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thanks so much to the whole laptopvideo2go team for bringing out this stunning program, whenever i get my new computer ill start using NVTray together with NVTweak.

it depends on how much money i have left then, i may donate 100? for the great work you guys did.

(i dont have much money, but i want to say thank you in some way:) )

thanks again and keep up the great work, i believe your work wont be "forgotten".

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You're very welcome Bei :)

A couple of things I should probably let you know;

First, is that you won't need to download NVTweak separately anymore. It is built into NVTray now, so you can just double click the tray icon to load it.

Secondly, if you wish to provide support funds for NVTweak/NVTray utility please use the donate button on my homepage. Thanks so much for your support! :)

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Hay. I just installed NVTweak because I'm trying to lower my 7800GT's fan speed to make it quieter. Where do I go to do that? I know you can control the fan speed from the card's control panel, but how do I open that application?

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Hello Guest

Not too sure about fan speeds because I don't own a 7800GT (but I wish I did :) ) Try right-clicking on your desktop and go to NVIDIA Display. NVTweak would have unlocked the options in there, that is if options for fan speed exist.

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PLEASE enable tripple buffering and direct 3d vsyncd


Read just how good it is ^ , problem is with directx tweaker

punkbuster detects the app and thinks its a hack job

which screws many of us from having vsync/tripple buffering

online with punkbuster/steam.

Its made my life so much better with gaming Smile

IF nvtweak had vsync+tripple buffering in d3d OMG

ultimate app tweakage!


^ this is the only problem with directx tweaker app

so it needs to be done seperate nobody has yet :)

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I would love to do this. But unfortunately NVIDIA drivers do not currently support triple buffer in D3D unless the application itself forces it. ATM they only support forcing triple buffer in OpenGL.

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I know that ati tray tool has Forced triple buffering for d3d in its settings as well.

Problem is us poor nvidia users only have directx tweaker but that is detected as a hack with steam/punkbuster whereas ati tray tool is not.

So pretty desperate for something to happen other wise stuck with vsync off, terrible tearing, jittering and feeling like im going to puke or vsync on with frame rate dives every 5mins just because the frames drop 5fps :)


Ati Tray tool

Added "Force Triple Buffer (D3D)" in Game profiles. This option is application depended and can not be enabled as system wide option. To be able to use Direct3D Force Tweaks you must keep enabled "Aggressive 3D Detection" option.

1) Select Manage Profiles

2) Browse to game executable

3) Check "Force to use Triple Buffering" box on Additional tab

4) Type a name for profile and press save button


We need something like this with nvidia tweakers otherwise im screwed :)

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hi, what is "Max frames to render ahead" in the "Additional Direct 3D settings" for? What should I do to improv framerates???

It is the amount of frames the CPU can prepare ahead of time, before being processed by the GPU.

Generally default of 3 is the best overall value. However in some cases it has been reported that decreasing this value to 1 or 2 gives better performance (i.e. for the game Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion).

Too high values will probably cause input lag. For example when you move your mouse there is a delay before your character reacts.

also whats the difference between the 32bit .NET and the 62bit?

32bit .NET is for x86 (32-bit) operating systems such as Windows 2000 or Windows XP Service Pack 2.

64bit .NET is for x64 (64-bit) operating systems such Windows XP Professional x64 edition.

All that is needed is to choose the correct version of .NET for your operating system.

Edited by H4ck 3D
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Guest Guest

Great tool. used it for 6600GT and 5200 with some good success. My home pc (6600GT) though seems to exhibit bad behavious after it's installed and will no longer run the latest games. I've tried to uninstall , update driver, directX with no success. It certainly up'd the performance in AutoCAD2006 (ADT) thuogh it was a little unstable (thanks for autosave).

As I have a number of registered software that is difficult (time consuming) to re-install and re-register, it's hard to wipe and start again but it appears that after a recent rebuild the games played great for around almost a week and then possibly coinciding with NVTweak installation the games stopped working. This has happened 2x after a re-build. It may be some other program that I install but I have to ask is there any reason that NVTwek might be guilty. Having uninstalled NVTweak and re-installed other drivers it's all a bit weird for me.

Any help would be appreciated.

Can play Battle for Middle Earth 2, StarWars Jedi Knight, Timeshift.

Crash on playing StarWars Republic Commando, Battlefield 1942, UT2004

Crashes generally with a Runtime Error

Thanks Nathan

AMD XP2000+, 1Gb ram, 6600GT128Mb, WInXP-Sp2+

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Hi Nathan.

I've not gotten any other reports of stability problems like this in the years that NVTweak has been available. If you are getting runtime errors while using other games or applications, then somehow I do not think NVTweak is at fault. Runtime errors will occur while a program is running and are generally caused by bugs, memory leaks, missing dll requirements, etc. So if you get a runtime error while playing a game or running another type of application, then this is unrelated to the NVTweak program itself.

I would try reinstalling the application that is experiencing runtime error and see if that helps.

Good luck!

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Guest Channel Z

Hey Rewt

The purevideo options in the latest nvtweak 2.1.1 arent working. If I tick them they untick themselves once I close nvtweak, and they arent unlocking the extra tabs. If I manually enter the registry entries for them then the tabs appear and stay, and the boxes remain ticked in nvtweak.

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You're right Channel Z. I'll get right on it!

Thanks :)

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Hi all,

I released NVTweak 2.1.4 and NVTray today.

I posted much of the following over at nvnews forum as well.

Hopefully this will give you all something to tinker around with when you get home :)

I built this version for all CPUs because, for some reason or another, I had broken most of NVTweak/NVTray main functions on Windows 64-bit operating systems.

Anyways there are quite a few changes in this release, as I'm learning more and more as I go :P

Changes in NVTweak v2.1.4 / NVTray

- Fixed numerous issues with NVTweak/NVTray on 64-bit systems

- *New: Added NVIDIA® PowerMizer™ applet to Hardware menu (notebooks only). Allows dynamic power-management adjustments

- *New: Low-level keyboard hook provides the ability to capture screenshots in-game

- *New: Preferences dialog allows you to customize various settings during runtime, such as hotkey, icon, and temperature scale

- Added options to Restore Defaults for OpenGL and/or Direct3D (Does not apply to AA or AF)

- Modified "Screen Resolution" menu to rescan modes each time it is opened (just in case user switches devices without restarting)

- Prevent desktop screen capture utility (Alt+F12) from overwriting the previous image

- Snapshots now saved directly to desktop for easier access

- Modified NVTweak's Restore Defaults technique. Now deletes all non-default settings from the registry instead of just disabling them

- Prevent NVTweak from deleting certain tweaks when checkboxes were unchecked. Sets their value to disabled instead

- Improved code to help increase the chances of driver compatibility in the future

- Several other coding improvements (reduced source and size of executable by ~4KB)

- Various visual improvements and form fading effects

Enjoy :)


P.S. - Those with nVidia laptops: Please inform me if the PowerMizer applet and Temp function works or not. They should be located under the Hardware menu.

Thanks guys,


Edited by H4ck 3D
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Great news, great tool, great NVIDIA :)

PowerMizer adjustments sounds great. Don't know if you are into it, but a Desktop Icon Saving Tool would be another awesome option :)

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Good day ®®®,

Do you mean saving icons on desktop in place? If so, I've actually seen it tried by other programs. But they always seem to fail, at least on my setup. I wonder if this is even possible to any reliable degree?


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TVTool did it perfectly, ATI tray tools did it perfectly... but I concur... a lot failed. :)

ps: this is post #1000 for me... :)

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ATI tray tools did it perfectly.

ps: this is post #1000 for me... :)

I'll ask Ray of ATI Tray Tools about it. Perhaps he will provide me with some tips.

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