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Guest Andrei

Hey DOX!, great drivers u hv there, i love this ones very much, i think they are the best, do u think this as well or u recommend me changing to ur latest ones?, anyway, i wated to know why all of ur versions run nvidia demos like froggy or adrianne so slow? compared to the OEM official nvidia ones (ex: 179.48 vs ur DOX 179.48), theres a difference indeed on the FPS, i dunno why this only happens on some of nvidia demos (human head, adrianne, froggy...) altought on games they are pretty good, better than orig. ones, also, do u recommend installing the net version of DIRECTX 10 for XP? i gave it a try and seems to be working well, i see a little performance boost, what do u think about this as well...

Thx in advance and keep up the great work bro.

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dox, i wanna thank you for this driver.

compared this with the new 185.81.

with 185.81 i couldnt walk in the wastelands in fallout 3.

this driver gave me so muh more fps that i couldnt belive it first^^

good job, dont know what youre doing with these drivers but you do it well.

and i finally got a perfect running fallout! keep going :)

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