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I installed the update yesterday i must say they work like a charm. farcry 2 finnaly works now!

Nothing bad about you DOX (doing a hell of a good job) but the preformance is still the same its not noticable for me.

I even mentioned more inet explorer crashes and an overall windows vista slowdown. menu's are slower and the visual effect of the vista windows fading away in the back when minimizing is not smooth anymore. dragging windows has slower visuals too. And games like crysis are now stuttering instead of less FPS. so its like it now skips frames instead of just using less frames. its kinda strange. Its like the HDD is loading and you get the stuttering gameplay. i have this allot when its getting to much for my videocard in crysis.

So for me both version 70 and 84 are a preformance loss on my 8600m gt. i dont really know why!

I realise i just have a damn crappy videocard. its insane to play crysis on 800 x 600 with a screen of 1680 x 1050 LOL I cant even see the difference between ally and enemy on that res. and higher res on low settings wont work at all. Its kind bad lol if you are used to play with 9800 GX2 on desktop. everything on high on 1600 x 1200.

I think im throwing my laptop through the window soon! i hate the damn thing!

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I always clean uninstall my drivers.

Since I removed some of the "fat" from the drivers, I feel its safer to uninstall if you have used normal drivers then going to mine.

this ensures that no left over files are clashing with mine and hence conflicting with what I am trying to achieve with these: fat free optmised drivers.

if going from my drivers to my newer driver, safe mode and driver sweeper is not necessary.

its up to you though :)

Uh-OH! I think I may need some help. I tried installing these just now (180.70) and somehow I broke my Avast AV and Acronis programs. I'm not sure if they got whacked when I uninstalled the previous nvidia programs or during the drivers install. For some reason now, when I try to reinstall my Avast it can't complete.... haven't even looked at the Acronis program since it's not as important... The display drivers seem to be installed just fine although I've not gamed as yet because I'd like to get the AV going first.

Got any tips before I start experimenting???

Thanks in advance!

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Guest peterjmacbook

Hi Dox,

This may be from left field, but I have a late 2008 model MacBook with GeForce 9400M chipset running Vista. Just like every Windows on MacBook user, my GPU typically runs at 70-90 degrees C because Apple have crippled Windows by not providing CPU and GPU fan control in their EFI/BIOS layer called Boot Camp.

I notice that the latest AMD Catalyst drivers include GPU fan speed control, have you seen the same in the latest drivers from nVidia? Any chance that with your low level device driver work you've noticed a hidden register for controlling the GPU cooling fan just waiting to be made public for us MacBook users?

I appreciate that you're unlikely to a have a late 2008 model MacBook lying around, but just wondering if you've noticed anything that could be useful. Thanks in advance!

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the closet thing to AMD overdriver which enable fan control is Rivatuner.

HOwever it may not suppourt fan control on your gpu.

The other option is to hack the video bios and set when the fans come on (at what temperature) and how intense (speed in %).

You need nibitor to do that but its risky.


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Hey guys, im fairly new here, just got my ASUS G50VT with a 9800M GS. I dont knoe if I should post here already searched about my questions but no luck no answer for question. I hope some1 will help me when I post.

Well here is my situation, I searched, and searched about my drivers for my 9800M GS found that go to laptopvideo2go and dl dox drivers, so I did. I heard alot of great comments about this driver 180.70 so, I started downloading the 180.70 Dox drivers, asked me if I want to run or save it I picked run(like I always do when I dl) so then it started downloading. After the dl, you knoe how its suppose to go in a box that tells you how you want to install it etc.. but for mine, after the dl, the dl small box screen just goes away like i did not downlaod anything? why is it doing that? I tried it 4 times but it does the same thing. Even tried saving it but it doesnt let me open it up?

one more thing this might sound s2pid but Ill ask anyways just to solve my problem,

When you go to laptopvideo2go.com

I clicked drivers

went to 180.70 vista64

is this the dox driver already?(did not install this one tho) I installed mine from a link from this forum.

so, where is the link for the real dox 180.70? sorry guys, I really sound pathetic right now deal with me please as I really need hellp, I want a good driver for my 9800M GS.

Thanks in advance guys. I will appreciate any help.

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