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Best Driver for Geforce4 4200 Go?

Guest dimitris

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Guest Nex0r

Tried 61.77 with 30.20 inf

Caused sporatic blue screen of death and crashing of:

szAppName: Drivers.Display

szAppVer: 10DE0286A101791028

szModName: nv4_disp.dll


Offset: F9E806EA

System was too unstable to run 3dMark.

Windows XP Sp1a

Dell Inspiron 8500

Pentium 4m 2.4GHZ HT

512MB PC2100 266MHZ Ram

Geforce4 4200 Go 64MB

GUP Temp: 135F

CPU Temp: 104F

Clocked @ Standard Settings

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I would suggest the Dell 82.10 driver, just use the Dell INF and your set, works wonders on my NV28. :)

If you check out John's INF thread, in there somewhere I linked to a mod INF Pieter made that is the Dell INF with all the tweaks in it.

I'm using a tweaked Dell one (John's obviously) and just about everything works right with this, video out, games run smooth, ect.

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EDIT: Forget about this post... I just didn't see the link for the actual 82.10 driver download :-P how stupid of me!


I haven't gotten a new driver from here in a long time. I'm having trouble understanding how to get the drivers with the new interface. I think I'd like to get get the 82.10 driver that Bill mentioned. Can somebody explain to me how exactly I go about getting all of the files that I need to install the driver.

I think that I understand that this particular driver is pre-modded...? But before I thought you need to download the files to a folder... and then replace the nvidia inf with the modded inf.

Thanks for your help in advance! Below is the forum topic for the driver that I would like. Thanks again!

-atpocheese (Tom)


//Edit: By Bill: Post forgotten. :) You guys are really gravedigging this thing lol, just 3 posts above it was in mid 2004, its 2006 now. :) (not that I really care)

Edited by Bill
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Guest Carsten


I used the 81.95 for quite some time after testing a few drivers with Aquamark 3D. Before this, I used the last ones from Dell (67.42) They came to about 11.000 points in Aquamark whereas the 81.95 made it to 18.000 and something - quite a difference. Didn't get a chance to compare it to the 44.03 which is famous for it's speed. But would this old driver (44.03 is from 2003) also support newer DirectX versions and thus be capable of playing recent games? With the 81.95, I'm able of running CoD 2 (800*600, minimum details) fluently (even though it looks way better with higher details).

I also tried newer 91.xx but that didn't work all too well (couldn't accedd Nvidia options).

Another related question: the last driver I found which shows the powermizer sliders is v.72.14 which I use now since I need to be able to edit those setting. Even though I do have the feeling that performance of 81.95 was better. Does anybody know until which driver version the powermizer sliders are shown for Geforce4 4200 Go?



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v71.44 & 84.63 also feature a working Control panel i meant Powermizer.

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Guest Carsten

I ran Aquamark on v44.03 and it came to 12.000 points - just for comparing. However, the driver didn't seem to like limited user accounts and caused blue screens, so I'm back to v81.95

The Control Panel is working on these, too, but the sliders for the PowermMizer are my concern. Are they also working on the drivers v84.63? They aren't on v81.95 so it would be strange if a later version supported this feature.

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Yes 84.63 has the sliders and they work.

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Ye i have the same laptop and thinking about windows 7, any driver for it?

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Hello, anyone here? What utility you are using to monitor T for GPU and CPU? None of modern apps can do this (gpu-z, hwinfo)

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I think I did use NVTemp on my go6800. Seems to be here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/nvtemp/files/nvtemp/
Guru3D downloads has all kinds of old tools still available: http://www.guru3d.com/files/index.html

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Nope, its not working (

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