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14.2.0.[1]0 - ProSet contains no driver (or lacking inf) for 4965AGN, which creates incompatibilities.


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[This, including the title, has been c&p'd from my post over at the Intel forum]

When attempting to install on my x64 Win7 laptop, the 14.2.0.[1]0 ProSet software and driver bundle seems to be missing the inf for the 4956AGN chipset, although it's stated to be for this hardware.

The result is, that the ProSet software installs and leaves whichever driver you had installed previously. This can cause varying incompatibilities between the two.

The alternative standalone driver-only package simply doesn't install, and choosing the "let me choose from a list of drivers" option shows that the 4965AGN is not listed.

I tried removing the 13.x driver that it kept from the previous package installation but, upon attempting the 14.x package install again, Windows simply reverted to the 12.x driver which it pulled from its own driver store.

I'd like to add that I've now used the Intel Driver Update Utility, which diagnosed that my driver was 12.x and pointed me to the same package I'd already downloaded; which I did, and attempted to install, with exactly the same results - the software installs yet not the driver.

There are no errors or indication of this except later, when the incompatibility between the 14.x software and 12.x driver (which remains; installed by Windows) prevents connection to profiles.


Note: In the end I reverted to v13.5 but my profiles are messed up, and I have to type the network key every time I want to connect, and also none of the software components work, and they're not repairable via the installation package.

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Guest Hammerfest

I am going to go ahead and give this a bump...

I myself have an Intel 3945ABG card in my laptop, and started using the Intel WiFi software on my desktop (for its internal card), the latest version of the software is... well its F(&^*** gold shat out by the crusty arse hole that is Intel software the vast majority of the time (im talking from my own experiance with the Intel WiFi software)...

If someone could maybe do up a Modified INF for the latest driver for both the OP and maybe even me I think I would <3 you very much and you would even have $10 if you happened to take PayPal Donations!

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Neither v14.3.0.6 nor v15.0.0.75 (found on Station-Drivers) have an inf for 4965AGN.

Looks like it's the end of the line, even though Intel still report this chipset as supported.

If left to its own devices, Windows installs its own v12.4.1.4 driver without ProSet software.

Unfortunately, Intel only lists ProSet packages as old as v13.4.0.0 and that still exhibits the same issues I reported for v13.5.0

Can anyone find me links for >=v12.*(I did also add LESS THAN "v13.4.0.0" but the post formatting misinterpreted the "less than" sign)

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