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TOSHiBA Satellite 5000, 5100, 5105, 5200, 5205, 1950; DYNABOOK G7 & G8


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  • To be added: Hardware Max-out hints: CPU, MEM, DVD, WLAN, HD Upgrade
  • To be added: complete the list of known models for ASIA
  • 2007-08-30: added Hardware Section and Memory Hint, CPU upgrade, Repair Site Link
  • 2007-07-08: added new info about TOSHiBA's FN+F5 (Quick TV-Out) tool
  • 2006-11-14: added quick info for Toshiba Satellite 1950 (how could i forget this model :P it was in my buying decision list at that time)
  • 2006-11-11: added System Board Layout diagramms
  • 2006-10-18: added 5105-s701/702
  • 2006-08-15:
    - added info and download for another great TOSHiBA Laptop Utility: Toshiba SmoothView (thanks again to gmaust)
    - corrected a few typos
  • 2006-08-14: added more info about TBIOSDRV.sys / TBIOSDRV.VXD
  • 2006-07-20: added some Chinese links.
  • 2006-07-12: added known models for Australia (kudos to Aussi gmaust)
  • 2006-06-30:
    - linked Bluetooth driver to its own thread.
    - added Canadian models to the list (thanks to mwp )
  • 2006-06-21: added recommendation summary to nVidia drivers.
  • 2006-06-08: added fileversion info due to new released ACPI Common Modules v6.05.01
  • 2006-05-23: corrected info about Volume.dll, TDispVol.exe / TDispVol.dll, edited ForceWare suggestion
  • 2006-05-21: added TOSHiBA ACPI Common Modules and TOSHiBA Controls explanation (finally) and added Forceware suggestion
  • 2006-05-20: added TOS620x cleartext description just for the records; updated/added link to latest TBIOS v2.6USB2 and added link to latest SD Card Host Controler driver.
  • 2006-05-19: Added more reviews.
  • 2006-05-19: Vista compatibility and driver update guide (to be added later)
  • 2006-05-19: Integrated list of known models.
  • 2006-05-18: Remake of this thread thanks to sn0wl's efforts.
  • 2006-02-16: Updated Bluetooth Stack, Bluetooth Monitor and ConfigFree information, fixed oversized titles.
  • 2005-09-09: Updated THIS post for USB Standby wakeup issues @ 5205-S705.
  • 2005-07-19: Updated Bluetooth Stack information, updated cPax (v1.5) links.
  • 2005-07-15: Added hint how to get Standby-Modus to work when Toshiba Mobile Extension is installed.


A fresh install of Windows XP with (a slipstreamed) Service Pack 2 results in a nearly complete recognition of all devices of your Toshiba Satellite 5x0x laptop. The only devices which need to be installed manually (as Windows has no drivers for these) are your NVIDIA mobile Graphic card (Go440, Go460 or FX Go5600), the integrated Modem Card, WLAN/Bluetooth (at certain models) and 3 unknown devices (TOS6200, TOS6201 and TOS6202).

To unleash the full potential it is recommended to update the XP default drivers to more up-to-date versions.

The following will give you complete information concerning the different TOSHiBA software versions, their usefullness and any driver updates you can apply. Over the past months this thread developed truly to a full-blown resource for the TOSHiBA 5x0x series:


  • 1950-S??? P4-M xxx0 MHz, 60GB, 512MB RAM, ?x USB1.1, 1280x1024 SXGA, GeForce4 460 Go 64MB, MiniPCI 802.11a/b
  • 5005-S504 (GeForce2 Go)
  • 5105-S701 (XP HOME), 5105-S702 (XP PRO): P4-M xxx0 MHz, x0GB, 512MB RAM, c-Pad, USBx.x
  • 5205-S503 (XP HOME), 5205-S504 (XP PRO): P4-M xxx0 MHz, x0GB, 512MB RAM, c-Pad, USB1.1
  • 5205-S505 (XP HOME), 5205-S506 (XP PRO): P4-M 2200 MHz, 60GB, 512MB RAM, c-Pad, USBx.x, GeForce4 460 Go 32MB
  • 5205-S703 (XP HOME), 5205-S704 (XP PRO): P4-M 2000 MHz, 60GB, 512MB RAM, c-Pad, 3x USB2.0, 1600x1200 UXGA (Original LCD), GeForce4 460 Go 64MB, MiniPCI 802.11a/b
  • 5205-S705 (XP MCE): P4-M xxx0 MHz, x0GB, 512MB, c-Pad, USB2.0, 1600x1200 UXGA (Original LCD), GeForce FX Go 5600 64MB
  • 5205-S5151
  • 5205-SP505
  • 5205-S119


  • 5000-104, 5000-204
  • 5005
  • 5100-201, 5100-501
  • 5100-503, 5100-603
  • 5100-803, 5100-903
  • 5200-701, 5200-702
  • 5200-801, 5200-802, 5200-S802(?)
  • 5200-901, 5200-902, 5200-903, 5200-904


  • 5200-P0E (PS520C-31P0EP): P4-M 2000 MHz, 40GB, 512MB, c-Pad, USBx.x, 1600x1200 UXGA (Original LCD), GeForce4 460 Go 64MB, Specifications
  • 5200-00E (PS522C-XK00EP): P4-M 2200 MHz, 60GB, 512MB, c-Pad, USBx.x, 1600x1200 UXGA (Glossy LCD), GeForce FX Go 5600 64MB, Integrated 802.11a/b, Specifications




You might call it the "nofficial TOSHiBA 5x0x Support Thread", I just call it "Driver/Software/Utility Recommendations".

Drivers, Utilities and Software

This recommendation thread contains 5 sections:

1- Basics: Essential things needed to get your laptop working and installing all unknown devices. These are the core drivers/utilities and installation is highly recommended.

2- Full: Functionality utilities like Power Saver, and drivers for Touchpad, Sound Card and so on.

3- Enhanced: Include all the candy applications for full enjoyment and functionality of your laptop! They are varied from sound output enhancers to remote control buttons customisers.

4- Extra: Some other minor utilities which are sometimes not needed.

5- Software Troubleshooting: Solutions to some common problems.

6- Hardware (Upgrade Information, Troubleshooting): Upgrades, Service manuals and System Board Layout.

1- Basics

Essential software needed to get your laptop run properly and hints for installing all unknown devices. Install/Update in the given order.

1. BIOS Update

  • First of all, most important thing is to get the latest BIOS for your laptop.
    Latest BIOS update v1.50:
Latest BIOS update for European 5200 models: here.
Be VERY strict to your model since you may run in troubles if you flash your BIOS with a wrong version.

2. Optical Disk Drive Firmware Update

  • Check
this topic for any firmware update for your HD-Optical Disk Drive.

3. Windows Update

  • Check
Beware of Microsoft's WGA - kicking your privacy by sending/checking amongst other things
- HD's serial number :(
- BIOS checksum and information (make, version, date) :)
- PC manufacturer :(

4. NVIDIA driver

As soon as the GPU driver is installed it is possible to enable Hibernation in the Windows Energy Managment Control Panel plus Standby.

  • Go440, Go460
    Make sure you have changed the value MAPOSD3toNV to 2 in our modded INF for this driver in order to assure proper Standby wakeup of the LCD. Very old drivers (50s series) use the value 3 instead of 2.
    v72.14 definitely works with our model after a fresh install of Windows and also features correct working PowerMizer technology.
    I have tried 87.08, 87.25, 84.43, 84.26, 83.20, 79.31 and 78.92 each with restoring my OS IMAGE (i think the only way to assure proper testing) and they all BSOD.
    The weird thing is that after installing v77.77 (which works) and then updating to 78.92 without uninstalling v77.77 they don't BSOD. Go figure...
    Other drivers I have tested and which install without BSOD:
    78.82, 78.70, 78.59, 77.77, 71.44, 71.20
    Anyways I recommend using v72.14.
  • FX Go5600 sn0wl
    The default value for MAPOSD3toNV is 3 in Pieter's mobile INF, so no editing is needed here (in opposite to Go4x0). All drivers work without crash and need for standby fix. Only fix needed is the overlay fix for anything above v73.40.
    v85.25 is pretty stable (other newer ones might cause problems), not the fastest but has good compatibility. For example I was having black textures in Battle for Middle Earth 2 with 70 series, but it is gone in 80s.
  • Here are Larry's wise words concerning choosing a proper driver for your needs:
    "Older drivers definitely are faster. In fact, I think the 48 series has never been topped for sheer speed. 67.66 is still the fastest DX9c driver. Unfortunately, those drivers don't support some modern games, so we try for the best combination of speed and support we can find.
    Unfortunately, things become significantly worse with the newer drivers. 72.14 is the higest driver that supports PowerMizer. And drivers higher than that are much slower, with the 80 series being the worst. The advantage of 71.44 is that it's a relatively new driver (January) that supports PowerMizer and new games too. In fact I'm using it for Oblivion, which is about as tough as you can get at the moment. 67.66 ran Oblivion faster, but with too many graphic artifacts."
  • Recommended driver for Go440 and Go460 is 72.14.
    Recommended driver for FX Go5600 is 84.25 with Overlay Fix.

5. Toshiba ACPI Common Modules v6.05.01

  • This software is a foundation for the other Toshiba-provided utilities and power management software, and must be installed prior to installing other Toshiba software. Some Toshiba applications may refer to this as TVALD (for Toshiba Value-Added Logic Device). It is also for the 3 unknown devices in the device manager.
    Recently i found out that all v5.xx or v6.xx versions can be installed. So kind of generic tools for all laptops from the same era (2001 till 2004/5). As long as you don't use the new v1.xx.xx series (released for most of the recent Laptops) you will not run into problems.
    The latest version as of 2006-06-08 is
v6.05.01 released by TOSHiBA on 2006-06-01.
These files are installed to C:\Windows\system32 and are identical version as in TS ACPI CM v5.xx releases:
- TDevDsp.dll no version 26-DEC-2000
- Thci.dll v1.00.1 / 13-OCT-1999
- Tsci.dll v1.00.1 / 13-OCT-1999
- 000StTHK.exe 23-JUN-2001
000StTHK.exe breaks my head. It is present in HKLM\Windows\Run but can never be seen in TaskManager. No bad effects until now after deleting it. FN keys works, Touchpad without Synaptics driver works too. I think this file is outdated and 00THotKey.exe is the successor, but i could be wrong.
TS ACPI CM v6.05.00 installs drivers for these devices:
- TOS6200 = VALD.sys v2.02.0 / 01-JUN-2004
- TOS6201 = VALX.sys v2.00.0 / 17-AUG-2001
- TOS6202 = VALG.sys v2.00.8 / 15-JUN-2004
These files also get updated with the new release of :
- TWarnMsg.exe: It shows the Warning Message Windows after pressing FN & F3 (Standby) or FN & F4 (Hibernation). If you are annoyed with that message, execute ThotUtil.exe and disable the message beeing shown.
- ThotUtil.exe: in C:\%Program Files%\Toshiba\Windows Utilities.
- 00THotKey.exe: It enables the brightness control with FN & F6 / FN & F7 (probably in combination with TDevDsp.dll)
- Volume.dll: Enables FN+ESC OSD Icon for Volume Mute/UnMute.
After installation and reboot you can already enjoy a few features like for example 'Instant Security':
- FN+ESC -> Volume Mute/UnMute (doesn't work until you have installed TOSHiBA Controls, which is the next step)? needs tested again?
- FN+F1 -> Lock/Unlock Laptop with Screensaver (InsSec.scr v1.00.4, InsSecRC.scr v1.00.3 both 18-DEC-2003)
- FN+F3 -> Immediate Standby
- FN+F4 -> Immediate Hibernation
- FN+F6 -> Decrease brightness of LCD (00THotKey.exe)
- FN+F7 -> Increase brightness of LCD (00THotKey.exe)
TACM v6.05.00
TWarnMsg.exe v1.13.0 / 17-NOV-2004
ThotUtil.exe v1.0.10 / 09-MAR-2006
00THotKey.exe v1.2.0.0 / 10-MAR-2006
Volume.dll v1.0.0.7 / 10-MAR-2006
TACM v6.05.01
Volume.dll v1.0.0.8 / 21-APR-2006
00THotKey.exe v1.2.0.1 / 24-APR-2006

6. Toshiba Controls (SubLCD, Remote Control and special buttons settings)

  • DON'T UPDATE your original version or you may run into problems! (for example Remote Control setting is missing, no SubLCD settings page, FN key and Special Keys Buttons don't work etc.)
    After installation, reboot and then first get rid of the TCMTray entry (Toshiba Check Mail application, which by the way i never have found a download for :) ) in HKLM\SW\MS\Windows\Run
    If you have this installed (do a file search for TCM*.*) then obviously don't delete.
    The TDispVol.exe and TDispVol.dll combination from TS ACPI Common Controls v4.xx and v5.xx gets automatically deleted (uninstall) from TS ACPI CM v6.05.00 apparantly only if you do an upgrade install of your TS ACPI Common Modules. As these both files are responsible for displaying the OSD Volume Increase/Decrease Icon on your Laptop's LCD when using the Remote Control make sure you have saved them before and just copy both to system32.
    FncKy /TypeX path correction

7. Toshiba Utilities (Hardware Setup Control Panel, FN-ESSE, Passwort Tool, TACSPROP.exe for FN sticky aka Numeric Pad feature)

  • DON'T UPDATE your original version or you may run into problems! (missing FNESSE, missing Hardware Setup Control Panel and wrong Hardware settings resulting in not working applications etc.)

Toshiba Software Modem

  • There is nothing special with this, just install drivers that comes with your drivers cd.



  • This is the driver for Fast Infrared. You can get the latest driver from
this thread.

Toshiba Agere WLAN card (optional)

  • If you have an Agere wireless network card you can get updated driver, firmware and Client Manager
There is a Standby issue in XP and XPSP1, but also on a clean install of XPSP2. To fix it (registry fix), go here.

Toshiba Atheros WLAN card (optional)

  • If you have an Atheros wireless network card you can get updated driver and client

If you have any other wireless card, you can check our WLAN Drivers section to get them here.

Toshiba Internal Bluetooth (optional)

bt.gifIf you have an internal Bluetooth adapter, you have 2 choices to make on their installation.

1- Install only the driver and use Windows XP SP2 Bluetooth Stack.

  • Toshiba Bluetooth Monitor for Microsoft BT Stack
    Version: 2.12.00
    Size: 1,644,168 bytes
    Posted: 01/12/06

2- Install both driver and Toshiba Bluetooth Stack (recommended).

  • Toshiba Bluetooth Stack for Windows XP/2000
here for updated version of Toshiba Bluetooth Stack.

SD Card Driver


  • The latest version released by Toshiba is
v1.1.2 (11-MAR-2005)

After installing those you will get your laptop working with all unknown drivers installed. If this is not enough for you, read on.

2- Full

Functionality utilities like Power Saver, drivers for Touchpad, Sound Card and so on.

Toshiba Power Saver v7.05.04.0021

  • Without this software you need to manually set (using FN+F7) the LCD brightness from 75% to 100% after each reboot. As you don't want to loose a tiny bit of quality of your Laptop, this software is a must. Also it features a clearly designed (as all Toshiba tools) GUI.
    The new 7.xx version has an even much nicer GUI (in comparisons to v6.xx.xx originally intended for our models).
    There's a tiny bug affecting the brightness when battery mode was active and then switching back to AC: brightness does not reach the 100% level automatically, but you need to manually set it to 100% even though you have set it in the profile to do so.
    If anybody has a tuned PowerSaving profile to share, please post them so everybody can import them. I had one for MP3 playback for example in a car or when sitting in a park, play time was ~3 hours before battery was empty.
    You could tweak even more battery live, if you turn off devices in DeviceManager or turn on PowerSaving feature on certain devices (SoundCard YAMAHA ControlPanel, Intel Network card etc.). Just have a look in the Device Manager and you will see...
    Download Toshiba Power Saver v7.05.04.0021
here (~7mb).
This is the file and version list:
All files get installed to %WINDIR%\system32.

Intel PRO100/VE Ethernet Card


  • You can update your current driver to latest

Synaptics Touchpad (unless you have cPad)

  • You can update your current driver to latest

Synaptics cPad (optional)


  • If you have a Synaptics cPad, that's a touchpad used in some Toshiba laptops with a monochrome lcd screen, you will notice that installing generic drivers will disable your cPad functionalities. You can update your current driver to latest

Yamaha AC97 Sound Card


  • You can update your current driver to latest

After installing those you will get all functionalities of your laptop. If this is still not enough for you, read on for pushing your laptop to extreme with very useful utilities!

3- Enhanced

Include all the candy applications for full enjoyment and functionality of your laptop! They are varied from sound output enhancers to remote control buttons customisers.

Toshiba Virtual Sound

  • TVS is an audio filter using SRS WOW XT and SRS TruSurround XT functions provided by SRS Labs. Top of the notch technology & truly great sound output enhancement usable with every Toshiba Laptop and every MediaPlayer! You can get the latest version



  • Developed by Gennady, Remotex is SubLCD buttons & Remote Control enhancement tool. With it you can use Winamp, LightAlloy, iTunes and give keyboard button assignments to your front panel SubLCD buttons and your remote controller. You can get the latest version


  • Developed by Kadir, a cPad application replacement tool which you can turn backlight on/off, have a clock/date/alarm, background animated image, control Winamp and see playing title, use application shortcuts, see battery percentage on your cPad. You can get the latest version

Toshiba ConfigFree Utility

  • Nice piece of software with fancy interface and usefull functions like changing IP, Printer, Shares etc. on-the-fly with the help of profiles you need to setup, but bloat-ware. Usefull maybe for beginners.
    You can get 100kb application which can do almost the same, also it installs some weird Network packet driver besides your TCP/IP stack.
    Download Toshiba ConfigFree v5.90.05
here (~15mb).

Toshiba Assist (Toshiba Console)


  • Shows you shortcut icons to Toshiba System software installed for your Laptop or any other Software when you mod it. Model independant, means you can always install the most up2date version. A more recent version of Toshiba Assist/Console has more applications listed, also more icons in a row. All your Laptop-important-software can be listed as icons (needs modding). You can merge a .REG file to have all known Toshiba system applications (if they are installed) listed in Toshiba Assist window. Beware: there are sometimes path errors in the TS versions, which results that not all your application icons are shown.
here for updating, more information about modding and replacing Toshiba Console with Toshiba Assist.

4- Extra

Other minor utilities which most times are not necessarily needed, but might be useful.

TOSHiBA Smooth View FN+1/2

  • It's an Zooming Utility consisting of only one .EXE (though needs to be properly installed using the provided Setup else it doesn't work) which then resides in the memory (~2 to 4MB). Features seamless zooming of fonts, images, documents, webpages etc. by pressing FN+1. The look is *sometimes* not all that perfect (some web pages will be messy) but it is much more convenient than using the 'ignore font sizes' option in accessibility - simply use Fn + 1 or 2 to increase or decrease size.
    Very usefull for those with 1600 x 1200 screens :P
    You can get the most recent version

Toshiba Display Hotkey Utility FN+F5 (quick TV-Out)

  • Currently I don't have that installed as nVidia driver is handling everything.
    UPDATE 2007-07-08:
Many of us seem to have problems getting the FN+F5 (TFnf5.exe ; Toshiba Hotkey Utility for Display Devices) to work on a fresh WinXP Pro installation. The file provided on Toshiba Canada's support pages doesn't work.
I've installed successfully the Autralian exec for Satellite 5200-(PS520A), S5200DspHKeyXP.EXE and everything works perfectly.
Get the australian version of this tool HERE.
Thanks to djmandarin for this information.
pingu2k: "Be carefull when you are going to update tiny tools like "Toshiba Display Hotkey Utility FN.F5". There are no enhancements in usage or stability. The mentioned tool won't change between the internal and CRT monitor, but it does to and from the TV screen. ...Strange... Stay with your original version unless you experience probs."

Toshiba Wireless Hotkey Utility FN+F8

  • Currently I don't have that installed as XPSP2 handles all WiFi related stuff.

Toshiba TouchPad On/Off Utility FN+F9

  • Don't need that -> dont' have it installed. On the other side, people who are not used to the cPad location easily 'touch it' accidentically and get frustated if the cursor moves. In that case install this tool and turn the Touchpad temporarily off.

Buzzard's Toshiba Fan Tool

  • You need to pay a very small amount of money for continuous usage. You can get it


  • It cannot handle perfectly the FAN, but has other correct working & usefull features like CPU, Mainboard, HD, ACPI temperature, S.M.A.R.T. readout etc. You can get it

Yamaha S-YXG50 Mini Player

  • Download
here (~7 MB).

Toshiba Media Player

  • Default Player in the TOSHiBA ButtonsControl Application. If you install YAMAHA Sound Driver v6.13.10.2152 then you get a special BASS adjustment function visible in the player. Also this Player has the special ability to send the MP3 title name to the SubLCD, I wonder if that could be used in other applications
    can be replaced with any MediaPlayer if you use RemoteX. I remember the Toshiba "skin" was kind of fancy.

Toshiba Mobile Extension (TME)

  • Always the most up2date version is supported. Currently I don't have it installed, because I found no issue or problem how XP handles the second HD in the StyleBay, also the native XP icon in the tray (Remove Removable Hardware) is convenient enough for me. I figured that with my second HD present in the StyleBay, the TME application somehow blocks Standby function as it don't let HD go into Standby. I have to kill the task and then everything is fine again.
    UPDATE 2005-07-15 @ Guternet.de: someone posted a hint, what setting in TME is responsible for that behaviour: you need to disable "Support for Warm Docking / Undocking" in the TME ControlPanel in order to get functional Standby again.
    You can get v3.71XPSP2

Toshiba TBIOS Driver

  • Currently i don't have that installed. TBIOS provides an interface for DMI-enabled applications (like Toshiba Management Console and LANDesk Client Manager) to read data from the system DMI strings. The functionality is dependent on the appropriate driver, either TBIOSDRV.VXD (Win 9x) or TBIOSDRV.SYS (Win 2K/XP), depending on operating system, being correctly installed on the client system. These drivers are automatically included with all current Toshiba pre-installs, for all desktop and notebook computers.
    A TOSHiBA Utility called TOSHiBA Software Upgrades needs the TBIOS driver.
    The latest version is v2.6 USB2 released 2003-11-21 and it can be downloaded

Toshiba Management Console

  • Currently I don't have that installed. Installs some .OCX files to system32 and reads out WMI information (Hardware internals), not very usefull. An alternative would be AIDA/Everest or CrystalDMI for even more information. You would get another icon in your Toshiba Console, if you install it.

Toshiba PC Diagnostic Tool

  • You get 1 icon in your Toshiba Console.
    Download v3.1.1
here (~3,8MB).

Symbol Commander


  • I added the download link for this software and the information link to Sensiva.com. My girlfriend loved that one: draw a definable schematic symbol with your mouse on the screen and the application you specified for that symbol starts. Originally intended for PDA's, but also works for us.
    Here's a
link for more information and screenshots.
Download v3.15T(oshiba) here (~1,5MB).

Toshiba Touch & Launch

  • The Toshiba Touch & Launch Utility extends the built-in touchpad functionality to provide application launching features. Download it from

Toshiba Speech System

  • The TOSHIBA Speech System is a voice-composition software that analyzes document text and then vocalizes that text with an easily understood electronic voice and speech-recognition software that recognizes speech input from a microphone allowing you to control various Windows software application programs using voice enabled program commands. Download it from

Toshiba Mic Effect

  • Toshiba Mic Effect is designed to reduce echo when using the internal microphone. Download it from

Synaptics SynSketch

  • This application allows you to draw or write using the Synaptics TouchPad. Download it from

Synaptics Fun Utilities

  • For small funny utilities for your Synaptics Touchpad, head over

5- Troubleshooting (Software)

Solutions to some common problems.

TOSHiBA DMI Updater (For "Wrong Machine" error)

  • This utility must be used whenever the system board is replaced on any of the applicable models listed below and should be used instead of the DMI Write tool that is contained in the Toshiba Test and Diagnostics for the specific model. It will eliminate the "Wrong machine" messages when you try to restore the factory software image from the Config Builder CD or PIRAD CD/DVD. This tool will restore the "Manufacturer" and "Model" DMI values (strings) on supported platforms. Restoring these DMI strings will eliminate the "Wrong machine" error when you try to restore your factory software from the restore CDs/DVD. Get utility and more info

GeForce 4 BSOD Issue

  • Some users report using 80 series drivers for GF4 cards crashes their computer. There is no known solution for this, only workaround we know of is to use 70 series drivers. 71.89 and 77.77 are recommended.

Overlay Video Fix

  • If you are having troubles with video after 71.89 drivers, read on. Normally you should be getting video with VMR (no overlay) and without VMR (overlay). However in some computers VMR does not work the way it should be. There are graphical problems like diagonal lines and choppy/poor video quality. If you disable VMR in nVidia control panel this time you see blank black screen. This fix 'should' enable overlay layer again. Users reported this also fixes overlay creation problems with WinDVD and Avid programs. Click
here for the fix.

Standby Fix with new drivers

  • Set MAPOSD3toNV to either 2 or 3 (depends on the age of the driver). Old drivers go with 2, new drivers with 3.

Synaptics Touchpad Scrolling Fix

  • If you have Synaptics drivers and suddenly scrolling stops working with your favourite browsers (mostly after updating drivers), read

6- Hardware (Upgrade Information, Troubleshooting)

System Board Layout, Upgrade Information, Manuals...

1. User Manual, and Service Manual

  • Click here for Toshiba Satellite 5200 user manual (~13mb).
  • This page contains some laptop service manuals which describe maintenance stuff about the computer. Might come in handy if you want to see what's inside your Laptop.

2. System Board Layout

  • systemunitconfig.gif
  • systemunitdiagram.gif

3. GPU Problem and Repair Solution

  • As you can read and predict from the picture shown HERE there's a Video hardware problem showing up after an estimated use of 3 to 4 years, which can be repaired using Robert's soldering skills over at FixMyToshibaLaptop.com.

4. CPU Upgrade

  • Maximum is Pentium 4-M (Northwood Core), the real and last Mobile Pentium 4, clocked 2600 GHz. These are ridiculous expensive (say $400), your best bet is the P4-M 2500 MHz (sSPEC SL6WY), which you can Ebay for not higher than $60 to $120 (everything above is a rip-off). I got one with D1 Stepping.

5. Memory Upgrade

  • 2 x 512 MB HYNIX PC2700S. I need to write down the serial number for you guys... Excellent timings as they clock down to PC2100 and use faster timings here. Doublechecked currently used RAM and Mainboard Timings with CPUID and EVEREST...
  • Noticed today by accident that the 5205 doesn't power up if 1x256MB and 1x128Mb is installed.
  • Haven't tried a 1GB module yet as i don't have one available.


Hope this helped a bit when determining what drivers versions are available and -even more important- compatible with our Laptop and which of the Toshiba Modules/Software versions are definitely needed or causes problems when updating.

Here are sites that have reviews & news for Toshiba Satellite 5X0X:

* http://www.notebook-laptop-review.com/tosh...top-review.html

* http://www.mobilityguru.com/2003/07/23/dir...o_go/index.html

* http://www.hardwarezone.com/articles/view....d=14&id=789

* http://reviews-zdnet.com.com/Toshiba_Satel...-2.html?tag=sub

* http://www.hotspot.ee/toshiba_s5200/index.php

* http://it.21cn.com/hardware/pcjs/other/2003-01-23/919111.htm

* http://tech.tom.com/Archive/1624/1743/2002/12/20-39493.html

* http://pc.toshiba.com.cn/product/product_introduce.jsp

* Ein hervorragendes und DAS informativste deutsche Toshiba (5200 series) Notebook Forum: Guternet.de . Ein nahezu unerschoepflicher Fundus von allem, was mit der 5200er Serie zu tun hat :) )

If you find other useful information or any other details about this series, i can only encourage you to post them in here. We have a great and more important also knowledgeable community here and we appreciate anykind of user experience and reports.


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Posted Images

cPad application

v2.0.0 RC1 Original cPad application for 5205-S703

v2.1.03 fixed some bugs | Download it HERE

- :P cPad: i love it, but haven't found any more background picture for it, except the "animated" NATHALIE PORTMAN :)

- i always was too lazy to make a customized animation for me :(

- The cPad application update from 2.000 to v2.1.0.3 includes more features like a cPad demo animation, Dynabook animations, the *beep* actually works again, and some other stuff i forgot.

- Bug Fixes for v2.1.0.3

- The Stickynote's wallpaper is wrong after deleting the note.

- Calender display incorrected on 1/31/2001 and 12/31/2012, fixed the month offset in boundary conditions.

-Added application version number information to the cPad Properties dialog window's title.

- Fixed cursor frozen problem while switching login users with a unit translation dialog running.

- Fixed AM/PM in the clock and days of the week in Japanese and other cPad supported languages.

- Extended Calendar viewer width in touchpad display window.

- Fixed the display problem for double-byte language in the 2nd clock caption.

If you have any more customized pictures for cPad pls. let us know and we will make them public. Here's my contribution and by the way the only one i could find in the internet so far:

Eric sent this interesting bit of info.

Hey, I am long time fan of Natalie Portman and the site!! I thought i would share something different with you all. The new Toshiba laptops have a new pointing device called a C-Pad from Synaptics, well you should just take a look at what all you can do with these babies. The mouse pad will display any image as a background as long as its black and white and 240x160, although 260x140 seems to work too. I have included shots of my laptop with the pad showing several Natalie pics that you should recognize, I also included those resized and edited photos for you to put on the site for anyone that has a new laptop with a C-pad.

Just place the files in

c:\program files\Synaptics\Syntp\cpad\wallpaper

This info is taken from :)

- i attached the 3 pics in a .ZIP file (56Kb)





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One question pops up: Why don't you advise people to modify the value in regedit instead?
Some people never heard of regedit or don't know where, why and how to change values in the Registry, so our opinion is to advise them to search a line in a *concrete FILE* that is manageable than in the registry.
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HERE i found some more cPad pics, so i added them to the ZIP file, also i updated the installer, so now NataliePortman and all other pictures get copied automatically in 2 seconds :)

Here's a screenshot of the new pictures.



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Guest pingu2k
[*]Toshiba Toshiba ConfigFree Utility


- nice piece of software with fancy interface and usefull functions like IP-changing on-the-fly with the help of profiles you need to setup,

but bloat-ware.

- You can get 100kb application which can do almost the same, also it installs some weird Network packet driver besides your TCP/IP stack. Usefull maybe for beginners.

- you get 2 or 3 icons in your Toshiba Console

I do not agree with your statement according to ConfigFree.

Yes, its a nice piece of software an it looks a funny (or whatever you mean with fancy). Also there are other applications which do the same, thats right. A friend of mine worte a little cmd-like program to change his ip-adresses. Something like that may be enough, but if you have to change more than the IP this program is a good choice.

In the new Version v4.90.57 you can save the status of the default printer and Windows filesharing including the Windows XP SP2 Firewall. Beside that you'll get a nice (I guess what you'll say - overkilled) view of your WLAN neighbourhood in form of a radar.

In my opinion this tool is great! I haven't had any problems or failures, its well functioning.

By the way, whats that weird network paket driver?

Be carfull when you are going to update tiny tools like "Toshiba Display Hotkey Utility FN.F5". There are no enhancements in usage or stability. The mentioned tool won't change between the internal and CRT monitor, but it does to and from the TV screen. ...Strange... Stay with your original version unless you experience probs.

®®®, you forgot the Bios update for these Series. I don't want to link directly, because there may exist a different version for every Toshiba laptop.

(//edit 04-APR-2005: i just added a link in the first post to the new BIOS for 5205-xxxx in our our mobile BIOS release section)

Maybe you have updated your (wifi-ready) laptop or replaced the existing card with the Intel wireless mini pci card 2200BG, then you should use the following software:

Intel ProSet for Wireless

v8 (newest I think; link lost)

It can handle all WiFi stuff of this card very well. Better than windows I think.

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updated my original post with the version number you provided. Thanks for the information and more detailed description what the feature of ConfigFree are :) .

Actually the features you listed ("save the status of the default printer and Windows filesharing including the Windows XP SP2 Firewall") ARE really usefull and comfortable. That's what i wanted to say with "nice piece of software" :(

whats that weird network paket driver
I forgot the name, but there is another network stack installed besides the TCPIP one. Look in the properties of your Network card.
Be carfull when you are going to update tiny tools like "Toshiba Display Hotkey Utility FN.F5". There are no enhancements in usage or stability. The mentioned tool won't change between the internal and CRT monitor, but it does to and from the TV screen. ...Strange... Stay with your original version unless you experience probs.
Exactly. Though i figured that there is no real bad sideeffect in updating this. As a sidenote for the FN.F5 tool there is rerally no need anymore i think, because NV driver handles all stuff. But maybe i missed a function, who knows...

Will add your description to my post :P

For completeness reason here's the program i refered to when i mention 100kb tools: It's called IPProfiler (standalone.exe, no installation required, just run it)

Here's the link: (english and german)

Has tons of features (like ConfigFree), but isn't anymore 100kb, but 1MB, must have missed some versions :)

Thanks again for your input, that's what we need here :(

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Thanks for the hints. I backlevelled the touchpad driver and my cpad now works much better. But I still have some problems.

Let me return to the beginning.

I have Linux as my primary operating system so when my Windows installation got trashed I started with a vanilla installation rather than using the recovery disks. I downloaded and installed all the Toshiba stuff. After one mis-start (tried to backlevel the mouse driver which ended up causing me to re-install again from scratch) I had things working. Sort of.

The problems were:

- touchpad scrolling didn't work with Mozilla/Firefox (fixed)

- can't make middle button work

- fn-f5 doesn't work for toggling lcd/crt/tv outputs - does nothing

I can't find any panel that lets me adjust the touchpad properties. It used to be in my system tray. And it was after my clean install, but it wouldn't let me set the middle mouse button to anything sensible. After the back-level it is gone.

I really can't figure out the fn-f5 stuff. I installed and uninstalled the toshiba fnf5 hotkey driver. I even uninstalled it, uninstalled nvidia, reinstalled nvidia. f5 still does nothing. If I plug in an external display it boots up on it, but can't turn on the LCD. And vice versa. Also, the nvidia config stuff does say it is multimonitor, just claims the second monitor is "not active."

any help?


P.S. Linux works pretty well on this machine. Mepis makes installation a snap, though you still have to screw around to get the cool stuff like the cpad to work.

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I can't find any panel that lets me adjust the touchpad properties.  It used to be in my system tray.  And it was after my clean install, but it wouldn't let me set the middle mouse button to anything sensible.  After the back-level it is gone.

I found the touchpad controls - in the obvious place under mouse in control panel. But there is still no "middle mouse click" as a possible action when you click the middle button. Strangely, you can make the left or the right button to a "middle mouse click" but not the middle button!

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Hi, i can't figure which synaptics version you have used and which of these gave you the problems.

I attached a picture where you can the steps you need to do for reaching the settings concerning the middle cPad button.


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Thanks, your v. installer is exactly what I used. When I followed your steps, the toshiba console opened a garden-variety "mouse properties" window. I can't read your screen dumps (resolution + German) but they appear very similar - I can get to device settings and open the "buttons" menu.

In English, the choices in "buttons" are

"scroll up action button"

"left action button"

"right action button"

By experiment it is obvious that "scroll up action button" is in fact the middle button,

and by default it opens the cpad menu on the cpad. But there's no choice to make

it do a middle click. Here are the choices:

button/zone/gesture completely disabled

jump to start button

jump to menu of current window



scroll up

scroll down

scroll left

scroll right

double click

back one page

forward one page


go to web page in browser

stop loading

page up

page down

up arrow

down arrow

left arrow

right arrow

record and play a sequence of keystrokes

run a program of your choosing

activate the controls on the cpad

A great list but no "middle button click". From your image it looks like you chose

the one 6 from the bottom which would be "down arrow" on my system.

The stock installation definitely had a "middle button click"

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I can't read your screen dumps (resolution
resolution? why that? we both have 1600x1200 and moreover there are scrolling panes in your browser :) Maybe you have enabled the Automatic Resizing function (Windows default) in your browser and need to disable it to show pictures in their actual size (!) and NOT resized to the browser window size...
by default it opens the cpad menu on the cpad.
right, and the list of applyable actions to the cPad middle button is the same here in german
there's no choice to make it do a middle click.
Now i got you. There was a misunderstand i think.

But still there is a thing to clear:

What exactly you want the middle button to behave like when you want it "act like" a middle button". Scrolling? DoubleClick?

I mean what is the default action a middle Button does on a mouse with a middle button?

the one 6 from the bottom which would be "down arrow" on my system.
The stock installation definitely had a "middle button click"
I just figured that the left and right button have this option, but indeed it is missing in the release. I don't know if its possible to add it per INF modding as i really can't figure out how to do it after inspecting the INF and registry settings. There are too much unknown parameters, but maybe writing a nice mail to Synaptics help adding back this feature :)

Also i deleted my stock driver version finally as i thought i would have no need for it anymore (alongside with a couple of other synaptics releases for DELL, NEC and SONY) :) so i can't compare and even if you would attach your Original Stock driver INfs here it would be very difficult for me to figure out adding this feature.

One thing there is i can do for you is adding back the icon to the tray :P

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

;®®® / LaptopVideo2Go.com

;mod for TOSHiBA 5100, 5200, 5205 series with TOSHiBA Console installed

;enabled some more features like 2 and 3 finger gestures on your cPad

;remove Icon from Tray



;add Icon (synaptics) to Tray



;add Icon (animated Touchpad) to Tray



Here is the reg file you need to merge to the registry, i enabled the synaptics icon if you change 01 to 11 you will get the animated Touchpad Icon :(

Just save this file somewhere and edit. I added this setting in my installer as i thought we all already have enough icons in the tray... :(

Hope this helps and maybe you can contribute with your Linux finding in our Linux section of this forum and write down your experience you have on your website in some nice post :P


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a bit difficult to explain:

- some have not all options in the YAMAHA control panel available

- also the driver versions are confusing

So which is the most current Yamaha audio driver? I am currently running 10.3152, shipped with my 5205 S 703. Are you able to explain the version order? :)
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v6.13.10.3157 (from YAMAHA)

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Toshiba Power Saver Utility




v7.03.04 <- use this one / Download link

- the new 7.xx version has a much nicer GUI.

- if anybody has more PowerSaving profiles for that , pls. post them as .REG file, so anybody can import them

- i had one for MP3 playback for example in a car or when sitting in a park, play time was ~3 hours before battery was empty

GUI or the last Toshiba Power Saver Utility is much better than the native ones I had on my laptop, but after all I still use the old one (maybe an ancient one :) v5.07.01). The first thing I found after installing the latest one is that the mentioned above utility showed 100% charged battery but SubLCD icon showed picture of about 60% filled battery and it worked only about and hour (usually it works about two hours). Fixed this by uninstalling and reverting to the older version and removing battery for half an hour. Maybe the problem was with battery and not with the utility, I was too lazy to find it out.

The second thing I didn't like was the behavior of the system on pressing power button and closing of LCD monitor. In the older version it is possible to set it separately for each power mode but in the last version it is only one option for all the modes. (Usually I use two power modes with connected AC adapter: 1 - When I close the LCD monitor it hybernates, when I press the power button it turns off. 2 - When I watch movies on external TV or just listen to a music without a monitor it makes nothing when I close it and hybernates when I press the power button). As it's not possible in the latest version I use the old one.



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If what you wrote i understand correct, then i think it's possible as you can select different actions for the PowerButton or Closing Lid. Here's a screenshot where to set it up. The shown screenshot setting for example can be used to play MP3 when LID closed as nothing will happen.


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Dear admin,

you provided a very good guide for my Toshiba Satellite 5200. :)

I wished Toshiba.ca would post such relevant information.

well, after installing the Synaptics cpad (not the generic version)

I encountered a little estetic problem which I'm sure can be resolved with your help.

under C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\cPad\AppLauncher

you will find these icons when I press the middle cpad button.

Well, there is one icon missing which is the big "X"...

I don't know where to find it,

could you send it to me in an attachment and tell me where I should install it to appear in my cpad?

I hope I gave you enough info for you to help.



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Oops, I think I mislooked that thing in the options. Thanks.

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Hello everyone, great site and great forum! Thanks for everything.

Anyway, i found something maybe you may have missed. I installed v6.13.10.3157 driver for Yamaha sound card and after that, in Volume Control, if you select 'Advanced Controls' under options menu, it adds a Bass and Treble control which really effects the output sound. I attached the screenshot.

Also I modified small cPadClock example of SDK for cPad. I found it very handy for myself since its nice to check what time is it while playing something full screen or watching a movie etc. I made some modifications like ability to turn backlight on and off, removed synaptics logo, font changes, 24H system, removed seconds counter etc. I put it in startup folder and works pretty well, and wanted to share it. To use top right backlight buttun i recommend you to set disabling this reagion of buttons in settings. Oh and i think it needs latest official synaptics drivers to work, or might be a problem with mine.

Thanks again!



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to turn backlight on and off,
:( :P

I'm searching for this since the very beginning i own this laptop, and 2 weeks ago i gave the Synatics SDK to some guy in the german Guternet forum and hoped he can figure how to enable the backlight.

Currently i use Synaptics driver, when i start your cPadClock.exe nothing happens. Do i need to upgrade? But then cPad application does not work anymore :(

:) :P

Anyways great to have you here :)

in Volume Control, if you select 'Advanced Controls' under options menu, it adds a Bass and Treble control
i know, very nice feature , but i never was bold enough to increase it more than a third from the beginning, because the speakers should not be broken :)

Also if i remember right the 3D Wide option in the same spot is not availavle in all driver versions of the sound driver, but 3157 has it (though it might be only a remmed out INF problem :P ). Try this out!

Well, there is one icon missing which is the big "X"...

The exit 'button' you mean? It's not listed in the sorts.cnfg file, so i have no clue where it is. Sorry.

C:\%PROGRAMFILES%\Synaptics\SynTP\cPad\AppLauncher\*cnfg files Have a look at these. Maybe you can find something

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7.12.7 is the one i have installed and i remember it wasnt working the the driver you supplied that works with usual cpad applications =( Anyway I'm attaching a photo of how it looks, just something very simple but it helps me a lot :)

About 3dWide, it was there in the previous toshiba provided driver but with a different name. I dont know about the rest of the drivers tho


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Awesome, unvbeliebvale, OutOf this World! The backlight is on the whole time (selectable?)? :) :P

The first thing that comes to my mind, is there any possibilty to add this feature to the older driver and would you made any effort to realize this. I would even donate some money :( It's one of the very few things that sucks at this Laptop :) so here's the guy who can fix it hhopefully :(

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It was a feature i've also been seeking! Anyway i dont know why but SDK doesnt work with those old drivers and i have no idea why =( You have to use the new drivers to make this feature work so you will have to say bye bye to old cpad applications - however if you are only intending to use a wallpaper, i 'think' i can also edit the provided wallpaper example (i'm very new to C++, so i can only modify the provided codes :) ) and make it show the picture you want and set the backlight on always.

Another thing i saw missing is sublcd light! I want it to be on always but if you select it in toshiba settings it also turns the light of upper part ( the place of power button etc ) and its kind of annoying. Thats why i modified this cpadclock thingy and made it shine always :)

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it also turns the light of upper part ( the place of power button etc ) and its kind of annoying.
Yes, that's what i read elsewhere. People didn't like it. It's too bright or just annoys the view in the dark to the Displays they said. However i'm not affected as the 5205 model (with the GF 4 Go) cards do not have lights at the power button, so my SAubLCD is shining the whole time in nice blue.

Btw what just comes to my mind : there was a function i remember in the Toshiba Media Player (or was it the registry) where the light in the SubLCD can be changed (or the name of the song appears) :) . Too much settings i saw,,i'm confused. Have to figure where i saw this.

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Yeah its annoying and would be really nice to find out how to just enable sublcd sub, also it wouldnt be bad to have song name to scroll there, a new feature to remotex maybe ? :) I think Toshiba's own media player has that feature.

I'm now working on the SDK for wallpaper and always on backlight and it goes pretty well. Like I said if you only care about wallpaper, you might get the new driver version that works with SDK. But i ll stick with the clock :P

Another thing that you might want to add to this topic is Bluetooth stack! Latest version is way better than the supplied ones;


And for Toshiba Power Saver 7, it looks really nice but I'm having some problems with it. Works pretty well but when I unplug the power cable, screen brightness goes to a lower setting and i have to change the power saver setting to make it bright again. I dont know why this happens, whole settings are set to brightness level 8 but like i said i have to change the current setting to make it level 8 again. I guess i ll stick to version 6 :)

Oh and can you suggest any setting for silence? I keep my computer open over night for downloads and I'm looking for settings to keep it as silent as possible. As far as i tested, when Cooling and SpeedStep settings are set to performance, laptop turns of the fan after sometime and is quite. Anyway maybe playing around with other settings might make it more silent, as even in these settings i found small fan to be working mostly.


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