheme of v9.2 released last week or so, but the driver files (only) are from October 2004.

You're right. Thanks for the correction. I now remember the actual Intel driver version being different than the version they put on the driver package. And it was actually 9.0 (not the 8.4 I mentioned before) that was the last version in which they also provided a "base" driver package without the ProSET utility.

Intel Application Accellaerator IAA

v2.2.2 is the last version from Intel which supports mobile Chipsets, no other version will work.

- when installed on my Laptop the Hibernation shutdown time will take forever: compared to the MS driver (5sec vs. 30 seconds), so i appreciate any reports if the same happens to you or if it's just fate

- on the other hand you will get an interesting feature (if your HDs support it): PowerSaving Feature of HD through IAA, means the IAA can shut off/standby your HDs when there was no access to it for a specific amount of time. Works pretty well.

- rumors (mostly copy&pasted) that boot-time is faster, i cannot confirm.

- currently i don't have that installed

According to the changelog, Intel made multiple enhancements in IAA for mobile chipsets after 2.2.2. But then they decided to take out mobile chipset support when they released 2.3 (the next publically available version).

With some INF hacking however, you can get later versions of IAA to work with mobile chipsets (much like with the nVidia drivers). But I found little benefit of using IAA, and haven't used it in a while.

The laptop hibernation shutdown time also jumped up significantly for me after installing IAA (both 2.2.2 and 2.3). I remember timing it at ~30 seconds as well with IAA installed.

IAA lets you control the APM (advanced power management) mode of your laptop hard drive directly from Windows, which is convenient. Other tools, such as the Hitachi Feature Tool (DOS bootup) and Hitachi Power Booster (Windows) let you do the same thing. The latter is actually pretty cool - it allows fine-tune adjustment with a sliding scale, and will also place your drive in different user-defined APM modes depending on whether your laptop is on battery or AC power. This isn't possible with IAA. I replaced the slow Toshiba 4200rpm HD that came with my Toshiba laptop before I found the Hitachi Power Booster, but the Hitachi Feature Tool definitely worked fine with it (along with drives from other manufacturers). This is because settings like AAM and APM are standardized.

Toshiba Power Saver Utility




v7.03.04 <- use this one / Download link

- the new 7.xx version has a much nicer GUI.

I agree that 7.xx has a much nicer GUI. I started with v5, which didn't have as many options and was utilitarian-looking in comparison. The newest is v7.03.05

Periodically, I'll go to Toshiba's download page and click on "All Downloads." It will then list all the latest downloads from the most recent date. Which makes it easy to browse through and spot updated software. I don't bother searching by laptop model, because Toshiba doesn't seem to update model-specific pages after they've moved onto a newer laptop series. With the exception of Toshiba Controls and the TBIOS driver (v2.5USB1), I've upgraded to the latest version of all the other Toshiba utilities I use without ill effect.

I didn't think i'd ever care for manufacturer-produced utilities, and figured I'd be uninstalling them all upon receiving the laptop. But I really like some of the utilities that Toshiba makes. Compaq and Dell don't make software utilities anywhere near as useful.

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I totally agree with all your statements here. Same opinion on every aspects. Btw i made a thread somewhere in the FAQ concerning those HD tools some months ago :)

So when i have some more time for fiddeling around with the huge first post, i will add all those opinion here as they totally are what i thinking :)

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Toshiba TBIOS Driver  v2.5  v2.6b  v2.6USB2 /link  - anybody knows for what it actually does?  - Currently i don't have that installed  - The Setup installs 1(!) file to system32\drivers: Tbiosdrv.sys , but i haven't found out in the 2 years for what it is used

From Toshiba Site;

TBIOS provides an interface for DMI-enabled applications (like Toshiba Management Console and LANDesk Client Manager) to read data from the system DMI strings.

A Toshiba Utility called Toshiba Software Upgrades needs this TBIOS drivers to read info from system. When I use the tool, it says nothing to update on my Satellite 5200. I don't know if thats the fact or it doesn't work the way it's supposed to cause it's not intented for my system.

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Didnt have time to read the whole thread and maybe this has been answered but is the latest Toshiba Power Saver Utility v7.03.04 compatible with the 5200 series?

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