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drv_forceware.gif  nVIDIA ForceWare 80.40

drv_inf.gifModded INF | drv_quickstart.gifQuickstart Guide

 Operating System: Windows XP / 2000

 Driver Version: 80.40 (

 Driver Date: 07/01/2005

 Driver Size: 9.6 MB

 Driver Released by: NV

 MS WHQL Certificate: False

 Setup Files Included: False

 International Files: False


  • desktop driver for 2K/XP
  • no WHQL certification
  • a "nightly build"
  • 2 new files :) for the 80s series
    - nvmccs.dll (English)
    - nvmccsrs.dll (German)
    I wonder if 3DChipset have crippled these drivers to what they thought would be English only :P
  • leaked at 3DChipset.com
  • we repacked the leakage from 16,0MB to 9,6MB :)


No documents.



  • GeForce 2 Go: HERE from Pieter (v16.20 - v61.77)
  • GeForce FX Go5200: HERE from Larry (v5x.xx - current)
  • GeForce FX Go5700: HERE from Sky-Dexter (v65.73 - current)
  • GeForce FX Go5700: HERE from zipper (v53.51 - 82.10)
  • GeForce Go 6200: HERE from AJH (v70.75 - current)
  • GeForce Go 6600: HERE from Mr.G (v84.25 - current) @ Qosmio F20-149
  • GeForce Go 6600: HERE from Heazky (v71.90 - current) @ Tecra S2
  • GeForce Go 6800: HERE from REAVER (v66.81 - current)
  • GeForce Go 6800: HERE from miki (v72.50 - current) @ AMILO 3438G
  • GeForce Go 6800: HERE from zipper (v72.50 - current) @ AMILO 4438G
  • GeForce Go 7800 GTX: HERE from jamesd (v79.31 - current)


All nVIDIA drivers hosted at LaptopVideo2Go.com come as a maximum compressed self-extracting 7-ZIP archive for your convenience.

Reduce the size of your installation by using NVLiTE to rip out unnecessary languages and miscellaneous files without losing any driver features.

Make A Donation via PayPal if you find what we do useful and would like to help us pay for hosting these files into the future.

Please post any comments, suggestions, questions and other information related to this driver in this thread.

Additionally, use of the Forum's Search function and Frequently Asked Questions section is recommended.

If you still have a general problem that is not related with this driver, please post in the Support section.

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Is Larry's Inspiron5150 optimised .inf compatible with these drivers?

If so, is there anything I need to change in the .inf file to ensure the compatibility??? :)

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It will install fine. Just copy the version line from the original inf to mine before you install.

Having said that, however, I don't recommend 80.40 or any of the 77.xx drivers, for the Inspiron 5150 or 5160. There are three problems:

- The driver keeps flipping into Clone Mode at 800x600 resolution at unexpected times.

- The gamma setting for video overlay is broken. If you can use VMR to view video, it will work fine, but if you try to use hardware overlay, you'll get an unwatchable image.

- The PowerMizer sliders are missing. This works okay when you first boot with A/C power. But if you need to run on batteries, then plug back in, you need to reboot again to restore the settings. It won't switch bach and forth correctly from energy-saving mode.

Individually, these are minor problems, but together they say, pretty clearly, these drivers aren't meant to work with the 5150 or 5160. If you really need them to solve a problem with an app or a game, fine. Otherwise I'd stick with 72.14 for now.

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Guest Peluche

Hi everybody !

Good job for all the modded inf. :)

But I have a litlte problem and it's why I'm doing my first post here.

Here is the problem :

This driver like all 76.xx and 77.xx give me very poor performance. Something like 3 times slower than 71.xx and this huge performance drop occurs even in Linux environnement with 76.xx comparing with 71.xx

It's not only under D3D, but Opengl applications and videos playing are hit too. For example, when playing a XVID HD video, the cpu consumption is 35-40 % with drivers 71.xx and 100 % with newer ones.

Everything seems to be OK, frequencies are good, Powermizer is set to the max perf and the quality settings are exactly the sames.

It doesn't look good for the future, it's not very important under windows as I can stick with 71.xx and I'm not using it much. But, I'm a little bit afraid for the future of my main OS, because old drivers are slowly erased from the portage tree.

I'm just curious and want to ask if someone knowing something about that and have a solution (I'm owning a Dell Inspiron 8600 with FX 5650) ? Or if I should stay with 71.xx until my laptop goes to death !

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It's unfortunate but normal that newer drivers perform slower on older cards. Nvidia optimizes the performance for the newer cards. However a 3X performance drop is WAY worse than normal. I don't know about the D3D problem, but I suspect the video problem is because you are using VMR rather than hardware overlay. (VMR is reqired with the 77.xx drivers, and with 80.40.) It's a better technology, but is much more processor-intensive than hardware overlay is. Your card can handle it, but it's maxing your CPU. If you are getting jerky video, try disabling VMR and see if it works. You may have to revert to an earlier driver if it doesn't.

Another thing to check is the clock frequency. Many FX cards seem to be incompatible with the 77.xx PowerMizer features and your card may be throttling down inappropriatly. That could easily give you the 3X performance hit you are seeing.

Although some FX owners are having good luck with later drivers, 72.14 seems to be the newest driver with full backward compatibility. It might be worth a try if you continue having trouble with the 77 drivers.

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Guest Peluche

Ok. Thanks a lot for your answer. You have seen right, I'm using VMR but I also use it with 71.89. Maybe VMR is not working with 71.xx. I will try without VMR for the video with 80.xx.

For Powermizer, I have tried with the slides totaly to the left (Energy saver) and results are even worse. I have used a tool to check the frequencies during games and benchs. Bad clocking in 3d applications was the first thing I had thinking about. Unfortunately they are good. 325 Mhz for the core and 590 MHz for the ram in the tool. No difference with the 71.xx

It doesn't matter if nobody knows the source of the problem. I'll continue using 71.xx and keep trying new releases to check if the problem persits.

I continue searching to solve this. I will put the solution here if I find it.

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Whoa! Great powers of recall on your part! I'd forgotten all about that thread.


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I am now using the 80.40 drivers and have not noticed anything wrong yet- knock on wood... anyways... keep up the good work!


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Peluche can you run the NERD tool (topic756), so we get some details about this card. I cannot remember anyone who uses the Go 5650 until you came across :)

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Guest Peluche

NERD give me this for the GPU





Name: NVIDIA GeForce FX Go 5650

Hardware ID's:





Compatible ID's:








1 matching device(s) found.



GPU details...


AcceleratorCapabilities :

Compatibility : NVIDIA

AdapterDACType : Integrated RAMDAC

AdapterRAM : 134217728

CapabilityDescriptions :

Caption : NVIDIA GeForce FX Go 5650

ColorTableEntries :

ConfigManagerErrorCode : 0

ConfigManagerUserConfig : FALSE

CurrentBitsPerPixel : 32

CurrentHorizontalResolution : 1680

CurrentNumberOfColors : 4294967296

CurrentNumberOfColumns : 0

CurrentNumberOfRows : 0

CurrentRefreshRate : 60

CurrentScanMode : 4

CurrentVerticalResolution : 1050

Description : NVIDIA GeForce FX Go 5650

DeviceID : VideoController1

DeviceSpecificPens : -1

DitherType :

DriverDate : 20050612221600.000000-000

DriverVersion :

ErrorCleared :

ErrorDescription :

ICMIntent :

ICMMethod :

InfFilename : oem11.inf

InfSection : nv4_mobile

InstallDate :

InstalledDisplayDrivers : nv4_disp.dll

LastErrorCode :

MaxMemorySupported :

MaxNumberControlled :

MaxRefreshRate : 60

MinRefreshRate : 60

Monochrome : FALSE

Name : NVIDIA GeForce FX Go 5650

NumberOfColorPlanes : 1

NumberOfVideoPages :

PNPDeviceID : "PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_031B&SUBSYS_019C1028&REV_A1\4&1BFA44D4&0&0008"

PowerManagementCapabilities :

PowerManagementSupported :

ProtocolSupported :


SpecificationVersion :

Status : OK

StatusInfo :

SystemPaletteEntries :

TimeOfLastReset :

VideoArchitecture : 5

VideoMemoryType : 2

VideoMode :

VideoModeDescription : 1680 x 1050 x 4294967296 couleurs

VideoProcessor : GeForce FX Go5650


It looks to be the same PB as the Toshiba with 5600 go.

Realeased some benchs :



And with powermizer in Energy Saver mode.


I'm trying with 77.70 mobile found here.

Same PB with them.

Under Linux :

for 71.74

glxgears : 2750 fps

Briquolo : ~75 fps

BlockTube Screensaver : ~120 fps

and 76.64

glxgears : 1660 fps

Briquolo : ~40 fps

BlockTube Screensaver : ~40 fps

Have retry HD video without VMR in the 80.40

Don't have any image in WMP and in Vlc the image is full of errors.

I will try to mix files from 71.89 and 80.40 in order to find with of them is causing that.

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new drivers are great but does any one else has problems with Battlefield II? When I run the drivers included everything is ok, benchmark with 8040 are higher but gives me a crash back to desktop when running Battlefield

I saw some people having the same laptop as I so maybe they can help me

thnx in advance

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Guest Peluche

Info about mixing :

I may have isolated 3 files by putting 71.89 files into 77.72

The files are :




The first 2 are linked with each other. Impossible to have something else than a desktop in 640x480x4

For the third one (opengl libraries ? ), I cannot launch cinebench (Opengl bench) if version is different than the 2 first because a verification is done.

When I put these only 3 71.89 files into the 77.72. I have the same level of performance in cinebench as the full 71.89 and even in 3Dmark05. So I think the problem is located in the first 2 files.

Next steps : try 3Dmark without changing this file in 77.72 and maybe try to fake version number of "nvoglnt.dl_"

After that, it will be very difficult to solve what is causing the serious hit in the files. If you have suggestions. I take them.

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Mixing files is not guaranteed to work, especially when mixing across two 2 series (70s/71.89 and 75s/77.72). It *might* work for closer version numbers, but i doubt it will and i also can't remember any successfull report.

Unfortunetaly i don't have other suggestions.

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Guest Guest

For the moment, this mix is partially working. Only the control panel of the driver is not displayed. 3dmark and cinebench is working with no errors or image corruptions. I will certainly compare the files with a hex editor but it's long and very hard to modify and correct. There's few chances I can succeed in making a corrected version of the 77.72

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:) ok Peluche, good luck, we all hope that you can succeed. That would be a blessing for Go5600 owners.


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Guest JeepersCreepers
new drivers are great but does any one else has problems with Battlefield II? When I run the drivers included everything is ok, benchmark with 8040 are higher but gives me a crash back to desktop when running Battlefield

I saw some people having the same laptop as I so maybe they can help me

thnx in advance


the CrashToDesktop is a Battlefiled 2 problem! I use the 80.40 driver on a

Gericom Hummer FX 5600

CPU 2,66

nvidia ge force 5600 Go 128 MB

1 Gig RAM

and I have no probs...

The CTD comes from the game/gamer server.....

Bye the way... I found ths website 2 weeks ago and you do a huge job!!!!! :) )))

Thats the reason why i love the WWW.... helping eachother

go on :)



Munich GER

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Guest acidspawn

Textures do interresting things in World of Warcraft...

looks like they getting to slow loaded...

(Toshiba P20-304 with FX Go5600 64MB)

I formated my laptop and I will try this driver again...


Is the 5600Go good enough to run Battlefield2? Thought this would be a torture?

Some expiriences?

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Guest Peluche


Good and bad news when trying to build a working full speed version of 77.72

I have done a set of mixed driver (seems everything working at full speed, but don't have done a lot of tests). Most of the files come from 77.72 but 4 of them are from 71.89.

The 4 files are :





You can have it here :


For 5600go users, you should try to replace this 4 files with the ones of your last working version.

I have tried also another set with only 2 files from 71.89 (nv4_disp.dll nv4_mini.sys).

nvoglnt.dll is from 77.72 but I have to fake its version number to 71.89. With this set, I can't have the panel working even if I change nvcpl.dll with the 71.89 one.

This would let me think that files are a little bit more linked than I was thinking before.

Another thing have reinforced this fact. When faking the version number of nv4_disp.dll nv4_mini.sys from 71.89, the driver set aren't working anymore. Nothing else as the version number was modified. :)

So the best thing to do now, is to dig inside the 77.72, try to identify the PB and correct it if possible. Easy to say, very very difficult to do as I'm not sure anymore that the PB is located inside the first 2 files.

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Guest Whorebo

So, download your mixed 77.72, and take those 4 files you listed from the last working version, for me 56.87, and then install?

(Im one of the P10 users who has total trouble with drivers for the go5600...)

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...Is the 5600Go good enough to run Battlefield2? Thought this would be a torture?

Some expiriences?

BF2 should run on that card, provided you have correctly installed drivers that are compatible with it.

Please check out this topic, and try the demo first, which is also linked here.


It says the minimum is a GF FX 5700, but I have heard of people getting it running on the 5200, so you should be good to go. :)

Anything less than the 5200 will probably never work at all. (I have tried everything on my desktop with a GF3 [DX 8.1, has pixel shaders 1.1] and it never would run :) )

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I've updated INF to v30.72 to include all the new GPU's released since I've been away. (a few like the 7800 GTX etc etc)

Also updated the the uninstaller to remove any new settings.

Updated some of the GPU's install paths as nVidia has changed some in this driver.

I'm back and ready to rumble once again.

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